Water Heater Repair: 7 Warning Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing and What To Do About It | Conway, SC

Water Heater Repair: 7 Warning Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing and What To Do About It | Conway, SC

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Don’t take your home appliances for granted, especially your water heater, as it can be uncomfortable not to have hot water during winter. Whether you have a conventional water heater or tankless water heater, it’s important to perform regular maintenance to extend its lifespan. However, they can still go wrong, and it’s important to do something about it asap to prevent costly repairs. Below are the warning signs your water heater could be failing. Call a plumber in Conway, SC, right away for water heater repair.

Water Leaks

Leaks are one of the warning signs that your water heater is failing. You may see standing water near the tank or water leaking from the tank. Other times, the leak will come from the pipes. The problem could be due to loose connections or valves that are not fully closed. If you know your way with water heaters, it should be easy to fix this. When the water is coming from the water tank, it may be time to replace your water heater completely. For other problems, consider calling a plumber in Conway, SC, for water heater repair.

No Hot Water or Running Out of Hot Water Quickly

When you have a conventional water heater, we recommend that you perform regular maintenance. It would help if you flushed your heater regularly to get rid of the sediment buildup inside. Otherwise, they will only settle in the tank. They leave less space for the hot water; thus, you run out of hot water right away. This is one of the signs that your water heater may be failing. Consider calling a plumber for repairs.

Ensure that you flush the water heater at least once a year. Otherwise, you’ll only end up with either corroded or clogged valves. It may be too late to get a repair, and you’ll need a replacement. To avoid extra costs, always perform maintenance as scheduled.

If you need help, you can always call a professional for assistance.

Old Water Heater

The lifespan of conventional water heaters is between 10-15 years, depending on the maintenance performed. It may last longer so long as you know how to maintain your water heater.

Check your water heater for the installation date, and if it’s more than 10 years old, you likely will experience problems with your unit. If you can’t find the date, take the serial number and brand name and go online. You should be able to find the date it’s manufactured.

Get water heater repair to help you alleviate any issues. However, consider getting a replacement if you keep having issues with the water heater. Water heater repair costs can add up; it will be more cost-effective to get a replacement instead.

When buying a new heater, consider getting tankless units with an Energy Star label. These types of water heaters are more efficient, helping you save more money on energy. Tankless heaters also take up less space, and you’ll always have hot water available.

Strange Noises from the Water Heater

There are several reasons why your water heater is making unusual noises. This could be due to a sediment buildup, poor water pressure, faulty components, or changes to the water pressure. Call a plumber for a repair so they can fully inspect the entire unit, diagnose the problem and provide a helpful solution.

A routine checkup always helps. Licensed plumbers will spot potential problems and prevent plumbing emergencies that can lead to a costly water heater repair.

Temperature Is Inconsistent

Before calling a plumber for water heater repair, check your thermostat first. It’s easy to replace a thermostat if that’s what caused the inconsistency in the water temperature. Otherwise, the temperature change is a sign that there might be some issues with your water heater. Get a plumber for a repair right away.

You can also check for the age of the unit before doing repairs. It may be time to get a new replacement.

Discolored Water

When you notice either strange smells or a different color in the water, that’s a sure sign that your water heater is failing. Call a plumber for water heater repair. They will inspect the water heater and resolve the issue promptly. The problem is likely due to corrosion and rust forms when this happens.

Your water won’t taste good, and it will discolor some of the appliances in your homes. The plumber may advise you to get anode rods replacement for your water heater. They may also flush the sediments inside.

Low Water Pressure

The sediments inside the water heater can build up faster when there is low water pressure. If there is low water pressure, this means that there definitely is a buildup of sediments. Another reason could be hard water that’s clogging your system. Either you need water heater repair or just water heater service. Call a plumber anyway for assistance.

What to Do When Water Heater Fails

It’s imperative not to ignore any warning signs to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Call a plumber immediately if the issue calls professional help. When buying a replacement, try to go with a more efficient water heater to conserve power and save more money.

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