Do You Need A Plumbing Service? 5 Things That Can Affect And Damage Your Plumbing Line | Conway, SC

Do You Need A Plumbing Service? 5 Things That Can Affect And Damage Your Plumbing Line | Conway, SC

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Perhaps you have suddenly woken up in the middle of the night to the drip-drip sound of the faucet. It may mean that it is time for your plumbing service schedule. Several factors can damage your plumbing system, and you wouldn’t realize it until the silent signs are loud and visible.

Most of the time, it is not your fault. But it is crucial to nip the potential plumbing issue in the bud before it turns into an emergency. Here are the top five causes that affect the pipes in your home, requiring immediate plumbing service:

1. Tree Roots

Homeowners love trees because they serve several purposes. From adding beauty to the backyard to providing shade in summers, they are often a welcome addition to the property.

However, they can wreak havoc on your lawn and underground pipes and have you scurry for expert plumbers. Tree roots seek water and grow towards the damp spots in your home, i.e., the plumbing system. Small plants, too, can have healthy, active roots even if you cannot tell from the ground up.

You can see the first signs of damage only when you detect major drainage problems. By then, the invasive root growth would be out of your control. Hence, the best way is to prevent the roots from occupying the space. Avoid planting any shrubs close to outdoor plumbing lines.

But when they already work their way into the underground sewer and water lines, only a professional plumbing service can help. Even if you don’t have large trees in your home, perhaps the streets are full of these lovely beings. With time, these roots can push and squeeze sewer lines or rip apart the entire building structure’s foundation.

2. Garbage Disposal

Many people don’t collect their trash correctly. They dump many things down the pipes, from bidding goodbye to their dead fish to getting rid of little knick-knacks received as gifts from exes. All those items end up clogging the drains. The only solution for this problem is to throw the trash out the traditional way – in the garbage bins.

When it comes to garbage disposal, the system cannot digest hard and durable products, such as bones, wood, etc. Even kids can sometimes put their plastic toys in it, but no matter how small the items are, they can cause a severe blockage. Once the garbage disposal system hacks them into tiny bits, they are everywhere in the drains.

You will need Conway, SC, plumbing service technicians to sort out the issue. Another common area where pipes get clogged is the bathroom. Your hair and fur from the pets enter the shower drain and make things messy.

3. Kitchen Grease

All that lovely fat you use while cooking your favorite dishes eventually makes its way into the piping. For instance, you may relish the delicious bacon but dump the extra grease into the kitchen sink. As this grease slithers into the pipes and cools down, it hardens and obstructs anything that comes in next.

It becomes like a “clogged artery” and blocks the pipe entirely. If you think grease is disgusting, wait until you see the inside of the sewer lines. The soaps and detergents that we have in the bathrooms are also major culprits, but we cannot go without taking showers or doing laundry.

But if you want to avoid unnecessary plumbing service, give up the habit of pouring kitchen grease into the sink. Besides, using harsh cleaning chemicals won’t make things shiny and new. These toxins get stuck to the sides of the pipes, leaving very little space in between.

4. Outdated Water Heaters

Water heaters working beyond their prime break down frequently and cause leaks, backups, and other issues in your home. Ideally, you should replace your water heaters every ten years. You may think that you can extend their lifespan with regular repair, but any undiscovered problem can lead to havoc.

It is not easy for homeowners to tell whether this device is in proper working condition – you need a professional to do it for you. Get your plumbing service company to conduct regular inspections to ensure that your water heater doesn’t create unwanted incidents.

For instance, it is a risky situation when you start to smell gas near the water heater. Likewise, a puddle of water in an electric device’s premises is a crisis in the making.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Conway, SC area urgently to prevent any danger. Whether you have an electric heater, a traditional, or tankless water heating system, we provide timely plumbing service, inspection, and repair to ensure the safety of your family and property.

If foul odors come from the sewer line or the water heater makes odd noises, contact our Conway, SC office for an exceptional job.


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