Signs It’s Time To Hire A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

Signs It’s Time To Hire A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’ve ever dealt with a plumbing issue, you already know how frustrating it can be. Some problems can make it impossible to perform daily tasks, and some can put your home at risk.

DIY home repairs are very common today, and some jobs are great DIY projects, but a plumbing repair isn’t one of them. Plumbers undergo years of professional training and apprenticeship to learn their craft, and without the necessary training, a DIY repair can cause further damage.

If your plumbing system isn’t working correctly, it’s best to hire a licensed plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC.

#1 Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs occur when too much waste and toilet paper are flushed. The toilet can also clog if something is flushed that shouldn’t have been, such as baby wipes, paper towels, menstrual products, or a child’s toy. In most cases, toilet clogs aren’t a cause for concern because plunging the toilet often eliminates clogs. If the clog is too large, solid, or located too far down the drain pipe, the plunger won’t be effective, and it’s best to call a plumber immediately.

A licensed professional can use a drain auger to reach the clog and remove it so you can use the toilet again. If they can’t reach the clog with the auger, removing the toilet will provide direct access to the clog so that it can be removed.

#2 The Toilet Runs Constantly

Toilets are designed to run when the toilet is flushed to prepare it for the next flush. It should stop running when the tank is full, but you’ll need to hire a licensed plumber if the toilet continues running. A few issues can cause the toilet to run constantly, including:

  • Cracked flapper or broken chain
  • The float height needs to be adjusted.
  • The refill hose is too long.
  • The toilet is nearing the end of its lifespan.

A running toilet wastes a significant amount of water, so it’s best to hire a plumber immediately. A running toilet wastes 30 gallons of water a day and 900 gallons a month, causing your water bills to increase drastically. The sooner you make a call, the sooner the toilet will stop running, and you won’t waste any more water.

#3 Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet may seem like a mild nuisance, but it’s more serious than you think. It may seem like you aren’t wasting much water when the faucet drips, but you’ll waste up to 11 gallons of water per day, and 330 gallons per month, causing your water bills to increase. Also, the problem won’t resolve itself, and if left ignored, the dripping could escalate to a steady stream that you can’t shut off.

The dripping could be due to a few different reasons, including:

  • A worn-out gasket or washer
  • Loose O ring
  • Corrosion in the valve seat
  • The faucet is old and should be replaced.

A licensed plumber can inspect the faucet to determine why it’s dripping and make the necessary repair.

#4 Slow Drains

When water drains very slowly, it indicates a small drain clog. You may be tempted to resolve the problem using a liquid drain cleaner, but this isn’t the best idea. Liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals designed to break through clogs and can harm your plumbing system. Also, if the entire clog isn’t cleared, it’s only a matter of time before the water drains slowly again.

A plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC has the tools and knowledge necessary to remove the entire clog, ensuring the water flows freely down the drain.

#5 Clogged Drains

A complete drain clog is a serious problem because it will prevent you from using the clogged fixture. When the water doesn’t drain in the sink or tub, it will overflow if you run the water, so you cannot use the fixture until the clog is removed, which can be inconvenient.

A liquid drain cleaner won’t be effective because it won’t reach the clog and will mix with the standing water.

A plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC can eliminate the entire clog safely, restoring adequate water flow down the drain.

#6 Multiple Drain Clogs

When multiple drains clog simultaneously, it isn’t coincidental and indicates a clog in the sewer line. This problem must be addressed immediately because as the clog escalates, the water and waste will have nowhere to go and will back up in the house, resulting in a nasty, smelly, potentially hazardous mess.

A plumber can remove the clog from the line, restoring adequate water flow down the drain and eliminating the risk of a backup.

#7 Water Heater Issues

If your water heater isn’t working correctly, it can affect the water temperature, and some issues can affect the water quality or cause significant water damage and mold growth. If the unit experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call a licensed professional.

  • You don’t have hot water.
  • The water doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm.
  • The unit sounds possessed.
  • Brown or rust-colored water
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Moisture or water pooling around the unit

A licensed professional can inspect the unit to determine if it can be repaired or if it’s best to replace it and resolve the problem.

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