Water Filtration System: Is It Important? | Plumbing Service in Garden City, SC

Water Filtration System: Is It Important? | Plumbing Service in Garden City, SC

To stay healthy and fit is one of the biggest priorities in life. And one major way for maintaining strong health system is to drink clean water.

When people do not drink properly cleaned or filtered water they suffer from chronic diseases which could eventually lead to death. Therefore, people get water filters installed in their houses. A water filter system helps to filter out germs, bacteria, and toxic elements present in the water that are harmful to one’s health.

If you are living in Garden city, SC then this blog post will help you to discover why the installation of water filtration system in Garden City, SC is imperative.

Do You Know That the Tap Water Is Contaminated and Unsafe?

Most of the families do not get water filtration system installed in their houses. And that is because of their wrong belief that the tap water is clean and pure.

They are of the view that when they are able to get clean water from water taps then why they should splurge their money on a water filtration system.

What they don’t know is that the tap water can be contaminated with harmful chemicals. The city council might have assured that the tap water is pure and safe to drink. But there is still no guarantee that the water running out of the tap is clean and clear.

It could be highly possible that the drinking water contains bacteria and chemicals floating in the municipality’s water system. The tap water may be present of the following elements that could be dangerous to one’s health:

1.   Lead

Lead is a contaminant that can be present in the tap water. And water filled with lead can cause death. Hence, the water filtration system in Garden City, SC is imperative.

2.   Chlorine

Although chlorine is added in the water to kill toxic bacteria (that are present in the water), it doesn’t mean that chlorine is highly beneficial for one’s health.

In fact, a study published in Epidemiology showed that children who were born in the areas where a high percentage of chlorine was added in water experienced a 14% higher risk of birth defect.

So, chlorine may be considered to clean water but it should still be filtered out which a water filtration system in Garden City, SC can effectively do so.

3.   Nitrate

Nitrate is an element which is naturally found in water. However, if the percentage of nitrate shoots up high then it can be dangerous especially for children and pregnant women.

Hence, a water filtration system in Garden, SC helps to reduce the unnecessary quantity of nitrate in water.

4.   Viruses

Water-transmitted viruses can carry infectious diseases like hepatitis A, norovirus, and rotavirus. These harmful diseases most commonly enter through animal or human waste.

The occurrence of such waste in tap water is highly unlikely but one never knows. And awater filtration system in Garden, SC adds a strong layer of protection to ensure that water doesn’t get contaminated with deadly viruses.

Benefits of Water Filtration System in Garden, SC

The great importance of water filtration system in Garden, SC lies in the fact that it is the source of numerous benefits. Do you know what those advantages are? Read on to learn about them.

1.   Controls Weight

Clean water contains fewer amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. And we all know how both carbohydrates and sugar can be the cause of weight gain. Hence, drinking filtered water can help people from gaining extra fats.

2.   Experience less Headaches

Some studies have shown that drinking tap water can lead to migraine. Since the tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and insecticides, these all can contribute to severe headaches.

However, if a water filtration system in Garden, SC is installed then the system will surely help to clean these chemicals. And there would be no occurrence of headache among people.

3.   Saves Money

When people have constant access of pure water from the water filtration system in Garden, SC, they are able to save more money. Do you know why?

Well, it is because they then don’t have to splurge extra dollars on buying water bottles. And investing money on water bottles on daily or monthly basis can be quite expensive.

The money is only invested once and that is for installing a water filtration system. And once it is properly installed, there isn’t any need of spending more money for getting clean water in the future.

4.   Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Drinking unfiltered water means drinking water that is highly contaminated with chlorine. Chlorine can induce DNA damage and the damage of respiratory system. And these factors can be the cause of cancer.

Water filter helps to decrease the quantity of chlorine, which means that it can decrease the chances of suffering from cancer.

5.   No Gastrointestinal Problems

Drinking impure water can lead to many severe health problems. Usually people prefer to have a glass of water while eating their meal. Drinking water helps to digest food properly, but drinking contaminated water can easily cause indigestion. And indigestion can lead to constipation and weakness.

Installing a water filtration system in Garden City, SC can be beneficial in this regard as the filtered water eliminates cryptosporidium and giardia from the water. Thus, the elimination of these parasites makes the water pure which can protect people from getting stomach ache.

6.   Stronger Immunity System

Drinking filtered water can ensure the reduction of toxic elements present in the body. And detoxification boosts the immunity system. Thus, this reduces the chances of getting sick and helps people to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

The significance of a water filter cannot be further stressed. Hence, it is imperative to get water filtration system installed in the houses if you haven’t already.

Install a water filteration system in Garden City by contacting the professionals of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. The professionals of the reliable company not only install the water filter but repair it as well.


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