Drain Cleaning Service for a Backup | Myrtle Beach, SC

Drain Cleaning Service for a Backup | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach, SC, offers the best in plumbing and drain cleaning service just for residents and businesses alike. And with an increase in urban population everywhere, there is an even higher demand for water among residents. And with that demand comes greater water usage, which leads to the natural wear and tear on sewer systems. Hence the need for professional drain cleaning service.

There’s nothing more stressful than dealing with a clogged drain. Think of the hassle: the backed-up water, the nasty particles of grease, food and other debris, not to mention the massive flooding that invades your house, wreaking untold havoc and causing hundreds of dollar’s worth of interior property damage upon impact. Sadly, it becomes the primary responsibility of all homeowners to make sure that all drains are clear and free of debris, not to mention chemical build up from daily use and normal wear and tear.

There are other issues which crop up that cause your drains to clog. Sometimes, solid objects drop and then fall down the drain. For example, you may lose your class ring, a necklace, or even a piece of silverware. These objects have a way of traveling fast and without our notice. And grease, when its poured carelessly down the drain, can have a serious impact, sometimes within a matter of minutes or even days.

Perhaps, when it comes to grease disposal, it becomes critical to have a removable grease trap installed. These devices are also known as grease interceptors and have the ability to catch grease and most other solids before they take a trip into your drains and collect enough to harden in your drains and pipes. This can serve as a preventative measure, especially as a major part of drain cleaning service, as it can serve to keep your system free of grease and other chemicals.

Another common enemy of drains is hair, which can take as little as a matter of days, especially in bathroom sinks, tub and shower drains, all of which are the most common places that most of us wash and groom our hair. Most of us lose a few good strands of hair on a daily basis, but when combing or brushing our hair, we can lose even more, thus resulting in drain clogs in bathroom drains.

Furthermore, with bathrooms come other special problems. In your tub or shower, soap scum runs the risk of collecting around the basin, which, if left untouched over time, can eventually collect into your drains and clog them, just like grease.

With grease and soap scum clogs, the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing use a special non-toxic technique known as hydro jetting. For those who may not know, hydro jetting involves the simple use of water to break down the common agents that travel down your drain. What happens is that the plumber will use anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 PSI, which is guaranteed to blast anything that collects in your drains, whether its grease, soap, or lime build up. This is perhaps the single most effective method of drain cleaning service available because when water is injected that fast and strong, it can break up any type of substance that would otherwise remain trapped in your drains. Plus, its practical, as it can be used to blast out waste from all sewer lines, public or private.

With agents such as grease and soap scum, it’s no wonder that your tub and shower could use drain cleaning service from the experts. And it’s no secret that soap scum works a lot like grease, as it too can harden, thus resulting in stoppage within your bathtub’s drain system.

Sometimes, a toilet can get clogged, causing a lot of worry and a major headache for homeowners everywhere, and not just in Myrtle Beach, SC. Those who have lived through the disaster of a toilet overflowing can only imagine the enormous stress you can feel as you push that handle, expecting to see a normal, clean, flush, only to have a virtual monsoon of dirty water backing up onto the nice tile in your bathroom and causing hours and hours of extreme worry and hassle. And like other common household plumbing implements, your toilet relies entirely on a draining system to carry its debris right from your home and straight into the sewer system.

But residents and business customers in Myrtle Beach, SC need not worry. Those living in this and other surrounding regions can expect to rely on the professional drain cleaning services of the plumbers at Benjamin Franklin’s. In fact, as part of the package of fast and efficient drain cleaning service, the professional team at Benjamin Franklin understand just how to deliver. They can match the solution to the problem and treat it accordingly.

With a clogged toilet, all that is needed to remove the debris is a simple mechanical snake rather than hydro jetting. Unlike hydro jetting, a mechanical snake is a simple tool that is flexible enough to bend down into a drain. Once the snake is in, the plumber can then squeeze from the top, grab the unwanted material, and pull it out of the drain. This type of device is more commonly used in most drain cleaning services where pipes are clogged due to hair or tissue, items that hydro jetting would most likely miss.

With good quality drain cleaning service, Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach, SC helps you take the hassle out of drain clogs. In fact, each plumber is specially certified to inspect, treat, and remove debris right from your system. During the initial phase of drain cleaning service, a member of the plumbing team will arrive at your home, do an inspection, and give you a free estimate as to the costs and what type of labor you can expect when it comes to your drains. Plus, with the fast, friendly, and affordable service that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides, residents in Myrtle Beach, SC know just who they have on their side for their drainage needs.


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