Plumbing System Basics & How A Professional Plumber Can Help You Maintain It | Conway, SC

Plumbing System Basics & How A Professional Plumber Can Help You Maintain It | Conway, SC

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Your plumbing system is complex. There are a few different types of plumbing systems. Most plumbing systems are built the same way, fundamentally. Understanding how your plumbing system is supposed to operate will help you better understand when it is not operating optimally. If your plumbing system isn’t functioning as it should, contact a local and professional plumber right away. Urgent repair of plumbing malfunctions will minimize damage and help you save money on future repairs. If you live in or around the area, contact Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach for professional plumber services.

How Your Plumbing System Works

The plumbing system is a complex combination of traps, pipes, fixtures, and various other components that bring you clean water and drains the dirty water out. This system can be broken down into 3 main categories. The categories include the water supply line, drainage/sewage system, and the appliance/fixtures. If any of these components were to malfunction in any way, it would either cause damage to your property, be uncomfortable to use, cultivate an unhealthy environment, waste money, and various other misfortunes, that directly result from the deuterating or malfunctioning of your plumbing system. Plumbing system malfunctions do happen, often at an inconvenient time. When they do, contact a professional plumber right away.

The Water Supply System

The water supply system is complex. The most important components of the water supply system include the hot and cold-water lines, the pipe material uses, as well as, the water heating appliances. All of these feature’s help supply you with the clean water you benefit from every day.

Your water supply system is set up in order to bring you both hot and cold water. The cold-water supply system is simply a series of pipes that directly connects to your faucets. Generating hot water for everyday uses is slightly more difficult. The cold water that is brought to your home from your water company or water source is then funneled through your water heater in order to bring you hot water. The water heating appliance is essential for hot water production. The water heater provides hot water for the faucets, dish washing machine, and washing machine appliances. To ensure efficient operations of these appliances and hot water systems, proper care and maintenance are necessary. Have a professional plumber inspect and upkeep these systems periodically, to prevent malfunctions and maintain efficient operation.

The materials your water supply system is made out of are different greatly, depending on when your house was made and the materials used to make houses in that area. In the past, water supply systems and other plumbing related fixtures were made of iron. Iron rust very easily, and construction of water supply systems was no longer done with iron. However, the homes and buildings that were already built with iron water supply system piping, had to gradually be switched out with a better more efficient water supply stem piping material. Water supply system pipes today consist of copper, PVC, and steel. Metal pipes will rust and corrode due to the natural progression and decay of metals. However, copper and steel are much more likely to stay intact and will corrode slower than iron in the water supply system. PVC piping, I used all over the plumbing system and is a one of the sturdier modern piping materials used today.

The Sewage System

Your home’s sewage system was designed to whisk dirt and debris away. Having a well working and efficient sewage system is extremely important. A sewage system that isn’t working properly can lead to many issues and unsanitary conditions. Your sewage system is constantly being barraged with a flow of dirty water and materials. Preventive maintenance and drain cleaning services in order to properly maintain this system. If you live in or around the Conway, SC, area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for all of your preventive maintenance and professional plumber needs.

The sewage and drainage system are a series of pipes, traps, and vents. That is strategically placed throughout the home in order to prevent odor and sewage backups from permeating your air space. Have you ever wondered why a simple flush, will not only eliminate any waste, but also the smell? This is because the drain lines are designed to keep odors away from us and in the sewer. Once fresh, clean water enters the home, it is either captured, used, or is sent down the drain. The water that is washed down the drain is known as waste water. In order to get rid of waste, via the drainage line, you must use water. Anything that goes down the drain without water, runs the risk of getting stuck or lodged. This is of course, you have a garbage disposal, which works better with water.

When drainage lines become clogged, it could be due to incorrect use of the drains, a dirty or clogged drain, or a multitude of other causes. If your drains are clogged, have a professional plumber unclog it safely and efficiently. Finding the underlying causes of these things will help you prevent issues such as clogging and sewage backups from causing more damage.

Fixtures and Appliances

The fixtures and appliances allow for convenient and sanitary use of your plumbing system. The most important fixtures and appliances include, the water heater, toilet, sinks, tubs, pipes, boiler, and other appliances. If these appliances were to malfunction, break, or become faulty in a way, urgent and professional repair will minimize damage and efficiently restore to its original functionality.

If you live in or around the Conway, SC, area, and are in need of a professional plumber, contact the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for all of your plumbing service needs.


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