Older Homes May Have Plumbing Issues: Drain Cleaning Services Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

Older Homes May Have Plumbing Issues: Drain Cleaning Services Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Whether it is to create a comfortable, beautiful home for themselves or to flip it and make a profit, many people today are buying older homes. A couple buying their first home might find the low cost of fixer-upper attractive. These older homes are often better constructed than newer builds, but because of time, problems can arise in many areas. The fine craftmanship, the character, and the beauty can often hide some of these issues. It is important to find problems before falling in love and buying. One of these major issues with old houses is plumbing. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC can help. They offer drain cleaning services, too.

Any home built before the 1990s has the potential to have lead pipes. It is one of the oldest materials used in piping. Lead is extremely toxic and has been banned in the use of pipes. These have to be replaced because lead toxicity can cause physical and mental disorders in children, along with joint and gastrointestinal pain, irritability, fatigue, and memory loss. Children have died from lead poisoning, and it is now law that lead pipes can no longer be used in homes. Landlords do not have to replace the pipes, but they do have a duty to inform their renters that they are in the home. Drain cleaning services won’t help in this matter, but companies who provide can often help and point someone in the right direction.

Galvanized pipes are another type used in older homes. These are strong and durable and do last a long time but aren’t without faults. These pipes are made of iron and covered in a layer of zinc. The zinc can erode leaving them susceptible to corrosion and breakage. The walls of the pipes become pitted and rough, which makes it easier for them to snag hair, food particles, grease and whatever else goes down the drain. This creates a need for professional drain cleaning services. They also can be clogged with rust. This corrosion adds up over time, making it harder for water and other minute particles to flow through the pipes, leading to a need for a drain cleaning service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC can help with this.

Another issue in older homes is something called a pipe belly. Pipes that are installed underground or buried in a concrete slab are damaged by the gradual shifting and moving of the house over time. Pipes often shift downward, which creates a “belly.” This is a negative slope that restricts the flow of water and causes an accumulation of waste and sediment. These pipe bellies can cause leaks or stoppages. A drain cleaning service, performed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, can help.

Sewer lines are usually the last thing people think about until they cause an issue. In older homes, sewers can become an expensive repair to undertake. When a sewer line fails, sewage leaks into the ground. Offensive smelling wastewater often backs into the home, creating even more damage. Sewer systems, especially in older homes, get a lot of use, and upgrades to the home can make this even more likely. Tree roots breaking into sewer systems are another reason for problems, as is simply the movement of the Earth over time. Maintenance on sewer systems is important, or it could lead to a costly drainage bill. It is also helpful to buy sewer safe toilet paper and to not flush sanitary items down the toilet. A drain cleaning service can help with issues like this.

Before buying an older home, it is important to have a certified plumber check it out for any issues. They can do pipe inspections to make sure there are no lead or galvanized pipes in the house. They can also check the sewage system to make sure there are no damages there. Other areas that should be inspected include roof vents, floor drains, toilets, water heats, disposals, and washing machine hoses. Companies that provide drain cleaning services can provide these inspections, too,

Some measures can be taken to prevent further damage. Use a strainer over the bathtub to catch as much hair as possible. About once a week, pour boiling hot water down the drain to break up soap scum and help stop clogs. Do not pour grease or dirty mop water down the sink. After having a professional drain cleaning service come to your home, it is important to use an environmentally safe drain cleaner once a month to prevent back up. If you notice slow moving drains, act on it is as soon as possible. It is less costly to fix an issue in the beginning than to wait until major damage is done. Seek out a professional plumber to fix this issue.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, offers professional plumbing which helps with most of these issues with older homes. They work with you to find the most affordable drainage solution for your issue. Regular maintenance on drains will prevent problems in the future. The company uses BioBen to assist them. These micro-organisms are poured directly into the plumbing and eat away at the waste and other grime built up in the pipes. This system is easy to use, affordable, and long lasting. Along with drain cleaning services, the company offers 24-hour plumbers, commercial plumbers, and disposal work. They are on time for every appointment, especially drain cleaning services, and for this, they have become known as the punctual plumbing company. For more information and to protect your pipe’s and your home’s value, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC today at (843) 213-6611.


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