Storm Drain Cleaning by Plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC: Why Not The Eel

Storm Drain Cleaning by Plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC: Why Not The Eel

Imagine the drain you’re using stops draining its water. It stabilizes the water levels and just keeps on stagnating layers. Imagine it being blocked and causing all kinds of chaos at home. And all this while you’re sitting there wondering what could be causing this catastrophe. It makes no sense for someone to suffer through this ordeal alone. So give your plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC a call and have them come down to take a closer look. They assess each and every single water pipe there is only to find out that the storm drain is blocked entirely.

When it comes down to the storm water drains; it is considered to be a completely out-of-this-court ball game, even for most plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The traditional way used for clearing a sewer drain is still rather popular and might be a go to for some plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is performed by various other plumbing facilities in Myrtle Beach SC too. But those firms that have bound themselves to success and have invested rather sensibly in advanced plumbing gear know this secret. The secret is rather obvious at times but let’s just mention it for the sake of your knowledge; its Hydro Jetting the drain. Any plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC, worth their britches knows that the easiest technique that can be employed to clear a customer’s storm drain is by properly using a Hydro Jet.

Why The Eel Doesn’t Suit This Problem

There are various reasons why the metal snake drain cleaning machine does not cut the mustard when trying to unblock a storm water line. Some evident reasons for not using the Drain Snake are mentioned below:

  • The fittings which are most commonly used in storm drains have a very limited and contained radius. The throat on these fittings is also rather tight keeping the rigid metal cable useless. This for the traditional electric eels cannot get through and eventually either get the eel stuck in a bad spot or would eventually tear the line.
  • The pipe usually installed for storm drains are very thin making the snake’s rigid body a rather dangerous element to throw in the mix. This cable would thereby break through the walls of the drain making a bigger mess of the situation than before.

The hydro jet is extremely versatile and can be used with a plethora of drain sizes allowing it to get into some of the smallest and tightest storm water fittings. This would enable it to better evacuate any kind of debris in the storm drain making it the best solution.  The flexibility of this device is absolutely unbelievable. Even when operating under a huge operating pressure of 4000 PSI it remains extremely flexible. This is why Plumbers in Myrtle Beach prefer to see this kind of equipment rather than the electric eel.

It seems to display the same characteristics when it is not pressurized enabling it to fit into tight places rather easily.  The benefit of this method is that the jetting heads are self propelled and selflessly guide their way in. They have multiple jet heads which would enable them to move about freely in the drain knocking the muck and debris out of its way. Due to it’s multi directional holes it can also jet around in many different directions in a storm drain, easily making this a Myrtle Beach SC, plumber’s best friend against storm drain cleaning before winters. It also outranks all previous methods of cleaning the drains which makes it a rather useful means of cleaning. This can also be used to clean grouting and mold that might build up on the walls or the entrance or neck of the pipe. Myrtle Beach plumbers tend to use the best methods to address these issues and therefore usually rely on the HydroJet.

In the specific case of a domestic storm drain you are going to find that the standard 90mm pipe and fittings in storm drain is most commonly used nowadays.  But in some cases, your plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC would claim it is altered which is basically an increase in size to ensure the drain doesn’t block. The pipe comparatively is rather ridged enabling it to be cleaned even if the edges touch the water jet. The fittings therefore have to be adjusted to a much larger setting enabling the hydro jet to access more surface area.

Given that most storm drains usually hold water and are subjected to a sufficient amount of build-up of water, leaves and silt gathering at the base.  The electric eel would get twisted and turned in unimaginable ways trying to compete with the debris in the drain and that is something most plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC would know very well. Another reason here would be that it doesn’t clean the silt or other build ups and therefore is not exactly a reliable tool in this case. Despite being a rather fascinating tool it actually is not as effective as a hydro jetter.  And is incapable of descaling drain like the Hydro Jet, which is just another big benefit of using the Hydro Jet.

To keep your storm drain flowing this winter make sure you get your storm water pipes hydro jetted. To call the experts on drain cleaning in Myrtle Beach SC, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, click here. If you manage to fully maintain it the likelihood of you incurring costs for major repairs is minimal.


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