How to Tell If Your Water Line Needs Repair | Water Line Repair in North Myrtle Beach, SC

How to Tell If Your Water Line Needs Repair | Water Line Repair in North Myrtle Beach, SC

The water line is the most essential part of your home. While it is usually built to last a lifetime, with time, water lines tend to age and may develop cracks and corrosion. This can cause water leaks in homes. When such a situation arises, you will need the assistance of a professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC to repair or replace your water line.

However, the main problem with water lines is that it is difficult to detect when they need repair since they’re mostly out of sight, buried under the ground. This can cause water leaks, which if left unaddressed, can end up in huge problems for homeowners.

With the help of the following signs, you can detect whether you need water line repair in North Myrtle Bach, SC:

Standing and Running Water in Your Home

You may notice water running along your walls or accumulating in the form of puddles all over your lawn and sidewalk. This is a warning sign that something is wrong with your water line. In this situation, you need to urgently call a water line repair company in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Discolored Water

If you notice discoloration in your water supply, it is a sign of water line corrosion. With age, the water line can corrode and cause water to become distasteful and lose its transparency. Therefore, you need regular checkups of your water line by a trained plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC as they can detect the problem long before it can pose any harm to your house and health.

Reduced Water Pressure

If the water pressure of all your taps and faucets is always low then it is not an issue. However, if there is a sudden decrease in the water pressure, it can be alarming. Usually the cause for this decrease in water pressure is linked with a water leak. With your water pipe leaking, other areas don’t get their usual amount of water. To fix this problem, you need to hire plumbing services for water line repair in North Myrtle Beach, SC quickly as a lot of water gets wasted with leaks.

Sudden Spike in Water Bills

You get more or less the same amount of water bill every month. After all, the bill amount is calculated based on your water consumption. Now, if you have received your water bill with an unusually high cost, especially if your water consumption was constant, this could be a cause for concern. A possible explanation of high water bills is major leaks in water pipes. Due to aging, pipes can crack and start to leak, thereby leading to usage of excess amount of water and an increase in your water bills. You can solve this problem with water line repair service in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Unusual Damp Spots in Your Home

If you see sudden soggy spots all around you house without any explanation, it can be due to damage in your water line. This happens when water starts escaping from the water line to the surface. This is a sign of something brewing up underneath, which could possibly be a major defect in your water line that needs to be resolved quickly.

Puddles in Yard

The most common and easily detectable sign of damage in your water line is when you see unusual pools all over your yard or muddy patches in the grass. The water line is connected to your home from the street and passes through your yard. Thus, if there is a leak, water will make its way up to your yard and you’ll notice this in the form of unexplained water puddles. You should get some plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC on the line to fix problems with your water line.

Unexplained Sound of Trickling Water

One of the best ways to determine if there is a problem with your water line is to observe the sounds around you. If you hear water trickling, even when no one is using it, it is a clear sign of a leak. This could either be a soft sound of water dripping or a loud sound of water running. Both cases signify a leak and you need to take action against it by calling for water line repair in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Growth of Mold and Mildew

With a damaged water line, the floors and walls of your garage and home are bound to get wet and soggy. Damp floors and walls can cause the growth of mold and mildew, resulting in hygiene issues at your home. Not to mention, this can cause many diseases and produce a foul odor in your home. To eliminate the growth of mold and mildew, call plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC to stop water from leaking and escaping to the surface.

Structural Damage to Home

With water leaking towards the surface of your home, the overall foundation of your home will face a threat. The walls and floors will start to crack and weaken the structure of your home. To protect your home from serious damages, keep your water line in check by hiring a professional plumber in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Final Thoughts

Getting your home’s water line checked from time to time is extremely crucial. A water line that is growing old and hasn’t been maintained for a long time can prove to be fatal for your home and health. Get you water line repaired by the hiring the most trained plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.


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