When Excellence Counts, Count On Our Plumbing Company | Conway, SC

When Excellence Counts, Count On Our Plumbing Company | Conway, SC

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, you can tell the difference with our plumbers. They’re punctual, well-trained and experienced, and excellent at diagnosing even challenging plumbing problems. What you may not notice but is also there is their skilled technique. Long-term results from plumbing installations and repairs depend on knowing the finer details of our trade, which keep their work solid over time. Our plumbing company takes pride in the many awards we’ve earned, and the thousands of excellent reviews as well, but it’s each finished job for our valued customers in the Conway, SC area that shows what we mean by excellence the best.

Building Our Business Based on Values and Standards

Respect for our customers and each other is fundamental for our plumbing company, providing a basis for clear communication and business practices with integrity. If you ask our plumbers about themselves, you’ll find stories that tell you a bit about why they’re on our team: two decades in plumbing, a decade of plumbing experience as a veteran, and other paths that led them here. We strive to make their dedication to our plumbing company rewarding, and appreciate the skills that they can offer our customers. We stand behind our faith in the plumbers we send to your home, and ensure that they’re friendly and courteous, people you’re glad to have there. It almost goes without saying that punctuality is essential for us, and when the job is done, it’s complete when the cleanup is finished.

A Broad Range of Services

We’ve built a talented and diverse team of plumbing professionals, which is why our plumbing company can offer such a wide range of services and do them all with our characteristic excellence. From garbage disposal services to water heater care and replacement, drain cleaning to whole-house repiping, you can count on us for all your plumbing needs. If we’re at your home for a leak repair and discover corroded pipes are the reason, our plumber can explain why that might need special care, and create a plan for resolution. The same trusted team of professionals steps in based on their specialties, and you can work with the plumbing company you know.

Remodeling Projects and Plumbing Updates

Replacing your kitchen sink and faucet with beautiful, modern versions can go a long way to renewing the space as well as meeting your daily needs. For full kitchen or bathroom remodeling, or other projects such as a wet bar, patio kitchen, or poolside amenities, our team’s punctuality pays off as we keep the plan on schedule. With plenty of experience, our plumbers are also great sources of ideas. In particular, if ADA-friendly fixtures are helpful in your home, we can recommend specific faucets, toilets, showers, and other enhancements that can be quite a blessing.

Energy-Efficient Hot Water Sources

How many ways are there to replace a water heater? A surprising number these days. Our plumbing company provides water heater maintenance and repairs, because it’s always important to keep an eye on your water heater. Tank-based models corrode and leak or burst, and without testing, you never know if the pressure and temperature relief valve is still providing solid protection. Inspecting the tank and replacing the anode rod can help you get the most out of your water heater, and have a better idea of when a new unit is needed in your Conway, SC home.

We can provide a similar model, usually with enhanced energy efficiency, and we can also take out the tank and put in a tankless hot water heater. These devices last much longer, use much less energy because they only heat when needed, and provide virtually unlimited hot water. They do take some work to get installed, and we can provide all the information you need to see if they’re right for you. Another great solution that still has a tank, but basically pulls the heat out of thin air, is the hybrid water heater. It uses heat pump technology, with a backup electrical heater if the air gets too cold. In your basement, chances are it has all the heat it needs to keep your water nice and hot.

Leak Detectives and Expert Leak Repair

These days, it doesn’t take all the cutting into walls or basement floors to check pipes for leaks, or even digging in the yard for water line leaks. Modern leak detection equipment helps us pinpoint leaks by sound, in-pipe video inspection, even ultrasonic range finding. It can be strange to watch our experienced plumbers using their knowledge of plumbing to listen here and there and narrow down the leak’s location. What’s not so strange is the minimal cutting and digging required until the actual repair location is found. That saves a lot! Listening to copper pipes can be straightforward, but when PVC pipes, or pipes underground are leaking, that’s when our team’s talents really show. We can explain to you the many ways that you can identify a potential leak, so you can avoid hidden and sometimes serious water damage. A rising water bill is one, and we can use your water meter to narrow down which fixture or pipe may have trouble. Another is damp spots on the wall or ceiling, but leaks can travel quite a distance before they reveal themselves. Call if you suspect leaks, and our plumbing company experts will take it from there!

The Plumbing Company You Know and Trust in Conway

We’re proud to serve the people of Conway, SC with a plumbing company team that’s highly skilled and values-based. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies, and ready to answer your questions about the many plumbing services we offer. We know that working with a plumber can be exciting, when you’re creating new kitchens and bathrooms in your home, or stressful, when something needs urgent repair. Call us, and know that we care.

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