How To Know It’s Time For A Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

How To Know It’s Time For A Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Keeping the drains clean throughout the year is essential for the property to function correctly. All the appliances and facilities that are using freshwater to function, are also connected to the drain network of your property. The daily flow of water inside the drain network means that sooner or later, a drain cleaning service may be necessary to remove any trapped debris and restore flow to nominal levels.

Appliances such as the dishwasher, and the washing machines installed in a house, require an unobstructed flow of water, both fresh and wastewater in order to function correctly. A clog in the dishwasher may be caused by dishes that weren’t precleaned properly and released food particles beyond the food trap. If a drain cleaning isn’t frequently repeated, trapped particles can end up deep inside the sewage network and create a major issue.

As plumbers can tell, the majority of plumbing issues aren’t major and a remediate action is cost-effective and quick. The problem with most households is that minor issues aren’t detected on time or a drain cleaning service is being neglected ending up in sewage pipes being totally clogged or even worse, sewage water backing up and rendering water facilities useless until the problem is fixed.

During the winter, drain cleaning service is even more necessary as icing conditions can create ice clogs which may further reduce the flow of water around the house. In this article, you will discover the major signs that it’s time for a drain cleaning appointment.

Clogged Toilet

A blocked toilet can be difficult to restore without the right tools. Organic waste and non-disposable items can combine and create a formidable clog inside the drain pipes. Toilet paper and sanitary products are the usual suspects when it comes to toilet clogging and in some cases, they can extend for a few dozen meters inside the system.

Dealing with clogged toilets yourself isn’t the best option as wastewater contains bacteria and harmful substances that can pose a risk to your health. A plumber can safely and quickly remove any objects causing the clog by using the latest technology plumbing equipment available on the market. Once the clog has been dissolved, the plumber will inspect the pipes for signs of additional damage and use the correct chemical solutions required to clean and sanitize drains.

Sewer Odor

Have you noticed bad odors traveling through the sink lately? If the answer is yes, you need to arrange for a drain cleaning service soon. Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, experience the presence of sewer odors when the sewage network isn’t working correctly or when sewage water is trapped in the pipes.

Clogs tend to reduce the flow of water that the pipe usually is capable of providing. As a result, the clog in combination with other debris develops bacteria that emit a foul smell as they develop. Since the sewage water can’t be properly disposed of and processed, the powerful odors travel all the way back to your house. Sewer odors are the byproduct of bacteria functions and as you may guess, they are harmful to your health if a drain cleaning doesn’t take care of the problem soon.

Water Puddles

Is water concentrating in areas around the sewage pipes? A sewage leakage can happen for various reasons and it’s usually a result of disintegrating pipes. However, a leak can also mean that the drainpipes are suffering from the presence of a clog. If a blockage exists, the accumulating water will increase the pressure inside the pipe. The increased pressure can find weak spots around the pipe and release the water outside causing a leak.

DIY tools can make things worse as they tend to increase the pressure inside the pipe, in an effort to get rid of the clog. That is why DIY practices and tools aren’t proposed by professionals as a relatively minor repair can escalate to a full out water leak. Instead, try a drain cleaning service that offers an easy and mess-free way to restore order in the house’s plumbing systems.

Bathtub Issues

Bathtubs are quite vulnerable to clogs and drain tap issues. The heavy use of this facility, combined with debris such as hair, soap, and other particles can evade past the drain tap and escape deep inside the sewage pipes. When a clog starts to build up, you will notice that wastewater isn’t properly draining to the tap but instead, it’s backing up between your feet. In most cases, the water goes away after a few minutes, as the water flow is reduced but not entirely restricted.

In worse cases where the clog was neglected, the water is totally blocked from flowing outwards which will restrict you from using the tub until a drain cleaning service dissolves the clog. In many cases, you can simply remove the debris trap from the drain tap and carefully clean it from any hair and debris. This may be a temporary measure but a drain cleaning will yield maximum results.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Late

Neglecting a drain cleaning appointment will only make things worse. The daily use of facilities and appliances that need water to function means that sooner or later a blockage will start shaping inside the drain pipes. While a clog might go unnoticed at the beginning, the problem will not go away until a drain cleaning service unblocks the pipes. Whether you need a plumber for an inspection or simply you are ready for your next drain cleaning service, get in touch today. Covering the wider area of Myrtle Beach, SC, Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach offers all sorts of drain cleaning services and plumber support.


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