Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service Every Year | Conway, SC

Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service Every Year | Conway, SC

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your home systems and appliances running correctly. Most homeowners make routine maintenance a priority, but many neglect their drains.

It’s essential that water always flows freely and quickly down the drain, and issues can be inconvenient. The best way to ensure your drains and plumbing system function correctly is to hire a drain cleaning service in Conway, SC.

If you aren’t sure if this service is worth the time and cost, you should consider how cleaning the drains can benefit your home and family.

#1 Prevent Drain Clogs

Drain issues are very inconvenient and can make daily tasks challenging or impossible. Small clogs cause water to drain slowly and can cause an overflow if the water runs too long. Also, a minor clog can escalate significantly, preventing water from draining.

A drain cleaning service can clean the drains and pipes yearly to ensure the water flows quickly down every drain in your house, and clogs will no longer be issues.

#2 Prevent Pipe Damage

Plumbing leaks cause water damage, mold growth, and high water bills, so you should do whatever possible to ensure the pipes remain healthy. One way to do this is to hire a drain cleaning service annually.

Grease, soap scum, hair, and food clog the drains, and when this debris sits in the pipe too long, it causes rust and corrosion and will damage the pipes, which is very expensive to fix.

A drain cleaning service will ensure the pipes remain clear and free of clogs, and the service costs much less than replacing damaged pipes.

#3 Eliminate Nasty Odors

Is there a foul odor in your kitchen that remains after scrubbing the kitchen? If so, the drain could be to blame. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease and food will find a way down, creating a clog that will spoil, creating a foul odor.

Some homeowners try to resolve the problem by pouring scented chemicals down the drain, but this won’t help, and when the chemicals mix with the clog, significant pipe damage will occur.

The best way to resolve the problem safely and long-term is to hire a drain cleaning service every year. The plumber will eliminate all clogs from the drain and the sludge inside the pipes, eliminating the nasty smell.

#4 Keep Your Family Healthy

It’s not uncommon for mold and mildew to accumulate in clogged pipes. The dark pipes, clogs, and moisture create the perfect breeding ground, exposing your family to mold when standing over the sink. Mold exposure causes health issues, such as allergy symptoms, chronic headaches, skin rashes, respiratory problems, and a weakened immune system. Also, mold exposure worsens chronic lung and respiratory conditions.

A drain cleaning service in Conway, SC will eliminate the clog and the source of the mold, ensuring your family remains healthy. Considering the cost of this service and the importance of your family’s health, you’ll see that having the drains cleaned every year is worth the money.

#5 Eliminates and Prevents Fruit Flies

Do you have a fruit fly problem in your kitchen? If so, it has nothing to do with an unclean home. Fruit flies are attracted to fruit, dying flowers, sweets, and your drains. Fruit flies seek decaying organic matter to lay their eggs, and gunk buildup inside the pipes is a perfect breeding site. Nobody wants fruit flies in their face while sitting in the kitchen enjoying a meal, and a fruit fly infestation can be embarrassing when you have guests.

There are hundreds of DIY recipes to eliminate fruit flies, but these will mask the problem. The fruit flies will continue breeding as long as the gunk remains in the pipes. The only way to eliminate the fruit flies permanently is by having the drains professionally cleaned once a year. The plumber will clean the gunk from the pipes so your drains are no longer a hospitable environment for breeding.

#6 Saves Money

Although a professional drain cleaning costs $250, hiring a drain cleaning service in Conway, SC can save money in the long run. As mentioned earlier, drain clogs and gunk buildup can cause pipe damage that will damage the pipes and create leaks that are very expensive to fix. Also, the plumber will inspect the lines during the service, allowing them to detect minor issues before escalating to something more serious and costly to repair.

#7 Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, and that is what you’ll get if you hire a drain cleaning service every year. When your drains are clean and clear, you won’t have to worry about inconvenient clogs, and you can be sure your draining system is healthy and functioning correctly. Having the drains cleaned once a year will give you peace of mind that drainage issues won’t cost you thousands of dollars, and the service is well worth the money.

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