Common Garbage Disposal Problems: How Your Plumber Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Garbage Disposal Problems: How Your Plumber Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Also known as a garburator, the garbage disposal is an essential kitchen appliance in most homes in Myrtle Beach, SC. While some homeowners take it as a luxury, others consider it a requirement in their modern kitchens.

A garbage disposal makes it easy and convenient to get rid of food waste. You can wash off food waste down the drain without worrying about running into clogging issues. Garbage disposals are economical, durable, and with proper usage, they can comfortably serve you for about 10 to 12 years. These appliances have several components that can fail at some point. Such issues arise due to negligence since some homeowners treat garbage disposers just like waste bins.

Garbage disposal problems can be inconvenient and frustrating. They may also affect the effectiveness of your garbage disposal. A failing garbage disposal can cause blockages, damages to drain pipes, or may even spill waste matter to your kitchen floor.

Therefore, if you spot any signs of clogs or jams in your sink, consider calling a professional plumber to help you repair or replace it.


Garbage disposal leaks are a common problem in Myrtle Beach, SC, homes. A leaking garburator can cause significant water damage, which leads to mold growth and floor damage. Leaks can occur from different garbage disposal parts, including plumbing connections, drain pipes, or the outer casing. They can also leak if an object falls on them as it can develop cracks. If the leak is due to a plumbing connection, you should request a certified plumber to repair it.

However, if you suspect the leak to be coming from the disposal, you should have a plumbing professional replace it promptly. Sometimes, a garbage disposal seal may also be leaking, and this could mean that the seals have become loose or have some cracks. You should hire a professional to examine your garburator to locate the possible areas of the leak. An expert can tighten loose parts and replace worn-out components if necessary.


A properly working garbage disposal breaks down food waste, and the liquids flow quickly down the drainage. If it’s taking a while for food waste to go down the drain, it means there are clogs inside the pipes. Clogs can develop depending on the type of foods you flush down the sink. Sometimes the clogs happen when there is insufficient water available for the grinding process or if you flush large amounts of food at once.

Also, if you have a large family, you may have to call a plumber more frequently because you may experience frequent clogging as more food waste is flushed down the sink. Clogs can also accumulate over time due to excessive oily substances that wash off your utensils, which end up coating the drain pipes.

If you’re the one experiencing clogging, you should never use drain cleaners because they can corrode the inner components of your disposal and may even cause leaks. It’s a good idea to contact your plumbing professional to diagnose the issue.

Foul Odors

A smelly garbage disposal is irritating and unpleasant. While it’s normal to experience some smell when the disposal is running, sometimes the odor becomes persistent, and you may have to contact a plumber to assess your situation. With time, food waste, particularly oily food, sticks on the drain pipes’ walls, hence emitting unappealing smells.

Using insufficient water during the process may also result in food particles accumulating in the garbage disposal. A foul smell does not mean your garbage disposal is failing; it means the unit needs a proper cleaning. Some homeowners may try to freshen their disposals using baking soda or vinegar. Even after such attempts, the smell can persist. The best thing to do is call a certified plumbing company in Myrtle Beach, SC, to disassemble and clean the garbage disposal.

Weird Noises

Although garbage disposals make some sounds when operating, some noise can become too loud. If yours is grinding, it probably means that something is stuck in the blades. Materials such as glassware, metal pieces, or bones are responsible for such noises. Other possible reasons you have noisy garbage disposal include misplaced components, broken flyweights, loose mounting screws, or worn-out parts.

You should not remove stuck objects on your own because you could hurt yourself or damage the appliance. An experienced plumber knows how to safely get rid of stuck items, tighten loose parts, and perform necessary replacements.

Jammed Disposal

If your garbage disposal refuses to turn on but generates some noise, it means objects are jamming its blades. It’s easy to know if your disposal stops; simply switch on the unit and observe the blades if they’re grinding the food waste. If not, you need to contact a plumber to address the issue before liquids can flow back to your sink.

Most garburator jam if you flush wrong foods such as bones, fruit pits, and eggshells down the sink. Your garbage disposal may also jam if you flush too much food waste at one time or use little water during grinding. You should hire a professional plumber to remove stuck items and clean the blades to enhance their efficiency.

The Unit Won’t Turn On

If your disposal fails to turn on when you press the switch and does not generate humming sounds, it means the disposal is not getting power. Before calling a plumber, check to ensure the unit is connected to the power source and look for a circuit trip. If everything seems to be perfect, contact a professional to examine the situation of your appliance. If the motor is failing, then you may have to replace the garbage disposal.

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A broken garbage disposal can interfere with your household activities and the cleanliness of your kitchen. If your garbage disposal is experiencing any of the above issues, you will need an expert to address the problem. Plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach can install, repair, and maintain your garbage disposals. Call us to get your disposal back to running again.


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