Plumbing Service: How to Keep Your Toilet In Prime Shape | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumbing Service: How to Keep Your Toilet In Prime Shape | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Being proactive and taking action to keep your toilets in good shape will help you avoid extensive plumbing problems in the future. While your toilet won’t last forever, you definitely want to stretch its lifespan for as long as possible. Plumbing services that have to do with the sewer line are usually rather expensive. Depending on the type of damage or issue that is being dealt with, the repairs can take some time to fix as well, so your toilet may be out of commission for several days. This could be greatly inconvenient for some homeowners, especially if they have a lot of people living under the same roof.

Knowing how to keep your toilet in tip-top shape is crucial. It’s also important to know what to look for. This article will give you a brief guide on these things, so you have a better idea of what to do. You can always discuss your issues with one of our plumbing experts, and they can offer you additional advice and guidance.

Tips to Keeping Your Toilet in Good Shape

So, what can you do to keep your toilets in tip-top shape?

As a homeowner, you simply need to be more responsible when it comes to what you flush down the toilet. Let’s take a look at some of the tips below.


  • Don’t flush sanitary items or anything else that’s not toilet paper down the toilet. Don’t flush your tampons or your pads down the toilet. And, you should definitely not flush your paper towels down the toilet as well. Many of these may be “flushable“, but they can still cause your toilets to clog up. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and to toss these items in the trash instead.


  • Don’t flush too much toilet paper down the toilet either if possible. Too much toilet paper could also cause your plumbing to clog. This may mean that you’ll need to get drain cleaning services more regularly.


  • Flushing food down the toilet is never okay! This is a really bad habit that some homeowners have. They’ll flush leftover food down the toilet so they can avoid having to compost it or dispose of it in another way. It’s never a good idea to flush anything with grease down the drain because the grease will eventually solidify and clog the toilet.


  • Avoid using chemical cleaners regularly. While it’s a good idea to clean your toilets once in a while, don’t go too heavy on the chemical cleaners. The chemical agents could cause your plumbing to corrode prematurely.


Our plumbing service will take a look at the condition of your plumbing to let you know whether there are any lifestyle changes that you should make.

Keep an Eye on the Water Line

Another thing that you should do is to keep an eye on the water line. If you flush your toilet and notice that the water in the bowl goes up and not down, It could be a sign that you have a plumbing emergency on your hands. In particular, you’ll need to call us to deal with a blocked sewer line. The sewer line is a plumbing system that connects your residence to the community’s sewer system. It’s an important plumbing system that removes wastewater from your home.

However, if the sewer line is blocked, and means that the waste water in your toilet is not leaving your home. It’s not only your toilet. Wastewater from your shower that will also be stuck within your home. Since the wastewater cannot be removed, it’s going to re-enter your toilet bowl when you flush it. This can be a rather disgusting plumbing emergency, as raw sewage backup into your home. You’ll want to call us for emergency services right away.

Don’t Forget Preventative Maintenance Plumbing Services

Every several years, you should always get your drains cleaned. Drain cleaning services are a form of preventative maintenance that can help maintain the condition of your toilets. This type of plumbing service can ensure that there are no minor issues that are brewing in your home. These issues can easily become major headaches if they are left alone for too long.

Our drain cleaning services will clean all of your drains, including the sewer line, and the video inspection will be able to check whether there are any leaks or cracks that need to be addressed immediately. When it comes to the sewer line, we’ll also look for tree root intrusions as well, as this is more common than you’d think!

If we do find any evidence of tree root intrusions, it’s always better to remove the tree roots as soon as possible before they have the chance to become a bigger and nastier problem. If you allow the tree roots to continue to grow, they’ll eventually fill up the entire sewer line and block any water flow. This is how sewage gets backed up into homes!

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