Our Drain Cleaning Service Can Make A Noticeable Difference In Your Home | Conway, SC

Our Drain Cleaning Service Can Make A Noticeable Difference In Your Home | Conway, SC

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When our team from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach visits your Conway, SC area home for an annual drain cleaning service, we get to work clearing out your drains, traps, and pipes so you can start fresh without all the muck that accumulates in a typical home over a year. If it has been several years since your last drain cleaning service, or you can’t recall when one was done, you could have layers of material in the pipes. This can significantly narrow them and slow the passage of wastewater through your plumbing. You may notice that sinks and toilets empty more quickly once we’re done, but there’s another measure you’re likely to see: fewer emergency drain cleaning calls during the year if any. With your pipes clear, the only likely source of clogs is further objects and matter tossed down drains or toilets and stuck nearby, producing a sudden clog whose origin you probably realize.

Drain Trouble Can Happen Quickly, But It Often Develops Slowly

Drain clogs usually seem like they just happened, but they are often due to slow buildup over time in the pipes throughout your home. Grease, hair, and other materials gradually cling to the walls of the pipes, collecting more over time, and thickening the walls of the pipes so that the flow slows significantly over time. What you see is the final part of the process, where narrowed pipes easily trap enough larger material to produce a blockage, or where some parts of the pipes have narrowed enough to produce a slow-draining sink. The thickening of material in the pipes isn’t consistent throughout the house, it is affected by factors such as whether there’s a frequent source nearby such as a kitchen sink, shower, or toilet, whether the speed of the water flowing through has slowed due to items or material in the pipe, bends in the pipe, or roughening inner surfaces of corroding pipe like cast iron. If you performed a flow test and noted how quickly a couple of gallons of water went down the drain, you’d see the difference over time. In the average home, though, people just notice when the drain starts pooling rather than draining right away and eventually doesn’t drain at all. A little disruption of the water can jar loose a bit of the clog in the pipe and get some flow happening, but compounded effects mean a drain cleaning service is a real answer to your problems, especially if multiple sinks, toilets, and showers are getting slow or backing up.

The Multiple Factors Involved in Drain Buildup: Stuck Objects, Grease and Hair Clogs, Pipe Damage

Imagine water racing through your pipes, carrying waste material, heading for the sewer. If all goes well, it just zips all the way through, following the curves of the P-traps, into the wall, across to the drain pipe to the next floor down where other material may be joining it, and down to the basement and into the sewer. If there’s an object stuck in the pipe, the water will slow significantly and probably will leave behind some of the material it’s carrying to the sewer. Some of the grease and soap scum in the water will cling to the insides of the traps and pipes as it goes down, slowly building up a lining to the pipe and decreasing its diameter which slows the flow. This is more likely to happen if the inside of the pipe is rough, such as in some older PVC pipes, cast iron pipes, and galvanized pipes. Where the water slows to take a turn, it will tend to leave more material, with an accelerating risk of clogs there and back upstream. Materials like hair that tend to mat and collect in tight spaces will gather more as the space narrows and flow slows. As long as there’s still some space in the pipe for wastewater to flow, you may be none the wiser about this process unless you cut the pipe and look at the thickness of the material lining it (there are pictures online), or you run a video camera down and identify the problems that need addressing with a drain cleaning service.

Getting a Visual On Your Drains

The tiny video camera has been a major aid to drain cleaning service, because it allows us to see clogs and other pipe issues such as corrosion and leaks, and because it also allows us to determine where they are. Since clogs and slowing can happen anywhere in your piping, running the video camera can help us figure out what tools to use where. Seeing the pipe condition also helps us to treat the pipes more carefully if they’re already wearing away from corrosion or plastic decay.

Thinking About What Needs Attention and How to Approach It

When the pipes are in good shape physically, one of our most effective drain cleaning service tools can be the hydro-jet, which uses water at very high pressures to essentially power wash the insides of the pipes. We also use tools to break up hair clogs and remove objects.

Avoiding Expensive Pipe Backups and Leaks

The highest value of drain cleaning service is in avoiding backups and leaks of wastewater that can lead to expensive cleanup, either on the floors nearby or inside your walls and ceilings. It’s a solid investment in reliable drains that pays with safe, fast flow.

Our Drain Cleaning Service Specialists Are Ready to Tackle Your Drains

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we love to leave drains clean and smoothly flowing for homeowners in Conway, SC. Our team has the tools and experience to make sure that your pipes are in good shape for the year to come, without the compound factors that lead to messy clogs and backups. Give us a call to arrange an appointment for drain cleaning service in your Conway, SC home today.


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