What A Difference A Quick, Efficient Water Heater Replacement Can Make | Myrtle Beach, SC

What A Difference A Quick, Efficient Water Heater Replacement Can Make | Myrtle Beach, SC

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As a Myrtle Beach, SC area homeowner, do you sometimes give your water heater a look and wonder when it’s going to make a mess? Do you think about the flooding, the hassle of workers unhooking your unit and carrying it out, then returning with a new unit and spending the time to connect and test it? You’ve probably heard the stories from people who had bad experiences and messy, prolonged replacement procedures. What you don’t hear is the stories from people who have no real story to tell. Their water heater replacement was planned, straightforward, and performed quickly by a team that not only had the muscle to move the unit but for the experience and ability to plan and execute the process smoothly. For them, all they need to say is wow, that was great, my water heater replacement went so well.

A Simple Procedure, with Careful Respect for Your Home and Daily Life

Our water heater replacement team has plenty of experience, and we work carefully with respect for your home, making as little impact as possible. We perform the steps and exchange the new unit for the old one, reconnecting and testing and turning it over to you to wait a bit for the water to heat up, and then happy people can get their showers, wash up, whatever they need. It’s back to life as usual, with just a brief interruption for the water heater replacement swap. The big advantage of our skill and coordinated effort is that, if for some reason your water heater reaches the breaking point and complicates matters, it doesn’t bring chaos into the situation, just adds a few more steps to the job in order to clean things up. Our plumbers believe that our work helps you live more comfortably, so we try very hard not to disrupt your lifestyle.

Choosing Your New Water Heater

We can help you consider any changes to your water heater configuration that might be desirable when we perform your water heater replacement. You might prefer a different size, want to focus on energy efficiency as a key goal, or even talk about the type of fuel you’ll use. Tankless and heat pump water heaters might be an option if you have low demand for hot water, for instance, if your family has grown and moved out and your home’s quieter these days without a line for the shower in the morning and a busy kitchen. On the other side, if things are getting crazy, we can help select a unit with more capacity, or even a backup water heater.

Are You Thinking Of Relocating Your Water Heater?

Another choice that may be more convenient at water heater replacement time is performing a bit of plumbing and wiring to move the unit to a more convenient spot. Perhaps you’re finishing the basement and would like the extra space, or you have a better location for the unit that’s not in the way, we can do it. Our team will adapt our remove and replace plans to include the extra plumbing and wiring, and we’ll do it with the same speed and precision that our direct replacement jobs use.

Maintenance and Repair Gives Your Water Heater More Time

Your water heater has several parts that need a periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair. The thermostat or dual thermostats can fail and cause a long wait for hot water, or just a short supply of it. The pressure relief valve can fail and cause problems. And something called the anode rod does degrade over time, as it sacrifices its material to avoid corrosion of the tank lining. When the anode rod needs replacing, which can be sooner if your water supply has a water softener but is generally 3-5 years, it’s important that our plumber makes that replacement to extend the life of your tank. Regular maintenance includes regular inspections, which is the key to catching your water heater’s end of service before it makes a mess.

Avoiding Emergency Water Heater Replacement

Maintenance also helps avoid water heater leaks and floods that can force your hand at an inconvenient time, because when is convenient when the water’s flowing from your water heater onto the floor? Our team performs emergency plumbing carefully and quickly to keep damage to a minimum, but we highly recommend maintenance and inspection of your water heater to improve your odds.

Watching for Water Heater Problems That Aren’t So Obvious

Some problems you can notice, such as hot water supply problems and leaking pressure relief valves, but there are other less noticeable problems like the anode rod’s end of life or a pressure relief valve that doesn’t open when needed. If you hear high-pitched sounds or bubbling noises from your tank, give us a call and let us know, so that we can resolve your water heater issues before they become serious.

Adding Insulation Now or When You Have a Water Heater Replacement

Bare hot water pipes and a water heater sitting in an unheated or poorly heated space can waste heat and reduce the temperature of the hot water that reaches your tap. Our team can help with pipe and tank insulation that keeps the heat in the pipe and in the water, cutting your energy costs and improving your enjoyment of hot water at just the right temperature. If our inspection has revealed that it’s time to replace your hot water heater, it’s the perfect time to insulate.

Your Water Heater Replacement Professionals for the Myrtle Beach, SC Area

You’ll enjoy hiring Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach as your plumber, no matter what type of repair, replacement, remodeling, or upgrade you have in mind. We also offer routine water heater maintenance to help avoid unexpected surprises and help you schedule your plumbing work, including replacing your water heater. Give us a call and find out how we can help you live better.


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