Water Heater Issues? Hire A Plumber Specializing In Water Heater Repair | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water Heater Issues? Hire A Plumber Specializing In Water Heater Repair | Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s normal to become stressed when an appliance in your house breaks down. They are designed to make your life more convenient, and when one breaks, everyday tasks can be challenging or impossible. Some appliances, such as the refrigerator, are more essential than others because your food will spoil. You also can’t cook without a functioning stove, and your water heater is also crucial to your daily life.

The water entering the house is cold, and the water heater heats and stores the water, so you always have hot water when needed. You rely on hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning, and your hot water-based appliances need hot water to function at peak performance. Water heater issues will prevent you from performing these daily tasks, so it’s best to schedule an appointment for water heater repair if your unit experiences any of the following issues.

Temperature Issues

A faulty water heater will prevent the water from reaching the desired temperature, and a plumber can help.

  • A lack of hot water: This is the most obvious sign it’s time to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair. However, you should check a few things before making the call to avoid an unnecessary service call. If you have an electric water heater, ensure a circuit hasn’t tripped and the unit has power. If you have a propane or oil unit, make sure there’s enough fuel in the tank. Finally, if the unit runs on natural gas, check other gas appliances to see if they work, or you can call the gas company to ensure the service hasn’t been terminated and there isn’t an outage.
  • If everything checks out, you’ll need to hire a plumber to diagnose the problem. A broken heating element is the most common cause of a lack of hot water. If the component isn’t working, it won’t heat the water, and cold water will flow from the hot water tap, and a plumber will fix the element to restore the hot water. The unit’s age can also be the cause. Traditional tank water heaters last eight to 12 years, and when the unit reaches the end of its life, it won’t have enough power left to heat the water supply. If this is why you don’t have hot water, the plumber will replace the unit to restore the hot water.
  • The water isn’t hot enough: Check the thermostat if the unit doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm. The EPA recommends setting the thermostat to 120 or 140 degrees because this is hot enough but not too hot that it will burn. If the thermostat isn’t set correctly, adjusting it will solve the problem. If it’s set correctly and the water is lukewarm, it’s time to schedule an appointment for water heater repair.
  • The problem could be due to a faulty thermostat, or if your unit has two heating elements, one may have failed. When this happens, the functional element won’t have enough power to heat the water to the desired temperature. The unit’s age could also be the problem. If it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, the unit may not have the power to function as efficiently as it once did and must be replaced.

A plumber specializing in water heater repair, can resolve the problem to restore the hot water as quickly as possible.

Strange Sounds

Water heaters are designed to run quietly, and you should only hear a low-level humming. If the unit starts making strange sounds, such as clanging or popping, it’s time to schedule an appointment for water heater repair.

Clanging sounds occur when large pieces of sediment build up in the tank and bang against the side. If the problem isn’t addressed quickly, the sediment can crack the tank, causing the tank’s contents to flood your home. The plumber will do their best to flush the sediment, but the unit must be replaced if they can’t.

A popping sound indicates sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank, and the water will boil when it gets trapped beneath the sediment, causing the popping sound. There’s a good chance the plumber won’t be able to flush the sediment, and you’ll need to replace the unit if they can’t.

Moisture or Water Pooling Around the Unit

If you discover moisture on or around the unit or pooling water on the floor, you should hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair. These issues can cause water damage and mold growth, so you should make the call immediately.

Moisture indicates a cracked, loose or disconnected hose, and although it is a simple fix, it must be addressed immediately. The longer water leaks from the pipe, the more water damage will occur, and it will be more expensive to fix. The plumber will replace or reconnect the hose, eliminating the risk of further water damage.

A pool of water on the floor around the unit indicates a crack in the tank. You should turn off the water going to the unit immediately to stop the water from spilling out and call a plumber specializing in water heater repair. They’ll inspect the unit to confirm the tank is cracked, but unfortunately, a cracked tank can’t be fixed, and the unit must be replaced.

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