The Primary Causes Of Water Line Damage And When You Need Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

The Primary Causes Of Water Line Damage And When You Need Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all things in your house are smoothly operating. Among the most critical aspects of your home is the plumbing system, more specifically, the water lines. They ensure a continuous water supply in your home, and whenever they get damaged, there can be devastating results.

The burst pipes aren’t uncommon and often arise in the plumbing systems of Conway, SC. Whenever your water lines are damaged, you should enlist the help of a water line repair service. They are adequately equipped to handle any repair or replacement needs of your water line. Below are some factors that might damage the water line.

Freezing and Thawing

The temperatures can sometimes drop to very low degrees, especially during winter. The extremely low temperatures might damage the pipes. The water within expands and exerts pressure on the pipelines’ inner walls, which might make the pipes burst. For this reason, you are advised to invite a plumber to winterize your pipes to protect them from damage.

Extremely low temperatures also produce frost that can seriously damage the pipes. If the water lines aren’t not buried beyond 4ft below the ground, the frost can enter the pipes and easily result in damage. Such cases can be addressed using modern water line repair technologies such as trenchless.

Poor Installation of the Pipelines

If the plumbing company that installed the water line wasn’t adequately trained or incompetent or did not pay due attention to their work, then the water line might prematurely fail. Or you could have purchased substandard plumbing pipes, and they were used in the installation process; the durability of your water lines might become negatively affected. Regardless, in case the water lines at your home are damaged before the expiry of their estimated lifetime. You must enlist the assistance of a water line repair technician.

Shifting Soils Below the Surface

Most homeowners assume that the soul beneath remains static whenever installing the underground water lines. However, the subsurface conditions may change over time due to various factors. The moving tectonic plates might damage the pipeline below the surface. Further, when tree roots penetrate areas near the pipes, they might even break into them, resulting in severe damage. A plumber might advise you to cut down the trees or uproot them altogether.

Changing Hydraulic Dynamics

It might receive some damage when a water line is hit by a high and sudden water pressure regardless of the duration. Sometimes, the slow and gradual replacement of the plumbing system components like suitable pumps, cutoff switches, and pressure gauges are not suitable for the plumbing system. The change in the water pressure might end up damaging them. Hence, getting a professional and high-quality water line repair is imperative. Otherwise, you might need more repairs in the future.

Damage By Rodents and Pests

Critters and pesky rodents can damage the waterline, just as cold temperatures and physical injury. Based on how the plumbing system in your home is set up, moles, rats, beavers, and gophers might damage the water line. Whether your water lines are buried behind the walls or underground, they can be vulnerable to damage by the pests and rodents. Whenever this occurs, you’ll have to enlist the assistance of a plumbing technician. Infestation by critters and rodents might mean you call a pest control professional, so you’ll spend more to protect your plumbing.

Wear and tear any components and materials on the earth’s surface can succumb to nature and natural elements as time passes, regardless of their grade quality. Plumbing materials such as copper, PVC, and CPVC have an expiry date. Under favorable conditions, your water lines might last long with no severe degradation. However, it reaches a time when a water line repair service is necessary for your Conway, SC home.

Sudden Changes In Temperature

Whenever extreme temperature changes occur, the water lines might become exposed to leaks and damage. This happens whenever there are cold nights and the sun is scorching hot during the day. The ASCE estimates that a temperature change by just 10 degrees can increase the stress on the water lines and pipes, putting them at a larger risk of damage.

Mature Trees Close to Your Water Line Pipes

The invasive tree roots sometimes grow along the water lines rupturing them eventually. The roots are pretty strong and mighty through even a tough substance. Whenever they enter the piping, they may cause blockages that result in some serious issues. Hence, you might have to enlist the help of a professional in water line repair to have the issue addressed. The plumber might advise you to cut down the trees and other vegetation growing over the water line.

Old Pipes Are Susceptible to Leakages

Leaks are a major plumbing issue that rocks many Conway, SC homes. With most of the water lines in the nation being installed some years ago, most of them direly need a repair or replacement. Understanding the age of your plumbing system’s pipes can help you assess the need for a water line repair.

Clay Soil

The poor soil condition can also damage the water line. The low soil sensitivity or a high chloride content can corrode the pipes, resulting in water contamination and leaks. According to NACE International, the clay soils are highly corrosive, with superior corrosion protection. Unfortunately, clay soils begin impacting the pipes almost immediately after they are installed, making the lifespan of your pipes significantly reduced.

The corrosive soil damages your water line, making them leak and even burst. This means that you might require the assistance of a water line repair technician to address the issue. They might anodize the pipes to protect them from corrosion or recommend you install PVC or CPVC pipes instead.

Expert Local Plumbing Service

Water lines are essential because they deliver clean water to your home. To ensure that your home has a continuous water supply, enlist the assistance of a water line repair company. Do you need any plumbing service, including repairs to your water line? Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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