How Can You Know Your Home Is Ready For Water Heater Replacement? | Conway, SC

How Can You Know Your Home Is Ready For Water Heater Replacement? | Conway, SC

Buying a new water heater for your home can be a difficult decision when your current unit is still working, but in some cases, water heater replacement can be the most cost-effective option, leading you to actually save money in ways you wouldn’t even begin to suspect. It is a fact that on more than one occasion, homeowners have found that the benefits of water heater replacement far outweigh any reasons they could have for keeping their old unit, even though it may still be working. In this article, we explore some of the ways in which you can know when the time has come for water heater replacement for your home. So, let’s start by taking a look at some of the many reasons why a new unit may be in your best interest.

Your Unit Is Getting Old

Water heaters are built for continuous service for anywhere between eight and 12 years. If your home’s unit is hovering around the 10-year mark, it may be time to start looking for a water heater replacement, even though it may seem to be working well. No matter how well-maintained a water heater could be, once it has been working for a decade you can expect it to start malfunctioning and require more expensive repairs. Before this happens, it’s always best to save the money you would spend on repairs and find a water heater replacement instead.

Your Tank Has Started Leaking

Once your water heater’s tank has started leaking, it is almost impossible to repair. By the time it becomes obvious that the mysterious puddle that consistently appears in the area where your water heater is located is coming from the tank, it’s time to start looking for a new one. Otherwise, you could end up spending much more money on repairing the damage caused by the leak than you would by simply buying a new water heater.

Your Water Looks Rusty

The last thing anybody wants is to take a shower in water that is less than clean. If your water heater is producing reddish-colored water, it is a sign of the inside of your tank rusting. If this problem is left to fester, it will only get worse and eventually start making holes in the tank, which can lead to a potentially dangerous situation, so you will be better off finding a new water heater.

Your Unit Is Not As Efficient As It Used To Be

In this case, we are referring to the amount of hot water that is produced. If your water heater doesn’t produce anything but lukewarm water, or the hot water it does produce runs out fairly quickly, you should start looking into finding a replacement. This is especially true as your system ages, which can also bring other problems.

Your Gas or Power Bills Keep Getting Higher

Once the health of your water heater starts declining, and it becomes less efficient, it will require more energy to keep up with your family’s demand for hot water. This will impact your utility bill in a negative manner, and soon you will notice a steady increase in the amount you pay every month. With a new water heater, you will notice an immediate decrease in your utility bills, which is one of the most important ways to save money after the replacement.

You Have Repaired Your Unit Too Many Times Already

Once your water heater starts having problems, you will start having to repair it more often. Once the issues become continuous and habitual events, you may be better off purchasing a new water heater. In this case, it is always a good idea to talk to a trusted professional service to determine how cost-effective a replacement might be in the immediate future.

Your Need For Hot Water Has Increased

It can happen that your family is growing and your current water heater is too small to fulfill your home’s demand for hot water. If this is your case, getting a new, larger, water heater could be a good way to counteract the expense involved in the larger demand. Again, it is a good idea to consult with a professional before you make a decision.

Your Unit Is Making Very Strange Noises

All water heaters make some kind of noise. But this noise is normally produced when it starts up. If your unit is making loud knocking, hissing, or banging noises, it could be a sign of a major malfunction looming on the horizon. This is a good time to talk to a professional who can perform an inspection and determine the best path to follow.

Getting a new water heater is a serious expense. Because of this, it is better to change your home’s water heater before it breaks down so catastrophically that you find yourself scrambling to find a new one with little time to spare. Being able to plan a purchase of this magnitude is possibly the best way to get it done before having to pay for any extra expenses you might incur if your water heater breaks down completely without any notice. Imagine having no hot water for a week or longer, or having to stay in a hotel in the middle of winter because of it. Replacing your water heater now may turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Water heater replacement is something that should never be left to the inexperienced. Doing so can lead to a shoddy installation that could result in the early malfunction of your unit and damage to your property. If what you want is ample experience in water heater replacement, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. As the foremost expert in water heater replacement, they will get the job done right the first time and all the time. So, if you’re ready for water heater replacement, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach a call today!

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