Plumber Tips: The Importance Of Correct Water Pressure | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumber Tips: The Importance Of Correct Water Pressure | Myrtle Beach, SC

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You might expect the most common complaint surrounding water pressure that your local plumber hears is that water isn’t coming out of faucets and showerheads at a high enough pressure. You may also assume that high water pressure is less of a problem in Myrtle Beach, SC. However, water pressure that’s too high comes with its own set of issues, which is why it’s important to ensure your water pressure is optimal.

Why is it important to consider reducing water pressure?

Prolonged high water pressure can damage all of the following components of your plumbing system:

  • Connection points between pipes
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Faucets
  • Boilers
  • Water heaters

Damage to any or all of these components can result in burst pipes, leaks, over-filling cisterns, home flooding, premature fixture failures, and appliance failures, as well as abnormally high electricity and water bills.

Appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater can be quite expensive to repair or replace, and being without these appliances can make life quite uncomfortable. To help your home appliances meet their advertised lifespan and prevent unexpected failures, it’s not only maintenance that’s crucial. Keeping an eye on your home’s water pressure and making sure it’s at the correct level will help to ensure your appliances last as long as possible.

It’s also not very cost-effective to have high water pressure because much of the water flowing through fixtures will go unused, although you’ll still be charged for it. It’s recommended that residential buildings utilize a water pressure no greater than 80 psi, with 50 psi being the most reasonable figure to expect in Myrtle, SC, homes.

Water flowing at 50 psi will accumulate 30 gallons of water in the same timeframe that 150 psi water pressure accumulates 56 gallons. That’s 26 gallons of water that you’ve not used, but you’re still paying for if your water pressure is at this level! It’s also better for the environment to use lower water pressure, and there are many other benefits too.

Why is my water pressure so high?

Municipal water suppliers often set high water pressures. The reason municipal suppliers like and want high water pressure is to guarantee that water reaches tall buildings or buildings at elevation, including water towers. To guarantee that water gets everywhere it needs, the set pressure can exceed 100-200 psi. You’ll need a plumber to install equipment to offset this high pressure, to ensure your plumbing isn’t negatively affected.

Additional factors that may affect water pressure include your property’s geographical location and nearby building work. Nearby building work can cause a temporary increase in local water pressure if air gets into the water pipes, as trapped air increases the water pressure. If you’ve just moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, it may just be that the water pressure in this area is different from what you’re used to. Call a plumbing company to investigate if you’re unsure of the cause!

How do I reduce high water pressure?

High water pressure may seem outside the control of many Myrtle Beach, SC, homeowners because the pressure is often set by the municipal water suppliers. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that you can do to reduce excessive water pressure.

A plumber can inspect your home’s plumbing system for defects and install, repair, or replace necessary components. The diameter of pipes affects water pressure, so if pipes are installed incorrectly, a plumber may recommend replacing them with ones of a better size. A plumber can also install a pressure-reducing valve next to the stop tap on the boundary of your property, which will reduce the water pressure without changing the flow rate. While you can purchase and install a pressure valve on your own, knowing where to install it, what type to buy, and how to fit it correctly can be quite a complex set of tasks if you’re not a professional.

Benefits of Using a Regulator to Correct Water Pressure

There are multiple benefits associated with installing and using a regulator valve to correct water pressure, including:

Saving Water Without Changing Habits

Even reducing water pressure by 10-20 psi can prevent thousands of gallons per year of wasted water. If a plumber assesses the water pressure on your property and it exceeds 80 psi, installing a pressure regulator can ease your home’s water consumption without you needing to change your water usage habits. You won’t have to cut showers short or change your laundry routine.

Saving Money

Even after factoring in the cost of purchasing and installing a regulator, you can save money. Not only will you save money on your water bills due to decreased water use, but you will also save money in the long run as you’ll find yourself needing fewer appliance repairs.

Reduced Pressure on Appliances

Steady, regulated water pressure is better for all water-using appliances. While appliances such as washing machines are designed to deal with high volumes of water, connected components such as hoses and their seals can fail if continually exposed to high-pressure water.

Stabilized Pressure

Stabilized pressure can make a variety of home tasks much more appealing. You won’t accidentally spray water all over the kitchen while washing up, and you won’t get shocked by high-power jet streams every time you turn on the shower.

Reduce Leaks and Associated Risks

High water pressure can cause hairline fractures, leaks that lead to burst pipes, and costly restoration work. When water pressure is lower, pipes are damaged less frequently. You may also see a reduction in mold, thanks to fewer leaks and pipe fractures.

If you’d like to know if your water pressure is too high or you know you need to change the water pressure in your home, contact a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Our professional, knowledgeable, and talented plumbers serve work throughout Horry County and beyond, offering 24-hour plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers. We provide appointment windows with short timescales, so you’re not waiting all morning, afternoon, or evening for a plumber to attend. Call us to get started on the journey to correct the water pressure on your property ASAP.


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