Everything You Need to Know about Clogged Drains | Drain Cleaning in Little River, SC

Everything You Need to Know about Clogged Drains | Drain Cleaning in Little River, SC

Clogged drains are similar to ticking time bombs. You can keep running away from it by trying a few methods here and there for a temporary reprieve. However, if you do not get the drains cleaned thoroughly, it can blast in a way you cannot even imagine.

In the best case scenario, your entire house will smell bad and you’ll have to wait extra long for the dirty water to go down the drain. In the worst case scenario, the dirty water in the sink and even in the toilet can flood badly enough to spill on the floor and spread throughout the house.

In addition to contamination and health risks, it can also cause damage to the furniture in the house and cost you heavily.

With the help of regular drain cleaning in Little River, SC, you can prevent this catastrophe from happening in your house. Make sure you take every other preventive measure to keep the drains in your house clean.

What Are the Most Common Reasons behind Clogged Drains?

A clogged drain can easily be cleared by getting professional drain cleaning in Little River, SC. However, it does make one wonder what really caused the drains to clog so badly in the first place?

You’d actually be surprised by the things you can find clogging the drains. Here we have a list so that you can take all the preventive measures right after you get your drain cleaning in Little River, SC.

Here you go:

Egg Shells

Remember all those teeny-tiny bits of eggshells you discarded in the sink because they are small. Guess what? These shells can accumulate together over time until they are big enough to clog the drain.

If you do that, we can assure you that you’ll be calling for drain cleaning in Little River, SC, pretty soon.

Cotton Swabs

As light and airy as they seem, cotton swabs do not go away when they are thrown in the drain. If anything, these cotton swabs absorb water and maintain their shape. They also stick together with other things quite easily and create a hurdle big enough to block the flow of water.

Make sure to dispose of the cotton swabs in the garbage can to prevent frequent clogging of the drains.


Hair strands are one of the most common reasons behind clogged drains. If you ever get a chance to see the process of drain cleaning in Little River, SC, you’ll witness it yourself.

Regardless of how big or short the hair strands are, they have a tendency to clog the drains badly. It also attracts other materials towards itself until the hairball creates a big obstacle for the flowing water. The nastiest clogged drains are caused by hair.

Soap Scum

This one is perhaps the most surprising reason behind clogged drains. When we wash our hands, all we see is soapy water going down the drain. However, this water has soap residue that clings to the water pipes and creates a layer over time, which is thick enough to prevent water flow.

Some of the other things you need to steer clear of include:

  • Personal hygiene products
  • Grease and fats
  • Tree roots and branches
  • Plastic and cardboard pieces
  • Peels from vegetable and fruits
  • Food remnants and leftovers
  • Toilet paper
  • Toys
  • Coffee grinds
  • Cat litter

If you keep the above-mentioned wastes away from your drains with the regular process of drain cleaning in Little River, SC, you’ll never have to suffer from clogged drains ever.

Side Effects of Clogged Drain

In addition to causing inconvenience, a clogged drain can cause health issues. It can cost a considerable amount because of the damage it causes. Here’s how clogged drains can become a major hassle for you.

Bad Odor in the House

Bad odor in the house is not an ideal situation for anyone. Not for the people living in the house, not for the guests, and not for the neighbors. Unfortunately, the first thing that happens when the drains are clogged is the spreading of bad odor everywhere. With no water passing through, the waste goes dry and begins to reek. The stagnant water also causes bad odor and seeps into the house.

To spare yourself the torture, go for professional drain cleaning in Little River, SC, as soon as you smell the first whiffs of waste.

Triggering Allergies of the House Mates

All that dirty water is not just murky in color; instead, it is contaminated and festering germs in huge amounts. People with airborne allergies in the house, as well as asthma patients, can suffer drastically because of clogged drains. Some people even develop skin rashes because of the waste in the water. However, it only happens in case of severely clogged drains.

You can easily maintain clean and healthy air in your house with the help of drain cleaning in Little River, SC.

Spreading Diseases

When stagnant water is left alone for too long, it begins to foster insects that can spread harmful diseases around the house and even outside it. To make sure your drains don’t clog, even in your absence, always keep them clean and maintained.

Damaging Properties

Flooded drains can damage the flooring, carpets, and furniture to the point of making them useless. Additionally, clogged drains can even damage the plumbing system of the house. The water that is blocked by the clog will look for a way out. Not being able to go backward or forward, it will get out sideways through the pipelines. This can cause major leakage in the pipelines and the repairs of the plumbing system can cost an arm and a leg.

It would be much easier and cheaper to opt for drain cleaning in Little River, SC.

Maintaining clean drains is as important as maintaining the main water line. The best way to prevent a drain clog is to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a reputed plumber service for drain cleaning in Little River, SC. This way, you’ll never have to deal with the malevolent side effects of clogged drains.






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