Every Drain Is Different: Why It Takes A Plumber To Meet The Challenges of Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Every Drain Is Different: Why It Takes A Plumber To Meet The Challenges of Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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If you saw the network of pipes that carry water in and waste out within your home’s walls, floors, ceilings, and foundation, you’d realize that performing a drain cleaning service can be complicated. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, our team of plumbers have seen a lot, share stories and techniques with each other, and found ways to address the many challenges that drain pipes can present. We’re a locally-owned, excellence-oriented company that provides a full range of plumbing services, and we’re ready to take on the drain cleaning service challenges you have for us, 24/7. Here are some types of drain cleaning situations that professional plumbers face on a daily basis. Many of our customers have been with us long-term, and we hope that, whether you call us the first time for a drain emergency, a plumbing inspection, or some other service, you will keep our number handy through the years.

Slow Drains Give Our Drain Cleaning Service an Advantage

There’s a big difference between a drain cleaning call where the drain is still slow and one that’s completely clogged. With a slow-flowing drain, we can slide our clog cutting equipment in and start to break things up, and let the increasing flow help us move the pieces along. We can also run our video inspection gear in and inspect the clog or clogs, and see what doing a complete job will involve. Often, there’s a clog further down that’s slowing the flow, and as the water moves slowly it is less likely to pull debris down with it, leaving more to accumulate in clogs closer to the sink. The main clog is often in the horizontal pipe leading from the sink or toilet to the vertical pipe between floors, which can also get quite a clog built up over time. Periodic drain cleaning service for the whole house helps eliminate those major clogs and prevent them from having a chance to return.

Recurring Clogs Are a Sign of Deeper Drain Issues

A major clog that’s slowing your drains can definitely help clogs form closer to your sink or toilet for double trouble. If you’re having clogs cleared more often, you’re probably only getting the smaller ones near the fixtures, and there’s one or more down the line that needs attention. Frequent clogs can also be a sign of pipe problems such as corrosion, which can catch debris and build-up clogs faster than pipes in good shape internally. It’s also important to check your habits to make sure you’re not challenging your drains with materials they can’t swallow easily. One that many people don’t know about is rice and pasta, which if flushed or sent down the drain without enough water linger in the P-shaped trap below, then absorb water and expand to form a clog.

Multiple Clogged Drains Point to a Central Drain Line Issue

Recurring clogs can be a sign of trouble further down the drain lines, but multiple clogged drains are a definite sign that you need an expert drain cleaning right away. Something downstream is getting pretty tight, and it could very well be your main sewer line. Clearing the drain clogs could actually be a problem if you don’t also tend to the problem below because sooner or later it will lead to backups and a really tough mess to clean up. Running video inspection through your system and systematically clearing drain pipes is a good approach, and is actually part of a full drain cleaning service that we recommend homeowners schedule annually for clear-running drains and sewer.

Foul Odors Can Be From Problems Below, or In Your Vents Above

Sewer gas not only smells bad, but it can be dangerous if it accumulates. The water-filled traps below your sink and elsewhere are supposed to block gas from rising up, so if you smell this characteristic odor it’s time to have a professional plumber from your drain cleaning service check it out. A skilled plumber can also recognize problems with your rooftop plumbing vents that help your drains clear properly by preventing the formation of a vacuum as the water flows down. If the vent is clogged, for example by a bird’s nest, first you’ll hear gurgling sounds as the drain flow gets interrupted, then you’ll have drain issues but possibly without a clog. Since the vents are also used to vent sewer gas, at this point you could have a dangerous accumulation of unvented sewer gas as well. You need a plumber, and soon.

Flooding Water Can Be a Health Hazard as Well as Damaging Your Home

Except for flushed objects that shouldn’t have been and other sudden stoppages, clogs should generally give some sign that they’re on the way. The trouble is, the signs may not be obvious, since you won’t be timing how long your toilet takes to empty, or you’re not using enough water in the sink to see that it’s backing up a bit. When you do notice and call the drain cleaning service, unfortunately, you may be dealing with more than a few hours of drain cleaning service time. Cleaning unsanitary water requires careful, thorough work and often replacing flooring and other materials that are damaged. If you experience flooding and backups in the basement, that can be especially serious, since the only place downstream for clogs to form is your sewer line, and you definitely don’t want that blocked.

Let a Professional Clear Your Drains, Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC

By the time your drains are clogged or backing up, there may be deeper issues so it’s time to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Our experience, professional equipment, and knowledge of plumbing systems allow us to target drain problems and resolve them with authority. Call for our drain cleaning service for annual preventive care or emergencies. We’re ready to help you.


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