Time To Call A Plumbing Service? Top Seven Common Causes Of Changes In Water Pressure In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Time To Call A Plumbing Service? Top Seven Common Causes Of Changes In Water Pressure In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The average inlet water pressure in a standard home is between 40 to 45 pressure-per-square-inch (psi). A variation in water pressure can cause a lot of inconveniences, especially when it is low. Low water pressure problems can present in different ways, all of which can be quite frustrating. Simple activities such as showering or washing dishes can take long hours and effort to accomplish. Some common signs of low water pressure are faucets taking long to fill a sink and washing machines taking much longer to run a cycle than they should.

While some issues are easy to tackle, others require the expertise of a plumbing service provider. If you notice low water pressure in one fixture, the problem is probably in one area and likely in the pipes serving it. However, if the water pressure issues affect the whole house, then it is high time you seek professional plumber. Below are a few causes of low water pressure in homes.

Issues in the water supply

Low water pressure can result from a malfunction in the municipal water supply. Just like residential plumbing, the municipal water supply system may experience sediment accumulation, corrosion, leaks, and general wear and tear, resulting in low water pressure. If you suspect the problem could be from the source, you can ask your neighbors if they are experiencing the same. If that is the case, contact your local municipal water supply company to inquire if they are aware of the issue and if they are working towards solving it.

Partially open meter valve

The second valve controlling the water flow into your home is the meter valve, and it technically belongs to the water company. Most are hard to reach, especially those that are underground. If you notice low water pressure throughout the house and you have had repair work done recently, chances are the valve is not fully open. You can consider calling your local water supplier to open it up for you. Otherwise, you can contact a plumbing service provider to diagnose the cause of the low water pressure and fix any other repair requests you may have.

Faulty water pressure regulator

Some homes have water pressure regulators installed after the main shut off valve. The work of a water pressure regulator is to reduce the input pressure in the plumbing system to a safe level that will not damage your pipes. A faulty pressure regulator can cause an upward spike in water pressure, straining the water system fixtures and valves beyond their functionality. If not contained, it can result in a massive amount of water damage. Also, if the regulator is not well set or has broken, homeowners can experience low water pressure. When this happens, seek plumbing services from your local and trusted contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC, to read the water pressure of the home and replace the pressure regulator if necessary.

Clogged pipes

After a long period, clogs can develop in the depths of the plumbing system and interfere with the water flow. Mineral compounds such as calcium and magnesium and debris like pollutants and sand can accumulate over time, creating a blockage in the plumbing. Additionally, if the plumbing system goes for a long time without any use, debris can settle, accumulate, and affect the water pressure. If this is the case, homeowners should seek plumbing services immediately. A seasoned plumber will be able to identify the clogged parts and give options, whether repairing or replacing the plumbing pipes or system.

Corroded pipes

Pipes of old galvanized steel material corrode over time to an extent whereby water is unable to pass through. Most old houses have galvanized steel pipes. The pipes corrode on the inside, making it hard to identify the wear. The buildup of corrosion develops after a while, gradually closing off the water pipes and resulting in low pressure. Also, corrosion may occur after adding extra plumbing fixtures such as a washing machine in your home. When this happens, homeowners should increase the branch lines of the pipes to prevent overworking of some pipes that causes them to corrode faster. It is wise to seek guidance from your local plumbing service provider to replace and install new plastic or copper pipes. The process may be expensive, but it will save you lots of money in the long run.

Plumbing leaks

It is quite evident that a leak in the plumbing system will reduce the water pressure of the home. That is simply because not all water is flowing towards its proper place but ends up as waste. If you ignore the situation, water leaks can cause damages such as mold formation that poses detrimental health risks. You may also experience a spike in utility costs hence have to dig deep into your pockets to cater to water bills. Fortunately, most water leaks are easy to detect. For example, you can watch out for wall cracks, wet or damp floors, and foul odors. One way to know if there is a leak inside your home is by cutting off all water use and observing the water meter. After some time, check whether the meter has changed. A change in the meter readings even when you haven’t been using water indicates a potential water leak that requires emergency plumbing service. At this point, do not hesitate to call an expert plumber in delivering plumbing services.

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Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, have probably dealt with low water pressure in the house at least once. As seen above, causes of low water pressure range from minute to complex problems. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is a local company that provides quality plumbing services, including repairs, installations, and maintenance. Our certified and well-trained technicians observe a strict code of conduct and are available on call for emergency services. Do not hesitate to give us a call when you require plumbing services, and we will work towards giving you value for your money.


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