Water Heater Replacement: 10 Safety Measures To Avoid Water Heating System Damage | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water Heater Replacement: 10 Safety Measures To Avoid Water Heating System Damage | Myrtle Beach, SC

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It would interest you to know that between 2009 and 2013, there were 56,000 home structure fires associated with heating equipment leading to deaths, injuries, and significant property damage. Despite the many benefits heating systems bring to our lives, they are also a source of potential hazards if not properly handled and maintained.

In this piece, experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach share safety tips on ensuring you can avoid water heating system damage that could cause fatalities and property damage.

Choose the Right Water Heating System for Your Space

A water heater that is too big consumes more energy increasing your energy bills. It is expensive to install and equally as costly to maintain. On the other hand, a smaller water heater risks inconsistency in the efficiency of heating water that the household needs. This may lead to an overuse of the system, causing it to wear and tear faster than its life expectancy could handle. In no time, you’ll need a water heater replacement.

Every space needs a water heating system that can carry the workload without being a hazard risk. When choosing a water heating system, choose one that meets the needs of your home without exerting a heavier energy burden on your system. We have the best technicians whom you can consult before settling on a water heater for your home.

Keep Track of Every Change in the System

An unusual pop, click, buzz, smell, or even visible soot or rust could be the only observation you need to call in a technician. Any change in the normal functioning of the system might lead to a chain of related damages. Check on your water heaters regularly for any irregularities, so you don’t have to deal with a water heater replacement bill in your hands.

Follow the Provided Manual

Every water heating system comes with a manual. A misstep or disregard of instruction could significantly compromise the system’s safety. This could lead to inefficiency or damage to the system. Follow the guide for the best services the water heating system has to offer. If you are unfamiliar with the terms, seek help from a professional technician before any damages occur.

Insulate Your Water Heaters

Retaining heat is an essential energy-saving tip. When you insulate your water heaters, you save on energy by maintaining your water temperature without overworking your water heater. This preserves your heater’s life span and keeps you from the premature need for a water heater replacement.

However, there are several dos and don’ts of water heater insulations. You need to be careful with the insulating kit you choose for your appliances. Our plumbers are equipped and trained to advise you on the best insulating kits.

Keep Flammables Away from Your Water Heating System

Anything that could potentially burst into flames or burn should be kept at least 3 feet away from your water heating system. The dangers of a fire caused by water heating systems occurring are very high. Flammable items include old rugs, paint, petrol, wooden furniture, furniture polish, and synthetic fabric.

Ensure fire safety measures are put in place in case of an incident and alert the fire department. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for fire-damaged water heater replacement services in Myrtle Beach, SC for fire-damaged water heater replacement services.

Keep Water Heaters Away from the Reach of Children

Knobs, buttons, and bright colored lights are irresistible attractions for children. Touching the wire or pressing the wrong button could result in a severe accident affecting either the system or its surrounding. You could have a water heater replacement, but human life is not replaceable. Make your water heaters a no-go-zone for children.

Maintain a Clean Space

Dust, cobwebs, debris, dead insects, and plants around the water heating system are potential hazards for the system. Cleaning the spaces around the system is essential for its efficiency. A water heater replacement from dirt-related damages would cost you a lot more than it would maintain a clean space.

Locales with hard water present the dangers of sediments to a water heating system. If not cleared, sediments build up could eventually result in corrosion of either the tank or heating system. Draining and cleaning your tank periodically ensures that your system’s efficiency is maintained.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Water Heating System

Annual maintenance is recommended for every water heating system. Hiring the services of professional plumbers provides you with a long-lasting solution for your water heating system. Water heater replacement is not your only option. Have your technician clean your system, check and test the relief valves and make any necessary recommendations for your system.

Always Run the Water Before Turning Your System on and Remember to Turn It Off

It is advisable to have the water running first before turning your water system on to avoid calling in water heater replacement or repair services all too often. It prevents your heater from getting fried often, especially when it has not been in use for a while.

Turning off your system when not in use prevents pressure and heat build-up inside the tank. This is especially significant when you are going on an extended vacation for a month or more.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Monitor

In the United States, natural gas is the most common heating fuel. When not properly maintained, a gas-powered furnace can easily run into inefficiency and cause safety concerns. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, but manufacturers have added a chemical to ensure it is detectable in the event of a gas leak. If you smell rotten eggs, be sure to get in touch with our plumber immediately. A carbon monoxide monitor is a great way to keep track of such gas leaks.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we are the leading plumbing service in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are rated A+ on BBB and boast a five-star rating on HomeAdvisor. Our plumbers are highly trained and skilled and ready to ensure you are satisfied with our services. We have a straightforward pricing system that ensures you aren’t faced with any hidden costs or technical jargon. Contact us today for more information about water heater safety, water heater replacement, and more.


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