Overview of Septic Tanks | Plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Overview of Septic Tanks | Plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Waste water is the water whose original characteristics have been modified by the human activities such as in industrial fluid discharged from hydrocarbons, pesticides and domestic washing. The septic tanks, installed by professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC are required to deal with the disposition of such polluted water.

Septic tank system is used to treat waste matter produced by families living in sparsely populated residential areas and from institutions such as schools and hospitals in small communities. For constant maintenance at busy places like schools and hospitals, maintenance services by a plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC are constantly required.

It is suitable for the places where there is a permanent and sufficient water supply. This system can receive both water with human excreta and water from kitchens and bathrooms. To ensure that system keeps working without clogging, ask a plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC for periodic inspection.

Its operation depends on a sedimentation tank and of land where the water will infiltrate. It is a system that uses the ability of the soil to absorb. The sediment material forms at the bottom of the tank a layer of sludge, biologically degraded over time and to be removed periodically. For the periodic removal, an expert plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC is the right choice.

Major Characteristics

Use of this treatment system is defined after performing infiltration tests and knowing the absorption capacity of the soil. A qualified plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC can help you in this regard.

The good operation of these tanks follows the basic principle of sedimentation, being able to save, among other reasons, a ratio of 1:3 between the width and the length.

Several layers are defined within the septic tank in the storage area.

  • At the bottom, it is where the solids or sludge accumulate.
  • In the intermediate section (sedimentation zone), the liquids are located, where the oils or creams form the top layer.
  • It also has appropriate free space for the gases produced by the anaerobic process of decomposition of the matter.

DIY cleaning is not recommended due to gases that can faint the cleaner if done without mask. This is why hiring a professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC is highly recommended.

Tees should be placed with sufficient extensions, so that their lowest points are located in the lower part of the liquid layer but above the storage area.

The gases from the septic tank will be discharged through the top of the inlet and outlet tees into the ventilation pipes left in the buildings or into the upper strata of the filtration field.

With a septic tank system, there are no external odors to the outside, making it possible the installation of the system in any area.

This system adapts to the different terrains, so the reduced surface area for construction is required.


The waste is sent to the wells or septic tanks normally contain, in addition to the organic matter and liquids, fats, oils, emulsifiers and other substances from the preparation of food, soaps, detergents and cosmetic products.

When drained, these leftover substances adhere to the walls of the septic tank, causing damage to its waterproofing. With the passage of time, this layer becomes so thick and strong that a trained plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC is required for cleaning.

The presence of these agents prevents the walls to allow draining the liquids in a proper way, causing the filling and overflow. When a septic tank reaches this state, it is said that the tank has collapsed, that is, it has lost its ability to send the liquids to the surrounding environment. This situation calls for a professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC to come and fix the issue.

This situation makes it necessary to resort to a high frequency of emptying of the septic tank by means of mechanical extraction. In addition, as there is no degradation of the organic matter present due to the lack of adequate biomass, the set of degradative microorganisms, some undesirable effects may appear such as the following;

  • Emanation of the unpleasant odors
  • Insect infestation
  • High pollution of groundwater
  • Obstructions in the drains and pipes

There are a few chemical based products that can keep the walls of septic tank permeable through their biological action. In addition, they clean the siphons and the pipes of bathrooms and kitchens to prevent the onset of clogging.

However, these products are not recommended as they hinder the biological decomposition of the organic matter. Instead hire a professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC for the complete removal of sludge and waste water.

The microorganisms that make up the formula, maintain a high biological activity that breaks down the chemical structure of the fats and degrades to prevent them from solidifying again.

Unlike the chemical products that are quick acting, but when their dilution effect is extinguished, they prevent the greases from becoming solidified. After a certain time, the same drawbacks are encountered.

The biological products have the great advantage that their microorganisms colonize the system to keep it free of the future accumulations of fat. In addition, the chemicals destroy the biological flora, causing decay of the components with the consequent odor emanation.


  • It restores the permeability of the walls and allows the free drainage of the effluent.
  • It reduces the need for emptying significantly.
  • It eliminates the unpleasant odors.
  • It keeps the drains, siphons and pipes free from any sort of the obstructions, caused by the organic waste.
  • It produces a health improvement in the system by counteracting the presence of pathogenic bacteria and insects.

Whenever you need repair or maintenance services for septic tank pumping and cleaning, make sure that you hire the best plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

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