Warning Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

Warning Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

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It’s not easy to gauge the condition of your water heater at any given point. Even if you use it several times every day, it’s not enough to know if it has a problem if you don’t know where or what to check.

Like most systems, water heater problems develop gradually. If you want your water heater to remain in excellent condition, you must be keen to notice any slight changes. The quicker you contact your water heater repair technician, the less damage you incur.

With that in mind, always note the following signs that might indicate you need to have your system repaired soon:

You Don’t Have Hot Water

A failing water heater doesn’t sound alarming until you have to take a cold shower in the morning. You could try to solve this by adjusting the thermostat. If it still doesn’t work, you might need water heater repair services.

Considering how frequent you use your heater, it’s bound to breakdown at one point or the other. Cold water might indicate that there is a leak in your system. Besides, the cold water could signal that there is a buildup of sediment in the system.

In most cases, when you’re using hard water, mineral deposits tend to form at the bottom of your tank. The deposits eventually insulate the water from the burner’s heat, causing the water from your shower not to warm up.

Also, sediments can cover your water heating elements, preventing them from functioning as required. It’s in your best interest that a water heater repair technician examines your system often. If the problem is only a matter of faulty elements, they can be repaired instead of getting another new water heating system.

You Notice Rust in the Water Tank

Usually, corrosion on your heating system means that you should have a new one installed. But if the rust is partial, your water heater repair technician can help remove the rusty parts and repair the system.

You might have a more significant problem if the rust is in the water, as this can pose a health hazard to you and your family. Water coming from your tap should be entirely colorless. Therefore, always be keen to note the color of water flowing out of your faucets.

Brownish or light red water is a sign that either your heater or your tank is rusting. Get in touch with an expert water heater repair service in Myrtle Beach, SC, as soon as you notice such issues.

Keep in Mind the Age of Your Heater

Similar to any other system, water heaters also have an estimated lifespan. Water heater systems should last between 8 to 10 years. If your water heater is around or past this age, it’s probably always breaking down and having multiple problems.

A faulty water heater will only increase your electricity bills and make your showers less comfortable. Only with the help of a water heater repair technician will you know if your system needs repair or replacement.

Your Shower Has Fluctuating Temperatures

Imagine you’re enjoying a hot shower after a long day, and then the water suddenly turns cold. If you notice your water sometimes flows out as hot and other times as lukewarm or cold, it’s a clear indication that something is faulty with your heater. Seek a professional to find out what might be wrong with your water heater.

When you are contacting a water heater repair technician, always try to remember your heater’s purchase date. These details are essential in helping a professional in Myrtle Beach, SC, narrow down on the likely problems affecting your water heater system.

Weird Noises from Your Tank

It’s very reasonable for your water heater to make some noise as it operates. But if the noise becomes unusually louder, producing either banging, popping, or cracking sounds, it should raise a concern.

Noises from the water heater may come with age. It only starts with a mild sound that gradually grows and becomes deep rumbles. Most homeowners are alarmed by this sound and sometimes think that their system is almost bursting, but that is never the case.

Also, a water heater can become noisy when there is a large deposit of minerals in the tank and heating elements. It could also be due to a cracked or broken dip tube, which causes hot and cold water to mix.

Extreme noises may cause the structures of your water heater to weaken. To find out what is ailing your water heating system, get in touch with a water heater repair professional and have them conduct a full examination.

A Leak in Your System

If you spot any form of water around your water heater, try to find out its origin. It could be from close pipes or fixtures. If you can’t tell where the water is coming from, wipe the water around your heating system, and carefully observe the area. Check for leaks every few hours before you conclude that it’s an actual leak.

A leak in the water heater can cause water to stagnate around the base of the system. If ignored, leaks can amount to massive damages, including causing storage tanks to rupture.

Leaks could also be dangerous if you have pets or children around the house. And they could be very unsafe if you have electrical appliances around the area. You should contact a professional water heater repair technician in Myrtle Beach, SC, to tell you the way forward.

Regular Maintenance is Essential!

You don’t want your water heating system giving you unpleasant surprises when you need it most. Make it a routine to put it at the top of your maintenance list.

When you regularly check the condition of your water heater, it’s easy to notice slight changes in its mode of operation. The earlier you see them, the less damage and money they will cost you in repairs. Always remember to involve an expert in this practice. If you need pro water heater repair services, get in touch with the experienced technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach.


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