Common Garbage Disposal Problems | Plumbing in Briarcliffe, SC

Common Garbage Disposal Problems | Plumbing in Briarcliffe, SC

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Garbage disposals are very common across most American households. Most houses in Briarcliffe Acres have garbage disposals.

Garbage disposals are devices used to get rid of waste and are generally found under sinks. They are efficient and effective at shredding food into smaller bits so they can easily flow through plumbing systems in the house and the city.

Improperly functioning garbage disposals can have negative effects on your house and plumbing. They can cause clogs and damage to pipes and can spill out waste in the kitchen.

If you are having any obstructions or clogs in the drain, sink, garbage disposal or trap in your kitchen, you should call a professional.

Garbage disposal problems can be seriousplumbing issues that need to be addressed urgently.  Here are some plumbing emergencies associated with garbage disposals. If you face any of the following problems, you should immediately call professional plumbers in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

Power Failures

Power failures can be a big problem for garbage disposals in houses in Briarcliffe Acres, SC. It is indicated by a lack of hum when the plumber checks for jams in in between the drain and impellers. In the case of a power failure, a plumber will need to check the power connections, jams and drain clogs.

A plumber will need to check the plugs, the unit, and the circuit breaker and figure out if the cause is the damaged disposal or a faulty switch that is not allowing electricity to flow through.

If the issue is with the switch, then you might need to hire a plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

Stuck Garbage Disposal Blades

Sometimes, garbage disposals can have stuck or faulty blades. If you have blockages and the blade is not moving, it probably needs plumbing work from professionals in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

The plumber will need to check and repair the flywheel, circuit breaker, hex hole and remove debris. They will need to fix and maintain the blades by reconnecting hose fittings, cleaning impellers and even sharpening the blades to stop future clogging.

However, each of these steps requires technical knowledge and expertise. You should not attempt to fix the blades on your own because the garbage disposal may not have impellers or blades that are suited for sharpening.

Sharpening the blades themselves can be a dangerous endeavor and can lead to serious cuts. You should then rely on professional plumbing services in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

Garbage disposals can leak. These are serious plumbing issues that should be dealt with immediately. They can lead to unsanitary conditions and further damaged plumbing systems. Garbage disposal leaks can be very common in houses across Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

If your garbage disposal is leaking, they will need to be professionally dealt with. A plumber will need to check the top flange, remove the disposal in a specific clockwise manner and take out mounting bolts. An ordinary citizen or homeowner might have problems locating and dealing with these parts.

Leaks can be fixed by replacing plumber putty, applying silicone caulk and replacing the flange and disposal. A plumber will be able to expertly handle the problem and they will know when and how to power on the garbage disposal.

If there are external problems, like a leaking dishwasher connection, the plumber will be able to locate the issue and fix the hose clamp.

Garbage disposal leaks can be caused by improper dishwasher connections and drainpipe connections that produce discharge. If the leak is caused by the latter, the plumber will need to check and fix the drainpipe, gasket, disposer and pipes.

Garbage Disposal Jams

Garbage disposals can jam and clog as a result of excess garbage or huge waste materials. An object could get stuck between the impellers and shredding rings, causing the garbage disposal to malfunction and jam.

If something is stuck, the garbage disposal device will emit a tell-tale humming sound. If you hear anything of the sort, you should have a plumbing service come and inspect the garbage disposal impellers and shredding rings at your earliest convenience.

Any competent plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC, will be able to indicate that the hum is a result of a jam and deal with the problem. The task is a complicated endeavor, so it is not recommended that homeowners undertake it themselves.

To fix a jam, the electricity will need to be turned off; the disposal unit’s bottom slot will need to be turned in a specified motion to dislodge the jammed object.

A plumbing service will have the necessary tools, for instance an offset wrench or dowel rod to unjam the impellers and clean the disposal.

Professional tools must always be used to unjam the jammed object. Homeowners should know that there are safety risks attached to garbage disposal maintenance and that using their hand to seek the jammed object on their own will lead to serious injury.

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