Plumbing Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumbing Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Plumbing Services: High Tech Plumbing Upgrades for your Myrtle Beach, SC Home

Can you imagine owning a home? Doesn’t it feel good? For many, owning a home is a dream come true. It gives them that wonderful feeling that they own something, and because of the prices involved, it is an achievement. Now think about improving the value of your new home. It brings more satisfaction.

One of the ways of ensuring that your home’s value remains high is by installing the best plumbing system. Although plumbing systems are analog, they form a vital part of any home. Therefore, consider hiring a plumbing service for your home if you are a new homeowner or have stayed for a while and wish to have a house exhibiting the ultimate value and comfort. The services include construction, installation, replacement, modification, or repair of various plumbing components like toilers, drains, pipes, and sewer lines.

Plumbing upgrades are the new home remodeling ideas that guarantee a steady appreciation of the value of your home. The services aim to save energy and water, ensure low monthly utility bills, and reduce the environmental effects because you use eco-friendly apparatus. Consider the plumbing upgrades below to provide comfort in a safe and hygienic home.

Greywater Recycling System

Have you ever aspired to have a kitchen garden? Installing a greywater recycling system can bring your dream to reality. Greywater systems are the ultimate way of saving time and money. It uses the water from your plumbing systems like faucets and showers, excluding the toilets. It then pumps that water to your landscaping and garden.

The system helps reduce sewer and water bills. Greywater has an additional advantage of sustaining plant life because it contains many nutrients. You must seek plumbing services from a professional plumber to ensure that your greywater system doesn’t cause any pollution or contamination.

Sensor Technology

Experts offering plumbing services on various sensor technologies in your home help protect the installation from constant repairs of the plumbing fixtures and prevent damage on the foundation from floods. Consider installing electronic flood detection sensors at your residential or commercial property as a property owner. It detects the presence of water in the floods caused by burst pipes or leaks and shuts off the water supply instantly to prevent water and other costly damages to your home.

Have you ever had a seriously rough day, and all you want is a hot shower, only for the water to burn you in the bathroom? Seek plumbing services for bathroom remodeling by installing temperature sensors. It will ensure the water temperatures are under constant observation. Therefore, you will always get the right warmth or heat needed for your water. The sensors help prevent scalding from water coming out of the showers and faucets.

Low Flow Fixtures

You may think that low-flow plumbing isn’t a good plumbing upgrade from the face of it. If you think from the approach that showers and faucets are frequently used daily, you will find that this is a vital upgrade and makes sense. Low flow fixtures use considerably less water compared to the traditional ones. Remodeling your home with the low flow fixtures helps you conserve water and reduce water utility bills.

To prevent damaging the threading on your existing pipes, have a local plumbing company provide the plumbing service you need for the low flow faucet, toilet, and showerhead installation. In instances where your budget is running low and you find it challenging to replace the showerhead or faucet entirely, the plumber can advise you on the best aerators to fix on your faucets to minimize the water flow.

Tankless Water Heater

Do you want a plumbing fixture that is energy efficient? A tankless water heater is a welcome plumbing upgrade for your home. This is because tankless water heaters heat your water on-demand only. They help you save money because they do not produce energy losses associated with heating a big water tank in conventional water heaters. These tanks need to be heated constantly, awaiting use. Work with a skilled and licensed plumber to guarantee the best plumbing services in installing the perfect tankless water heater of the right size at your house. You want a water heater of the right size to provide enough hot water for your home, and a plumber can help choose the right size after making various considerations. Tankless water heaters are also durable, meaning they will serve your home for an extended timeline, and with the proper maintenance, they could live for over 20 years.

Touch-Free Plumbing Technology

Touch-free plumbing is probably the best plumbing innovation in recent times. Touch-free plumbing technologies are vital in preventing contaminants and germ spread. Many homeowners want plumbing services that ensure their safety while preventing the transfer of germs and other contaminants from one person to the other. As a health-conscious homeowner, it is vital to have a professional plumber to provide a modern plumbing solution.

An experienced plumber can advise you on the quality and standard touchless faucets that you can install in your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas. They help save water while ensuring the ultimate comfort of your home. The plumber can also install a touchless toilet with an integrated advanced flushing system, ensuring you do not come into contact with the toilet surface to flush the waste down. Current technologies allow you to flush the toilet by just waving your hand. Sounds incredible, right? From a hygienic perspective, the self-flushing toilets prevent contaminant transmission to ensure your house is safe to live in.


A kitchen is a place where what you eat comes from, meaning that you spend most of the time there. Therefore, it has to be hygienic. Investing in smart kitchen appliances determines how much you enjoy meals for your family. Installing a dishwasher is among the best ways of upgrading the kitchen and guaranteeing you have a good time when preparing the meal. The dishwasher prevents toiling over the sink full of various dishes after a meal. Hire a professional plumber to properly install a dishwasher in your home. If unsure what dishwasher to use, the plumber can help in choosing the suitable dishwasher for your home after considering the size of your family and the amount of water consumption.

Plumbing Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

For more information about plumbing and plumbing upgrades, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Our plumbers are on standby to give you the best plumbing services to ensure that your home adopts the emerging technologies in plumbing. They are licensed and skilled to address all the plumbing needs of Myrtle Beach, SC residents. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for expert plumbing services.


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