Signs That Your Water Line Needs A Plumbing Service And Repair | Conway, SC

Signs That Your Water Line Needs A Plumbing Service And Repair | Conway, SC

When water enters your compound from the water utility provider, it is delivered to various outlets via the water line. This water conduit should remain clear of any blockages and issues preventing the water from flowing into your home, allowing contaminants to enter your water, or even reducing water pressure. Burst pipes are one of the common water line issues, and if you have ever experienced it, you know firsthand how inconvenient this can be.

It means that you will not have water at your Conway, SC home and will also cost you a fortune to repair. If lucky, the problem will be in an exposed area where the plumbing service provider has easy access. Most of the water lines are buried deep underground and might need excavation to reach. However, with sectional point repair and other trenchless water line repair methods, the plumber doesn’t have to excavate your yard.

Water lines can pass behind the walls or under the slab. When the water line bursts in these sections, you should contact an emergency plumber. The water can cause structural damage to the foundation. Plumbers have specialized equipment and expertise to handle such water line issues.

Identifying Water Line Breaks

So, how can you know you have a water line break issue? What are the signs to watch out for? Below are the key indicators that you should call a plumber for a water line repair.

No Water Flowing from the Faucets

Whenever there isn’t any water flowing from your faucets, that is a sign that you should enlist a plumbing service for a water line inspection. This might be caused by a small issue like a kink in the hose or a bigger issue like a burst water line that a plumber should immediately address. Regardless, the lack of water flowing through the faucet should worry you.

Strange Sounds from Your Water Line

Are you hearing strange noises emanating from your pipes? That may be a sign of sediment accumulation within. This usually happens if you are supplied with hard water. A water line break might also cause the problem. Other causes include clogs and corrosion of the interior walls of the water line. Regardless, whenever you hear uncharacteristic sounds from the plumbing, call a plumbing service provider for a water line inspection and repair.

When the Water Has an Uncharacteristic Odor or a Discoloration

Clean Water should be colorless and odorless. Hence, whenever you notice discoloration or a smell, that is a sign of something amiss within your plumbing. If the water is throwing a rotten egg smell, that is a sign that bacteria are growing within the waterline or the water heater tank. This might be caused by a break in the water line, making the bacteria enter your water. Such water isn’t safe for consumption. Hence, call a plumbing service provider to inspect the waterline to uncover the main cause of the issue and fix it.

Wet Patches on the Surface

Have you noticed wet patches on your flooring, lawn, or yard? Though several things might cause this, the most probable culprit is water line damage. The water line might have sprung a leak or burst, making water start seeping underground or into your walls. Whenever you notice wet patches in your Conway, SC home, you should call a plumbing service provider to inspect the water lines. The professional will come equipped with tools like leakage detectors and camera inspection devices. Using such tools, they can inspect your water line and pinpoint the point of the leakage. The professional will then use various methods to patch the leaks and restore water flow into your home.

Sediment or Rust in Your Water

Have you noticed that the water is a brownish color? Do you see lots of sediments and rust in your water? These are signs that your water line is corroding. The corrosion of the water line can make it break. This not only affects the appearance or taste of your water, but it also might prove dangerous if you ingest it.

Water line corrosion is a serious plumbing issue that must be urgently addressed. Hence, you should hire a professional plumbing service provider to inspect the interiors of the water line using their video inspection cameras. The plumber might recommend a replacement if the corrosion has eaten up the pipes.

Low Water Pressure

For various activities such as showering, dishwashing, and laundry to continue uninhibited, the water must flow at the right pressure. Unfortunately, some homeowners take the water pressure for granted. When the water pressure is low, that is a sign that water is leaking along the water line. Water pressure issues might also cause this at the water utility provider’s station. Has the water pressure at your Conway, SC home been declining slowly over time? You should have a plumbing service provider check the water line for issues. The corroded plumbing and clogs may cause reduced water pressure. Therefore, do not wait until matters get out of hand.

Increase in Water Utility Bill

The other telltale sign that the plumber needs to inspect your water line is an unexplained increase in the water bill. After having used water for some time, you have a fair idea of the volume of water that you use per month. Therefore, after you have been conserving the water diligently, you know that the unexplained use cannot be from your use. It might be a sign that you are dealing with a water line leak that needs the attention of a plumber.

Spinning Water Meter and You Aren’t Using Water

Is your water meter spinning even when you aren’t using any water? That also could be a sign that your water line has a leakage where water is gushing through. You need to call a plumbing service for a water line inspection and repair service.

Professional Plumber Services

If you’ve noticed either of the signs above, you are likely dealing with a burst water line. Besides polluting your water, bust water lines also result in high water utility bills. Therefore, it is only prudent to enlist a professional plumbing service provider to inspect and repair the water line. Call our licensed and reliable plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for professional water line repairs and maintenance.

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