Why Is My Water Heater Beeping? Get The Answers From A Qualified Plumber | Conway, SC

Why Is My Water Heater Beeping? Get The Answers From A Qualified Plumber | Conway, SC

You’ve probably experienced your water heater beep before, whether it’s the conventional tank-type or tankless unit. Even though beeping is a common issue with water heaters, it can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know its cause.

Whether it’s a gas, electric, or Rheem water heater, they all have a beeping mechanism, which acts as an alert system to signal the homeowner that something is up with the equipment.

It will not be a big issue most of the time, but sometimes, it could be a significant problem, such as a gas leak. Luckily, the water heater will also often indicate error codes that you can interpret with the help of your manufacturer’s manual.

Wondering why the beeping? Don’t worry. This article discusses in detail the eight most common reasons why your water heater will make that beeping sound and how a plumber in Conway, SC can help fix it. So, keep reading to understand the causes.

Your Water Heater Has Scale Buildup

The traditional tank model stores water throughout, while for the tankless water heater, water passes through it before it gets to the point of use. If the water entering your home is complex, the mineral buildup damages the metal elements, such as heat exchangers, over time. This, in turn, reduces the water heater’s efficiency.

When there’s scale buildup in the system, the water heater will most commonly show an LC error code, although this could vary, depending on the brand. In such a case, you should contact a plumber to flush the unit and descale the sediments.

Perhaps Your Water Heater Is Low on Fuel

This is a case of propane-fueled tankless water heaters only. Some propane heaters produce a beep to alert you when running low on fuel. Thus, no need to panic if that’s so.

There’s a Possible Blockage in the Air Intake or Vent Channel

Gas-fired water heating apparatus requires a fresh supply of oxygen for combustion. When the air intake filter is choked or blocked for several reasons, the burner suffocates and won’t ignite.

Likewise, if the vent blocks, it becomes ineffective in removing the flue gas from the system, which triggers the water heater to make a beeping noise.

When that happens, the filter or vent should be checked and cleaned. A plumber in Conway, SC can help you do that safely and promptly.


A leak in the water heating system is another common issue that can cause the water heater to sound a beep. The leak could be water or gas. Modern water heating appliances come with a leakage sensor that alerts you of water leaks to help prevent water damage on your property.

If you notice water puddles under or near your tankless or tank water heater, you got the culprit. However, some leaks may not be obvious, like when the leaking occurs somewhere along the waterline.

A leaky water heater can be due to several things, including loose connections, excess pressure inside the tank, leakage within the inner tank itself, and faulty valves. A plumber can help rectify some of these faults.

In other instances, you may have to replace the unit if it has reached the end of its lifespan. The typical tank water heater can last about eight to 12 years if well maintained.

The beeping may also signify gas leakage. Thus, suppose you’ve got a gas-powered model, and you sense the rotten egg smell. In that case, cut the gas supply at the main shut-off and call your gas supplier immediately.

Overheating Warning

Some water heaters may beep when the water overheats because of a faulty heating element or temperature sensor. Scalding hot water is dangerous to your skin. Fortunately, your water heater will often display an error code along with that beeping.

Different models will show varying codes. So, kindly consult your user manual or contact a professional plumber to fix the problem.

Low Inlet Supply or Clogged Inlet/Aerator

Besides scale impairing your water heater’s functioning, it can also block and clog the incoming line, reducing cold water flow to the tankless unit, which results in inadequate hot water reaching the heat exchanger. This presents a high chance of water overheating. So your water heater beeps as a warning.

You can tell you’ve got this blockage if you notice the water flowing from your faucets is extremely hot, or it’s coming out in low amounts. A phone call to your plumber in Conway, SC can help get everything back into order.

High Water Pressure

There comes a time when the pressure of water flowing into a home goes up suddenly. Tankless water heating devices have a limit as to the maximum pressure they can handle.

Excessive water pressure can cause water heaters to become problematic. Most tankless models will emit a beep when there’s high pressure. Most residential plumbers can advise you on what to do when such an incident occurs.

System Overload in the Case of a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater has limitations to the amount of hot water it can give out per minute. And this is why homeowners should always choose the appropriate water heater size for their home.

Should you cross this limit by running multiple hot water fixtures simultaneously, usually, the water flow or temperature drops. Some models will give out a beep alert.

If that’s the case, consider closing all the taps and see whether the beeping stops for good. You may want to call a specialist plumber for help if it doesn’t.

Who Can Help?

You certainly got the answers to that water heater beeping headache. When you need timely, professional assistance, don’t think of any other company but Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach.

Our plumbers observe a high-work ethic and comply with the local building codes and regulations. If you want to learn more about other sounds your water heater makes, drop in during open hours or call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach.

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