5 Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in Conway, SC

5 Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in Conway, SC

In olden times, one had to heat water manually when bathing, dishwashing, or cleaning. However, with the advent of water heater the task of heating water has become far easier and convenient.

With the installation of a water heater in your houses you wouldn’t require to do much work in order to heat the water. The task would be well taken care by the water heater itself. Hence, water heater is a great device to install in your house.

However, there could come a point where the water heater system may not work as efficiently as it should. There could be problems with the installed water heater which you might not be aware of.

Hence, this post will help you learn what those problems could be. So, continue to read to find out some significant signs that will suggest having water heater repair in Conway, SC.

1.   Not Enough Hot Water

One of the most basic problems that will encourage you to get water heater repair in Conway, SC is the lack of enough hot water.

The supply of less hot water can be a sheer nuisance especially during extreme cold weather when the need of hot water is great. The supply of less water can hinder you from carrying out a bunch of tasks which require a large quantity of water like, dishwashing, bathing and cleaning.

There could be a number of reasons for the lack of hot water. One of the major reasons could be that the water heater could probably be leaking from its base or the water heater tank might have gathered mineral deposits that could reduce the heater’s efficiency.

Another possible reason could be that the dip tube which supplies cold water to the tank might be broken. You should know that the dip tube helps to direct the cold water to the bottom of the water heater tank but if it breaks or splits then the cold water could re-surface at the top of the tank. In this way, both cold and hot water make their way into the water pipe. Thus, you are deprived of enough hot water.

2.   Hot Water is Way Too Hot

Sometimes it could happen that the supply of water is too hot to tolerate/handle. The scorching water can prevent you from even getting your finger wet. Even if you do get your skin wet, the excessive hot water can be really dangerous. The steam of the hot water can scald you. Hence, it is better to call the professional help for water heater repair in Conway, SC immediately.

One of the reasons why there could be supply of excessive hot water is that the temperature of the water heater is extremely high. Another issue could be that the temperature-pressure (TP) relief valve which protects the water heater from excess pressure may be improperly installed or faulty. Hence, you should get help from professionals for water heater repair in Conway, SC.

3.   Rusty Water

If you see discolored water pouring out of the tap then it is highly likely that the water in the heater has become rusty. Do you wonder how the water is spoiled? Well, one of the reasons why the hot water may become discolored is because of the presence of iron, copper, and other types of minerals in your water heater.

To ensure that the heater tank possesses rusty hot water, it is suggested to fill up three or four gallons bucket of water. If the water comes out brown or dark brown then it is possible that the water in the tank has become dirty.

Also, you can examine the inside of the heater tank by attaching a hose to the water heater’s drainage bib. If the water looks dirty or muddy then it is clear that the water has lost its quality.  Thus, you would require getting water heater repair in Conway, SC as soon as possible.

4.   Water Heater Makes Rumbling and Strange Noises

As the water heater gets old it starts to build up unwanted residue. The more it is heated the more residue hardens up. Thus, it consumes and wastes more energy of the heater. When this starts to happen, you will observe banging or rumbling noises.

Furthermore, you will run out of hot water sooner than you can possibly imagine. You might also notice certain cracks and holes in the water heater. And this could be harmful for the durability of your water heater.

Sometimes the water can heat up to the extent that it starts to boil inside the tank. This could indicate overheating or a dangerous water pressure buildup. In either case, you will have to call a professional for water heater repair in Conway, SC.

5.   Hot Water Smells Bad

If your water has a strange odor then the first thing that needs to be determined is whether the problem lies with the source of water or the water heater.

If you think that the problem lies in the water heater then it is probably caused by a reaction between the hot water heater’s anode rod and the high concentration of sulfates in hot water. Also, the foul smell could occur because of the pilot light. It is highly likely that the pilot light might goes out.


What you can do is that you can let the hot water run for a couple of minutes. If it smells like rotten eggs then try flushing the water tank. If it still doesn’t solve the problem then it is ideal for you to reach out for the service of water heater repair in Conway, SC.

To solve the problem, the professionals of water heater repair in Conway, SC will most likely repair or replace the anode rod or repair the pilot light.

If your water heater is troubling you with these issues then it is time for you to get it repaired. Call Benjamin Franklin to seek professional help that could effectively deal with water heater repair in Conway, SC.


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