Specific Things To Look For In A Plumbing Company You Can Rely On | Conway, SC

Specific Things To Look For In A Plumbing Company You Can Rely On | Conway, SC

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As a homeowner, you may find that working with a single local plumbing company for all your plumbing needs, from minor repairs and emergency drain cleaning to sewer repairs and water line fixes, may be an attractive idea. You get to know and trust one team of plumbers and their customer service and business management associates, and they get to know you and your home. Often, it’s a locally owned and operated company, like ours at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, motivated by its opportunity to serve a community like Conway, SC, and build long-term customer connections and a solid local reputation.

There are other options, of course, such as calling a separate rooter and drain cleaning service, a sewer company that specializes in backhoe work, and a remodeling company that runs new pipes their own way. Perhaps a handyman service can handle your leaky faucets and toilets, and someone provided by the big box store installs your new appliances. A piecemeal approach covers your immediate needs, especially if you’re oriented towards repairs for problems as they arise and other solutions at the moment. But if you have a local plumbing company you can count on, you may find that it’s easier and more productive to build a connection and benefit from their plumbing expertise, and having a friendly face, like ours, arrive promptly when you have a plumbing emergency.

Plumbing Company Expertise and Range of Experience

Plumbers handle a wide variety of issues, from sewer line problems to leaky faucets and plumbing vent obstructions on the roof. They need to be expert diagnosticians, able to trace the source of a leak or a clog to its source and make sure that their repair addresses the issue and avoids return calls for the same thing. They need to know about local requirements for permits when needed, how inspections are conducted, and other details that help your larger plumbing projects flow smoothly and keep costs down. They also need to understand how a plumbing company provides comfort and even luxury to you and your family, and know-how to provide that extra level of service and top-quality features such as a remodeled master bathroom shower that pampers the homeowners, or hot water system design that keeps your family in clean clothes and hot showers without anyone having to jump out when it flips to cold. Complex problems like water pressure issues or multi-fixture drain issues should be old hat to them, and when they provide maintenance for your water heater, it shouldn’t matter what kind you have, whether it’s a standard tank-based unit, hybrid model, or tankless hot water heater, your plumbing company should have the expertise to maintain and fix them all. We do.

Plumbing Company Energy Savings Ideas

A great plumbing company knows how to keep your energy costs down, whether you’re talking about insulating pipes and your hot water heater, or moving from a tank-based water heater that constantly keeps 40 gallons of water hot, to a tankless unit that heats water on demand. They should have ideas like showerheads that have a strong spray, but a lower water use to save hot water, and even a touchless faucet that automatically cuts off wasted water between lathering up and rinsing after shaving. They also look for the little things, like suggesting a dishwasher with cycles and water usage to match your needs, or changing your washing machine hoses from older rubber ones to solid stainless steel braid so you never come home to burst hoses and not only wasted hot water, but the need to clean it up as well. Solutions like small tankless water heaters for your kitchen and bathroom on long pipe runs from the water heater might be an energy-saving idea your plumber offers. They might help you compare the cost of heating water with gas over electric during a routine visit, so you’ll have something to think about long before it’s time to make the replacement water heater decision.

Plumbing Company Staff and Customer Service

What do you expect from your plumber? Do you want 24/7 service for emergencies, plus scheduled visits and quick ones when there’s an important concern? Is it important to have someone at the office you can talk to as a point person in addition to the plumber? Would you like the owner to be a businessman, an expert plumber, a family man, or maybe all of the above? It affects how you connect and makes it easier to talk about how plumbing issues affect your life when you know where the company leadership is coming from. And what about the plumbers? Is calling them by name something that makes handling an out-of-control leak easier, or batting around ideas for a kitchen remodeling job? Even if you’ve been used to just dialing a number when you need a plumbing job done, you’re probably warming up to the idea of having a company you know and trust on speed dial for all your plumbing work.

Accountability Is Key in Any Business Relationship

When you get to know your plumber, and you work together whenever you need plumbing service, you gain an important business connection called accountability. That’s when your service provider earns your trust by being responsible and skilled and doing the best work possible. You know that they’ll make good on their promises to you, and they’ll be there for you tomorrow, too.

Your Trusted, Familiar Plumber in Conway, SC

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, serving Conway, SC, and our local area, we’re the plumbing company we would choose ourselves if we weren’t already in the business. The right size, plenty of experience to cover all your plumbing issues, and friendly folks you can call by their first name. We’d love to be on your speed dial for emergencies and routine plumbing service. Give us a call today and get to know us.


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