5 Major Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC

5 Major Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC

The importance of plumbing is undeniable. It helps deliver clean water and we all know the number of reasons why we need clean water!

Despite its immense importance, plumbing is one subject we hardly think about. We only realize its importance when our plumbing system stops to work entirely.

The most important part of plumbing undoubtedly is the drainage system. If it is not properly maintained, it can cause serious issues with the entire plumbing system; one of the issues being, lack of enough clean water.

To know whether your drainage system is properly working or not, look for the signs which we have mentioned below. If you are experiencing these issues, then it means that you need drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

1.   Slow Drainage

Drain clogs are the single biggest issue that is most likely to be caused in your drainage system. What typically happens is that the sink, shower or bathtub is unable to drain water as fast as it is supposed to. As a result, the standing water can become quite dirty which could be full of germs and that’s why dangerous.

If you have recently updated or replaced your plumbing, and slow drainage is a new issue then it means the problem lies with the pitch/slope of the pipes. The pitch/slope could be of the wrong diameter, causing difficulty for the water to drain properly.

Another reason for the slow drain is the drain clogs which indicate building of waste inside the drain pipe walls. As the clogs build towards the center of the pipe, it restricts the smooth flow of water. Instead of dealing with the clogged pipe yourself, it is ideal to avail the professional services of drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

2.   Foul Smell

There are many reasons for an unpleasant smell coming out of your drain, making it difficult for you to breathe in the vicinity of your home.

If you notice sewage smell coming from one of your drains, the trouble might be a dry p-trap. The p-trap is basically a curved section of the drainpipe underneath the sink. When a sink is not used for a long time, it can make the place smell really bad. This is usually experienced in the bathrooms of a guest room. In a scenario like this, you really need to consider drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

If your house is surrounded by bad odor, chances are that it is due to a blocked sewer or drain line. The reason behind the blockage of the sewer or drainage system is the unwanted material stuck in the pipes which include hair, rotting food, cooking fats, grease etc.

When the waste is clogged inside the pipes, it can make the surrounding area smell foul which could be harmful to you, your children and pets. This most likely occurs in the drain pipes of the kitchens or bathrooms.

Also, when there is a sudden increase in the water pressure through a sewer system, the blocked sewerage can lead to bad odor permeating the surrounding area. To help get rid of the nauseating smell, it is recommended to have drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

3.   Gurgling Sounds

If you hear strange noises long after using the sinks, shower, and even toilet, then it may be caused due to a blocked drain or a vent pipe. The drain lines could be blocked with waste, making it hard for water to drain properly and resulting in gurgling noise.

Another situation that can cause weird sounds is the building of the dirt and grease together in the drain lines. The build-up actually slows down the process of draining water. As a result, the air bubbles are unable to go through the pipes and get expelled at the nearest vent, causing gurgling noise which is quite audible to any person standing nearby.

If you can hear these strange noises, it is about time for you to consider drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

4.   Frequent Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are annoying. They generally occur in washrooms and kitchen where water either drains out slowly or stands still for a long time.

Most bathroom drain clogs occur when the dirt, skin flakes, hair strands, and soap particles get stuck on the walls of the drain pipes. Over time, the accumulated rubbish decreases the water flow.

During dishwashing many small chunks of vegetables, fruits, egg shells along with other tiny food ingredients get stuck in the drains, making it entirely blocked. Thus, to solve the problem it is necessary to consider drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC as soon as possible.


However, most people consider cleaning the drain themselves. Honestly, it could be a really disgusting chore to carry out on your own. So, it is better to call professionals for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.  The experts will surely be able to clean the clogged drain in no time.

5.   Puddles in the Yard or Play Area

Dirty water puddles not only ruins the aesthetics of your lawn but it severely impacts the health of your lawn as well. It can also serve as a breeding place for unwanted pests like mosquitoes that may spread dangerous illnesses.

The main reason behind the accumulation of water in your lawn can be the clogged yard drains. Leaves, sediments, grass cuttings, twigs, trash and other forms of debris could be stuck in the drain pipes, obstructing the water flow.

You may be able to remove most of the debris yourself but in many cases, it is best to take a professional’s help. Thus, it becomes necessary to consider drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

These are the major 5 signs that should compel you to consider drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC. Benjamin Franklin is known to have a team of professional plumbers who can easily unclog the drain in no time. Thus, it is highly suggested to hire them when you are looking for a brilliant drain cleaning services.


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