Under-Sink Water Filtration Systems: 8 Reasons To Let A Plumbing Company Install One At Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

Under-Sink Water Filtration Systems: 8 Reasons To Let A Plumbing Company Install One At Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Installing a water filter at your home is one way to ensure that your family accesses clean drinking water. The tap water from your water utility company may seem clean but might contain some contaminants that may cause water-borne diseases like diarrhea or typhoid.

Under-sink filters feature a diverter valve that diverts the water coming from the water lines to a filtration system beneath the sink. An expert from a certified plumbing company can install a water filter where you use the water to purify the water going out through an outlet valve to another faucet ready for use.

With a water filter, you have the option of using filtered or unfiltered water in the kitchen at your Myrtle Beach, SC home. With the assistance of a plumbing company, you can choose between conventional or simple under-sink water filters. Below are the benefits you will reap by installing an under-sink water filtration system.

1. Maintains Healthy Water Supply

Under-sink water filters eliminate the disease-causing microorganisms and other unwanted agents like water particles, chemicals, and germs from the water to make it healthy for your family consumption. Some advanced water filtration systems add minerals to the water, improving its quality and the physical development of your children and family. As mentioned above, the water from your water utility providers may have an unpleasant taste and sometimes smell, making people avoid drinking it. This may lead to dehydration issues if you do not take water or diarrhea if you drink the water. These diseases can stifle growth, especially in kids.

Thus, it is essential to enlist the services of an experienced plumber from a reputable and trustworthy plumbing company to install under-sink water filters in your home. It will help you maintain a healthy and safe water supply for the health of your family and children.

2. Improved Water Taste

Municipal water contains fluoride or chlorine that makes it have an unpleasant taste. Hence, you are forced to depend on bottled water for clean and healthy drinking water. Because of the cost that comes with it, you also may opt to drink less water daily, leading to dehydration. Bid goodbye to unpleasantly tasting water by having a professional plumber install an under-sink water filtration system at your home.

The water filtration system removes any impurities like chlorine and chloramines that make the water at the point of use taste awful. It ensures your drinking water is pure. Have a certified plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach install an under-sink filtration system at your home correctly to guarantee you get purified drinking water.

3. Ease of Maintenance

Under-sink water filtration systems are very easy to maintain, the reason to get one installed at your home. Similar to other filters, under-sink water filters require occasional replacement of the damaged parts and cleaning to run seamlessly for an extended period. When you contact your local plumbing company, they will send a skilled and reliable plumber to ensure the valves, faucet, and tank work efficiently and at their peak.

The plumber can also change the carbon filters and sediments in your under-sink filter. They will adjust the pressure in the tank to peak efficiency. You won’t have to pay the plumbing expert a lot for the short maintenance process. Ensure you enlist the services of a plumber twice a year for maintenance if the water entering your home from the water utility service provider has debris, chemicals, and dirt.

4. Variety of Filters

Commercial and residential property owners should invest in these water filters because they are available in many varieties in the market. There are many under sink water filters brands, and a plumbing company may help you select the best option for your Myrtle Beach, SC home.

Under-sink water filtration systems have two subcategories; conventional and straightforward filtration systems. Some under sink filters feature one filter cartridge, while others feature multiple filter cartridges. You can choose a system that only filters water or one that filters and adds minerals to the water. However, most households prefer using conventional under-sink water filters.

5. Separate Faucet Installation

When installing under-sink water filters at your home, they need a faucet connection that produces pure filtered water for cooking and drinking. Request a professional and licensed plumber from a plumbing company to install the under-sink water filter, and they will connect the filter to a dedicated faucet. A separate tap for pure and clean filtered water will help your family choose between unfiltered water for the dishes and clean drinking water. Your children cannot confuse the outlet and drink impure water because the outlet is different. Hence, their health will improve.

6. Under-Sink Water Filtration Systems Do Not Need Additional Space

Do you have a small kitchen, or do you not want the filtration system to cover your countertop? Then the best filter in your case is an under-sink water filtration system. This water purifier needs no extra space because the hired plumbing technician from a local plumbing company installs it below your sink for peak efficiency. Most sinks do not have anything below them. Therefore, the plumber does not have the hassle to find a place to fit the filtration system. Placing it under the sink is convenient as it will be out of the way.

7. Easy to Install

Most people fear water filtration or plumbing systems that need complex installation procedures. If the plumber gets it wrong, repair or replacement is expensive. Installation of under-sink water filters is not a complicated process. Any skilled plumber from a full-service plumbing company can accurately and promptly fit and fix the water filtration system under the kitchen sink safely and securely to ensure that it serves you longer.

8. They Are More Eco-friendly Than Bottled Water

Empty plastic bottles are a significant environmental issue. Millions of tons of plastic bottles end up in landfills and oceans instead of getting recycled every year. You can refill reusable bottles using under-sink water filters, ensuring that the amount of plastic thrown in the trash is minimized. Since you don’t have to store bottled water, a filtration system saves up space in your home.

A Reliable Plumbing Company in Myrtle Beach, SC

Under-sink filtration systems have many benefits to your home. There are many reasons to install an under-sink water filtration system in your residential or commercial property, from adding Minerals to your drinking water and eliminating the unpleasant taste to maintaining a healthy water supply. Do you need an under-sink water filtration system installed at your home? Call our reliable and experienced plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.


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