Why You Should Never Neglect Regular Drain Cleaning Service | Conway, SC

Why You Should Never Neglect Regular Drain Cleaning Service | Conway, SC

The drainage system forms a large part of your home’s entire plumbing system. The drains are responsible for ensuring that the wastewater from your Conway, SC residential property drains away into the municipal sewer line. Hence, they are directly involved in ensuring hygiene and cleanliness at your home.

Hence, there can be dire consequences whenever issues within your drainage system, especially when they aren’t promptly repaired. For your drainage system to continue serving you and optimally working, then you must have then regularly cleaned. But drain cleaning can be a somewhat complex job that you should leave to the professionals.

DIY drain cleaning can damage your drainage system and even place you at risk of experiencing severe physical injuries. Hence, you will need to seek the assistance of a professional and licensed drain cleaning service that you trust to maintain and keep your drainage system clean. Below are the severe consequences you can experience if you don’t have the drainage system cleaned regularly.

Frequent Drain Clogs

There’re a lot of objects that might find their way through and into your drainage system. These items, including soap scum, fats, hair, grease, food particles, and debris, might combine and block the drains. The wastewater flow from your Conway, SC home gets blocked whenever this happens, meaning that the wastewater might back up to your home. Sometimes, homeowners might remove the clogs using a plunger, although this is a temporary solution that might result in a more significant issue than most homeowners imagine.

Frequent drain clogs are usually a result of either ignoring them or neglecting them. Fortunately, you can avoid the blockages or clogs by enlisting the assistance of a professional and trustworthy drain cleaning service. Additionally, retain the drain cleaning service to clean your drains at least once per year to help prevent clogs. Doing this ensures that you are in a vantage position to prevent developing blockages before they develop into disturbing clogs. By routing drainage system cleaning, a homeowner can considerably reduce the probability of dealing with drainage clogs.

Poor Health

Neglecting your drainage system might also expose you or your family to severe health hazards. This can happen in several ways. For example, filthy drainage systems provide an excellent environment where the microorganisms like bacteria can multiply and survive. One example of such bacteria is Escherichia coli. If the bacterial pathogens and other germs enter your home from the drains, they could make you or your family suffer some illnesses.

The dirty drainage systems usually harbor pests and vermin such as roaches, phorid flies, fruit flies, and rodents. The pests might carry some parasites to your home and place your entire family at a health risk of developing an illness.

If you don’t enlist the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service regularly, you will unknowingly make your home a breeding haven for bacteria and other parasites. Since these germs and bacteria are pathogenic, you will be making your home unsafe for you and your family. Thus, it is advised that you enlist a professional for drain cleaning services to ensure your home is safe and drains are flowing smoothly.

Property Damage

A neglected drainage system isn’t just a nuisance; it can also have a devastating effect on your home’s structural integrity. For example, filthy drainage systems are susceptible to rusting and corrosion, which will probably cause a leakage. However, a leaky drainage system is dangerous, particularly whenever they leak within your home’s foundation or behind the walls. So, why are they dangerous in this case?

Whenever the pipes leak within the slab foundation, they weaken the ground where your house rests. Unfortunately, this may cause your home’s foundation to crack and shift. A shifting foundation can make your home’s walls crumble and crack. To prevent this eventuality, you must enlist the help of a plumber to have a drain cleaning service to ensure that your drainage system is optimally working. Consequently, this minimizes the risk of a leakage that may result in you losing your home or high expenses in property repairs and restorations.

Reduced Lifespan of Your Plumbing System

The plumbing system is among the plumbing system components that are highly durable. Based on the quality, the drainage system can serve your Conway, SC home for about 50-80 years. However, your drainage system’s lifespan depends on the maintenance plan that you’ve put forth for it. If you neglect your drainage system and do not subject it to regular maintenance, the lifespan of your plumbing system might become severely reduced.

This results from the severe and quick corrosion of your pipes. Additionally, the joints might deteriorate rapidly because of the pressure caused by the clogs. Hence, whenever you want to safeguard your entire plumbing system and, in the process, add some years to its service life. Enlist the help of a professional plumbing company for a drain cleaning service—using their modern tools like drain snakes and hydro-jetters to effectively and efficiently clean your drainage system. Never use liquid-based cleaners to clean your drainage system, as they do more harm than good.

Nasty Smells

Dirty drains provide a great environment where the bacteria might thrive. Unfortunately, during the breakdown of the organic matter within the wastewater by the bacteria, a foul smell is produced, and it might soon flow into your home. Some homeowners address this problem by opening their windows or spraying air fresheners.

However, by not addressing the root source of the issue, the foul smell from your drainage system will continue making your home uncomfortable. Ensure that your home is fresh and nice-smelling to eliminate the foul stench. This means getting the services of a professional drain cleaning services from a reliable plumbing company. The professionals have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to clean your drainage system efficiently and safely.

As you can see, there is imminent danger(s) of neglecting your drains. From making your home uncomfortable and reducing the service life of your drains, there is a need to have drain cleaning services offered to your home’s drains at least once every year. Do you suspect that any dirt clogs your drainage system? Contact our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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