Using A Plumbing Service To Fix Water Pressure | Myrtle Beach, SC

Using A Plumbing Service To Fix Water Pressure | Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are few better things in life than experiencing a nice, hot shower, with good water pressure that delivers a fast, strong flow of water. Starting your day with a weak shower is unsatisfying. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to just accept low water pressure and live with the consequences. The typical recommended water pressure for residential properties is between 40-70 PSI, with many homeowners finding the sweet spot to be 50-60 PSI. Unfortunately, water pressure in Myrtle Beach, SC, varies widely, with some homes experiencing higher water pressure and some households receiving low water pressure. If the water pressure in your home is not at the desired level, a plumbing service can help to modify your home’s plumbing to get the optimal pressure.

Common Complaints About Low Water Pressure

A sudden change in water pressure or consistently low water pressure can be alarming and undesirable for a variety of reasons. If your water pressure is consistently low, you may often feel like you’re wasting a lot of time waiting for sinks and bathtubs to fill before you can use the water for washing.

You might also notice that your dishwasher or clothes-washing machine takes longer to complete a cycle, as low water pressure means it takes more time to fill the drum with water. You may even end up feeling like you’re spending your entire weekend just doing washing and laundry, because of how long it takes to complete a task when your home’s water pressure is low.

Common Complaints About High Water Pressure

A plumbing service isn’t only appropriate for dealing with low water pressure issues. Water pressure that is too high can also cause its own set of problems. While it’s not as common, high water pressure can result in some catastrophic damages. Typically, high water pressure is caused by the municipal water system or nearby well processing more water than it’s supposed to, for example, when the areas where these systems draw water from are experiencing flooding. If you’ve lived in Myrtle Beach, SC, for a few years, you’ll have noticed that several significant floods have happened over the last few years, and this has undoubtedly put a strain on the municipal water supply causing fluctuations in water pressure.

Higher water pressure can have unpleasant side effects, such as fewer bacteria and contaminants filtered out of your base water supply, and less water treatment occurring. Water pressure that’s too high can result in ruptures and floods when the water pressure rating exceeds the recommended level your home’s plumbing can handle. Higher water pressure also results in quicker degradation of seals on faucets and other attachments, resulting in regular replacements and plumbing service callouts to fix leaks. High water pressure also means you’re using more of the water supply and paying more. Reducing your water pressure so that it’s in the recommended range will lower your utility bills.

4 Ways a Plumbing Service May Fix Water Pressure

Fluctuations in water pressure should most certainly be looked at by a licensed plumber. Neither extraordinarily high nor extraordinarily low water pressure is suitable for your home. Firstly, a plumbing service can determine your home’s water pressure at various points in your service call to highlight any troublesome areas that require investigation. Secondly, a professional service can resolve water pressure issues through the installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of several vital components.

1 – Using a water regulator

Low water pressure can potentially be an issue with a water valve that needs replacing, and it may be naturally occurring from the local water source. In cases where the natural water source provides a high water pressure, your home will benefit from installing a pressure regulator on the main water line. If a licensed plumber determines that your water pressure is reaching above 75 PSI at any point and you don’t have one installed, installing a water regulator will help reduce the stress on your home’s plumbing.

If your home has an existing water regulator installed, but it is found to be malfunctioning, this may be the cause of changing water pressure. Water regulators can either be rested or replaced as part of a plumbing service to resolve water pressure issues.

2 – Adjusting the main water valve

Sometimes, undesirable water pressure is simply the result of incorrect calibration of the main water valve. Typically located near the water meter, the main water valve controls the flow of water into your entire home. A partially closed or shut valve can result in low water pressure. Routine repairs and maintenance that’s been done without your knowledge can result in the main water valve accidentally being left off. Luckily, valve adjustments are a simple fix.

3 – Clearing obstructions

Over time, pipes naturally develop a buildup of mineral deposits. In extreme cases where plumbing maintenance has been neglected for a long time, the diameter of pipes is decreased, and full clogs may occur. A plumbing service can dissolve the excess mineral buildup and clear obstructions to relieve water pressure issues.

4 – Changing pipe diameter

One of the most comprehensive solutions that may be called for to fix low water pressure is the replacement of pipes with those of a smaller diameter. Tubes with a smaller diameter do mean you’re getting less water traveling through your home’s plumbing. Still, the smaller diameter will increase the pressure as water is traveling through a smaller space. Combined with the addition of a pressure pump, this can result in an even distribution of higher water pressure even through upper floors.

If you would like to have your water pressure checked by a professional, speak with us to arrange a plumbing service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are always delivered by experienced plumbers happy to come to your home at your convenience, to check current pressure and make adjustments. Whether your water pressure is too low or too high, our plumbers can assist. We service the entire Myrtle Beach area and even offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service for pressure issues that just can’t wait.


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