Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain And It’s Time For A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain And It’s Time For A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

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We depend on our dishwashers, more than we realize sometimes. So, when they start to play up and fail to drain properly, it can feel like a nuisance – an unnecessary and burdensome nuisance.

What is more, it’s unhygienic to have water rising up around what should be clean dishes, providing furtive ground for bad bacteria, and it can really cause a stink too.

When that happens and you’re in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, you don’t need to fret because you can call Benjamin Franklin, and we’ll send a plumber out as soon as possible.

You may want to know why your dishwasher isn’t draining, however, so we’ve prepared a few little nuggets of knowledge for you to remain more aware of how to keep your dishwasher in efficient and working order.

We don’t encourage any DIY work on your dishwasher, but if you decide to fiddle around with it, be sure to switch it off first, at the mains, and isolate any form of electricity going to the dishwasher unit. Otherwise just pick up the phone and call the plumber to come round straight away.

Reason one – your filters need replacing

The first thing you should check when your dishwasher doesn’t seem to drain is the filter.

These removable components are an essential part of this machinery and they need to be in top condition if you want an efficient running washer.

The filters are so important because they catch food particles and grease, stopping their build up and their re-entry into the machine.

They’re also easily blocked and thus need regular cleaning. This should be done as regularly as once every two weeks, otherwise, you’ll end up with dirty dishes, a counter-intuitive result of having a dishwasher in the first place.

If you’ve done this and it hasn’t rectified the problem, then call a professional and they can take a deeper look.

If you’re not sure what to do, look at the bottom of the dishwasher below the spray and you’ll see a cylinder shape, Twist it away from the machine and take the mesh part out. Clean it out and get rid of any blockages.

Then just run the filter under running water for excess food and grease. Using soap is fine, use something with bristles if there’s tough grime attached. Then just add the filter back in.

Again, if you do this and the dishwasher is still at odds, a plumber is likely to take just a few moments to identify the problem.

Reason two – your drain hose may be blocked

The drain hose is the element of your dishwasher that carries grimy water from the machine to the drainage system. If it is blocked then your dishwasher is not being drained, in which case you’ll be stuck with a sub-par appliance.

You can unblock this part by removing it and then washing it out, just under running water again.

The dishwasher is also connected to the kitchen sink and if this is blocked then that could be preventing your dishes from draining properly.

Call a plumber to unblock the sink. Benjamin Franklin can be called out and we can take a look at your hose pipe too.

Reason three – a damaged drain pump

There is one other possibility you could explore if your dishwasher drainage problem still remains a mystery. That is the drain pump, which can also get plugged up with excess food particles and grease, that has built up over time.

And it won’t exactly help water drain any easier. The food particles tend to gather near a rotor, so you can check this area for any debris, as other objects might have slipped in as well, hindering it to work. Sometimes the pump will make a noise if it’s struggling to work.

Checking the machinations around the drain pump is more complex and we recommend you call a plumber to take a look at issues surrounding this component of the dishwasher. For instance, you’d have to remove the inlet and base plate and take reading from the meter. It would be much more simple to call Benjamin Franklin, a plumbing service that knows exactly what it’s doing. We have a team of professionals and can send out a qualified and experienced plumber at any time of day.

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