Signs You Require Water Heater Repair Services | Tips from Your Conway, SC, Plumber

Signs You Require Water Heater Repair Services | Tips from Your Conway, SC, Plumber

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Global warming has harmed weather temperatures, making it vital for scientists to come up with a key invention; water heaters. Homeowners use these appliances to warm water for bathing, cleaning, cooking, and performing other household chores. It’s no wonder water heating is among the top two energy-consuming uses in US homes.

Water heaters make our lives fairly comfortable by literally “warming us up,” and it’s, therefore, crucial that you keep these devices operable and problem-free to avoid working with ice-cold water. If you have a water heater in your home and are always on your toes wondering when or if it’s going to cease from operating, read on to find out the tell-tale signs of a water heater breakdown.

Your Water Heater Emits Banging Noises

Have you ever turned on your water heater and heard a sound that just scares the life out of you? If you have or are currently dealing with the problem, your water heater definitely needs repair services. The rumbling noises may be an indicator of trapped sediment inside your tank. You may be able to handle the noises so you don’t feel the need for repair services but you’ll definitely incur more costs one way or the other.

When sediment settles in your tank, it mixes with the water and forms scum which forces the water heater to work twice as hard to produce the same amount of heat. Needless to say, you’ll incur huge energy bills. If you’re living in Conway, SC, and feel like your water heater doesn’t sound normal, call your local plumber immediately for water heater repair services, and you’ll be thankful to take care of the situation before the damage gets permanent.

Water Leaks

A water leak occurs when a pool of water forms around the base of your water tank due to reasons such as noises in the tank or a build-up of sediment. This may be extremely dangerous to you and your family especially if you have electric wires lying around the area near your water tank.

If you notice a leak around your water heater, it’s time for you to call a handyman for water heater repair services. Your plumber will take care of the leak before substantive damage occurs. Every homeowner in Conway, SC, should consider routine maintenance services for water heaters since this will ensure that you detect problems before they occur, and a plumber is best suited for the job.

Altering Water Temperatures

Have you noticed that every time you take a shower, the water temperature keeps on changing? Sometimes, you get its hot, other times warm or even cold. This is another sure sign that your water heater requires some repair services. One reason that may cause your water heater to stop functioning properly is the accumulation of deposits near your water heater’s elements hence inhibiting the water heating process. However, the elements themselves may be damaged, and therefore, need replacement.

You should also have in mind the “age” of your water heater; if it’s a new one, a simple repair will fix things but if it’s fairly old, you should consider an upgrade. For proper water heater repairand diagnostics, your local plumber will come in handy. Call one as soon as you realize fluctuations in water temperature.

Water Discoloration

You probably know that the normal color of the water is no color at all, right? But for one reason or the other, you’ll find that your taps release reddish or brownish-looking water. This is a clear sign that your water heater is not functioning properly. Ensure that you check the watercolor when the water flow is under low pressure since you may see a coloration when the water is at high pressure, yet it may turn colorless when the water is calm.

If you find that your water has a brownish or reddish color or appears to have particles, you should seek the services of a water heater repair expert promptly since your health may be at risk. This is the water that you use for cooking and drinking, and if it has particles, it may cause illnesses. Homeowners living in Conway, SC, have access to a myriad of professional plumbers who may clean your hot water tanks and get the water back to its original state.

Hot Water Tank Rupture

If you were keen on your physics class, you would probably remember the laws of expansion and contraction. Using the same principle, hot water will cause your tank’s metal to expand and contract when cold. With time, this instability will cause the tank to crack, and if the fracture is too much, it may cause a huge opening. That would mean the end of your tank, and if there’s no tank, there’s no heating of water.

However, did you know that plumbers can control the situation before it eventually happens? The experts are skilled in enhancing the durability of water heaters through maintenance and repairs. It may suit you to contact your plumber in case you notice a crack in your water tank. But better still, have your professional on call to perform regular check-ups and slow down the eventuality of the breakdown of your water heater.

Blocked Drain Valve

I’ll stress the need for regular water heater repair and maintenance services. Why? Sediments and mineral deposits may build up near your tank’s drain valve, and if they aren’t flushed out regularly, you’ll need a brand-new water heating system. At some point, without flushing the unwanted material, water won’t drain through the drain valve, and this would mean no access to the hot water. Worse, the process may be irreversible if you take too long to fix the situation.

You must call your plumber at least once in a year to routinely flush out your tank if you need it to serve you for a long time. This water heater repair trick will definitely save you cash in terms of future repairs or new water heater purchase.

Need Water Heater Repair Services? Contact an Expert!

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