Plumbing Services You Need When Remodeling Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumbing Services You Need When Remodeling Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Remodeling your house is a beautiful adventure that requires the skills of many professionals ranging from electricians to tile setters, window installers, interior designers and even plumbers. Plumbers take care of the drainage system and even your water heating system. They can also help remodel your bathroom into a little private paradise where you feel safe and excited! They also install and repair water filtration systems that ensure your drinking water is free of pollutants.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC we have plumbers who are experienced and reliable. Our technicians are certified and have been in the industry for more than 5 years. Therefore, they can tackle any plumbing challenge successfully. Our plumbers are also time conscious and always complete projects within the set deadline. Our services are excellent and this has been confirmed by the positive feedback we get from our customers.

Our plumbing services include plumbing repair, bathroom plumbing, installation and repair of conventional water heaters, drain cleaning, faucet repair and replacement, sink and tub replacement and water filtration systems among many others. Call us today to have plumbing services at a new level.

Our Plumbing Services

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Is there a leaking faucet in your home? Dripping taps can cause your home to waste up to 200 gallons of water every month. This can lead to a huge bill that could be avoided. If you want to cut on waste and spend less on your water, then you need to contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing technicians immediately. Beyond the waste, leaking faucets can also be a sign of an underlying plumbing problem that needs to be solved.

When our plumbers arrive at your home, we will take time to inspect the entire drainage system to fix not only the small problem but also the more significant underlying issues. This helps to keep your house clean and saves money you would spend in the future for repair. If you are living in Myrtle Beach, SC, give us a call to repair your faucets. Our plumbers can also upgrade your faucets to beautiful and effective ones.

Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs and wastewater back-ups can bring your plumbing system to a halt. When you call our plumbers for a drain cleaning service, we will begin by asking if you have ever had plumbing problems in the past and if so, what were they. We will then bring you up to speed about our drain cleaning services including, the diagnostic process, the drain cleaning and the camera inspection.

The diagnostic process involves inspection of the location for any back-ups and to decide on the type of equipment to use in the job. We will put drop cloths in the area of work to protect your home from dirt. After the camera inspection of the drainage system, we will use our drain cleaning machine to clear the clog.

After clearing the clog, we will conduct another camera inspection to ensure that the drainage system is clean. We will also check the sewer system to identify damages as well as broken sewer systems. Our plumbers are determined to make your drain as clean as possible. You deserve to have a smoothly running sewer system without clogs! Call us today if you need drain cleaning services.

Bathroom Plumbing

Are you tired of your bathroom’s appearance? We can transform your bathroom into your favorite private place in your house. We can replace the faucets, the shower heads and shower arms, and even recommend the best tubs for your bathroom.

Our plumbers will perform an inspection of the bathroom after noting down your problems as well as the things you would love to install in the bathroom. We will then proceed to remove the old materials from the room and replace them with the stuff of your choosing. With the shower heads, you can choose the technologically advanced ones that save both water and energy. Our bathtubs are from a wide variety of brands and you can decide on the one you want based on tastes as well as how spacious your bathroom is.

Water Filtration Systems

When buying a water filtration system, you have to make the right decision to avoid putting a significant amount of money into the drain. You drink water the whole day and so there is no reason to purchase a filter that you are not satisfied with. Our technicians can help you acquire the water filtration system that fits your needs as well as your family size.

We offer high-quality brands of water filtration systems that are echo-responsible and save you monthly bills. They remove pollutants, including chlorine and chloramines. We also do maintenance services for your water filtration systems at an affordable cost. Call us today to help you choose the water infiltration system that meets your needs.

Conventional Water Heaters

Are you planning on installing a traditional water heater? There are many factors to consider to get the best conventional heater for your home. They include the family size, energy sources available in your location, energy efficiency, among many others. Our plumbers can help you choose the appropriate conventional water heater for your home. We are familiar with different types of conventional water heaters, including their unique advantages.

Free Camera Inspection

Would you like to know the state of your drainage system? Are you having trouble with drain clogs? Then you can call us for a free camera inspection. We will check your entire drainage system to uncover damages and other issues that may be affecting your sewer line. Our plumbers will give you a detailed report on the condition of your drainage system and propose solutions if they find any problems. If you are in Myrtle Beach, SC, give us a call for a free camera inspection of your drainage system.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides numerous plumbing serviceswithin the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Our plumbers are certified by the relevant authorities both locally and nationally. Whether you need to remodel your bathroom or replace your kitchen faucets, we will help you solve the need. Call us today to get the best plumbing services.


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