Emergency or Not: Knowing When to Seek a Plumber | Conway, SC

Emergency or Not: Knowing When to Seek a Plumber | Conway, SC

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Conway, SC is one of many residential districts in need of a plumber when the going gets tough. And just like any other operative system, plumbing can go wrong at any given time, day or night. And when the plumbing goes out, you know you need a qualified professional from Benjamin Franklin’s to fix your woes.

A part of good plumbing involves the use of a garbage disposal, which can help you get rid of food bits before they take a sail into your pipes and plumbing system. In fact, this modern day wonder is something that most of us have come to rely on to safely and effectively dispose of food in a way that does not result in a drain clog.

Remember that as a machine, your garbage disposal is subject to age, wear, and tear, and must be monitored for signs of a potential breakdown as it can happen at any given time. When it fails to function properly, you’ll know. When you turn it on but don’t hear the motor kicking in, it’s a sure sign of a possible electrical problem, but it’s something that you may be able to fix by putting in the plug and then turning it on. You should reset it prior to turning it back on, but even if that fails, it’s time to call a plumber for immediate service.

A humming noise with active grinding is another way to determine if you need a plumber to fix your garbage disposal. Food seepage is another reason to look into having your disposal inspected and serviced by a professional.

Garbage disposals notwithstanding, there are many other important services that can be provided by a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Since disposals are not the only plumbing item in your home to go wrong, there are other problems that need your attention and time.

Sinks, whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, have the potential for problems at any time. Clogged kitchen drains could be the result of faulty pipes, escaped food bits, or hardened grease and oil over time. Factor in the possibility of soap scum and detergent build up and you can have a real problem in need of immediate attention.

Most kitchen drains or pipes often benefit from the effects of hydro jetting, which is a type of service where the plumber can get into your pipes and drain system to blast away hardened grease and other solid debris. During hydro jetting, massive amounts of water pressure are applied to blast away solid build up and make the case for free flowing drains and pipes once again.

With bathroom sinks, it’s common knowledge that a plumber can use a mechanical snake to yank out most of the waste that gets caught up in your pipes and drains. In fact, it’s not only the sinks that use this handy tool, but also your tub and shower drain, where hair, shampoo residue, and soap scum all get caught up in the mix.

Toilets are the most used plumbing machine in your house, yet most of us take them for granted at times. In fact, it’s not until the toilet overflows or ceases to function that it appears to command your full and immediate attention at once. Overflowing toilets are a major hassle and are one of the leading sources of stress in any household, and there is nothing that provokes more anxiety than flushing your toilet only to have it overflow within seconds. It’s not until the tank is full that you can safely use your toilet, and when it’s empty, it can pose a problem.

A stopper is what usually fills the tank of your toilet to its rightful capacity, but it cannot do so if the toilet is stopped to the point of overflowing. Much depends on what is flushed and how much of it goes down into the sewer system. Flushing down 2-ply bath tissue will most likely require more than one flush to prevent stoppage.

And with stoppage, there may be times when the application of an industrial plunger might fail to do the trick. In fact, there may be other items that can take a sail down your toilet, such as children’s toys or paper towels, for example. And once it becomes clogged with these items, the odds are high that you will need to call on a professional plumber to check your toilet for a clog. The good news is that most toilet clogs will only need the use of a snake to grab onto and yank out the extra debris that didn’t quite make the flush.

Even with indoor plumbing being of the utmost importance, there are other aspects to consider when looking for services from a professional plumber. In fact, plumbers can do a lot more than just your indoor plumbing. They have the training and experience needed to understand how water and sewer pipes actually work.

Drains are another source of worry for homeowners everywhere, and those living in the Conway, SC region know all too well the dangers of clogged drains. Yet many spend money on harmful drain cleaning chemicals that add residue to the pipes and may result in further corrosion down the line. A professional will typically use hydro jetting or a mechanical snake to remove the debris, and both are safe and free of toxins.

A timely and thorough inspection of your pipes will not only prevent further problems, but will help to extend the life of your plumbing system by a factor of several years. Even scheduling routine drain cleaning service can offer not only an extended life but will help to keep the water flowing without a hitch. Plus, this vital service will reduce the likelihood of further clogging due to pipe corrosion and average wear and tear.

Any form of preventive plumbing maintenance can offer you the added security that you can come home to a plumbing system that’s fully operational and free of problems. When looking for service, there’s no need to wait for an emergency. Simply call or visit the website to schedule an appointment with Benjamin Franklin today!


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