5 Reasons To Enlist The Skills Of A Professional Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

5 Reasons To Enlist The Skills Of A Professional Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

Septic systems are a go-to solution for homeowners that live in areas without municipal sewer lines, such as villages or underdeveloped boroughs. A septic tank is a wastewater treatment structure buried underground. The septic system comprises the septic tank, bacteria, vents, and sewer lines. Whenever the wastewater flows into kitchen drains, you shower or flush a toilet; all that wastewater empties either into the municipal main sewer system or a private septic tank. The septic tank features bacteria that break down the organic matter, separating it from the batter like grease and oil and other floatable solids.

Various pipes extend from a septic tank leading to the leach field, where the wastewater is then sent. The rest of the contents remain within the septic tank. For the septic tank at your home to be properly functioning, you should enlist a plumber for its regular pumping. You should always have the septic tank pumped each 3-5 years on average. Otherwise, you might have to deal with smelly, messy overflows in your Myrtle Beach, SC home. Although you must have the septic tank pumped after every 3-5 years, certain circumstances might prompt frequent septic tank pumping. This article will learn about the scenarios where you may have to call a plumber to pump the septic tank.

When You Have A Septic Tank Installed

The breakdown of wastes in the septic tank is facilitated by the bacteria that eat away and decompose the wastes from the sewer lines or flushed down the toilet. In addition, the bacteria break down the solid wastes, so any homeowner should always have a plumber pump their septic tank every 3-5 years.

Do you have a water conditioning system installed at your home because you receive hard water from the water utility provider? Then you’ll need to have a professional pump the water more frequently than you are used to. But why? Well, this is because most water softeners have sodium chloride. This chemical might lower the balance of the healthy bacteria within the septic tank. Hence, the volume of water within the septic tank might increase, reducing the effectiveness of the bacteria. Otherwise, you might experience septic tank overflows if you do not call the plumber to pump the tank now and then. Such a thing might even flood your drain field.

After a Torrential Downpour

Have there been any torrential rains recently? Then you might need to have the plumber pump the septic pump, even if time isn’t due for one. The flood conditions that follow a torrential downpour might cause the septic tank to fill with excess water or mud. But what can happen if you don’t call a professional for pumping immediately after the storm has passed? Then your septic tank might overflow, resulting in filthy smells at your home.

This could also damage your property and yard, not forgetting that in case of a severe overflow, the structure of your home could get damaged. Hence, you should call a professional to pump the septic tank immediately after the torrential downpour. This is specifically true since you will not be the only resident needing this emergency plumbing service.

When You’re Planning A Huge Event at Your Home

Do you plan to hold or host a big event at your residential property? Then you should enlist a plumber to have the septic tank pumped before the eve of the event. Any big event at your residential property where many guests will attend means that the toilet will be flushed many times on the event day. It also means that you’ll be using more water, translating to more wastewater.

A proactive approach is the best because you cannot calculate the amount of wastewater and other wastes that will go through the toilet and other drains. If you call a plumbing service to have your septic tank pumped before the main event, you can rest assured that the tank will not overflow. Are you hosting the big event outdoors? Then the last thing that you want is to have an overflowing septic tank midway through the festivities.

You’ve Installed a Garbage Disposal Unit

Do you have a garbage disposal unit installed in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home? Then you’ll need to have the septic tank more frequently pumped. A garbage disposal unit is convenient in any kitchen, ensuring sanitation and hygiene. You don’t have to scrape the excessive foods into your trash can whenever you do the dishes. Due to many inconveniences, you might lack time to empty the trash can. Instead of leaving the foods to rot in the trash bin and produce a foul odor, they can be digested by the garbage disposal unit and go directly into the drains.

Whenever the food waste goes directly down the drainage system, it flows and sits in your septic tank. The grease, fats, and other food wastes will not break down as quickly because it’s sitting in a wet environment. Hence, the septic tank might fill up faster. By not having your septic tank pumped by a professional plumber after every 1.5-2.5 years, it might begin to overflow. An overflowing septic tank gives your yard an unsightly look, not forgetting the filthy smell produced by the overflowing filth. Thus, frequent septic tank pumping is critical to protect your yard, home, and other properties.

Your Family Has Increased In Size

The higher the number of people living in your Myrtle Beach, SC home, the more the waste material flows into the septic tank. Hence, if the number of people living at your home has recently increased, you’ll need to have the septic tank pumped more regularly by a plumber. Although an additional family member might not take up a lot of space at home, it increases the system’s waste. The presence of an additional family member means that the laundry that should be done increases, the number of baths/showers taken at home increases, and even the number of toilet flushes per day increases. All these generate wastes that might add up over time. If you do not change your septic tank pumping schedule, the unit might begin overflowing.

Experienced Plumbing Professionals in Myrtle Beach

Owing to how critical a septic tank or septic system is to your home, it is critical to have it pumped every 3-5 years. However, you might have to pump it earlier in either of the situations above. Do you want your septic tank pumped? Call our professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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