Averting Clogging Dangers Using Drain Cleaning Service | Conway, SC

Averting Clogging Dangers Using Drain Cleaning Service | Conway, SC

Some homeowners think of clogged drains as nothing but just occasional annoyances. Although clogged drains are indeed annoying, they are much more than that. Drain clogs are more dangerous than these homeowners think. That clog in the drainage system is the tip of the gross disgusting iceberg. A lot of damage and danger usually lurks under the surface when the signs of clogs appear.

But what can you do to prevent the clogging of your drains? Routine maintenance is the best option for ensuring that your drainage system flows seamlessly. During the maintenance, the plumber will also offer a drain cleaning service, removing any developing clogs before they worsen. Below are the worst damages from a blocked drain.

Toxic Gasses

The drainage system carries all the waste from your Conway, SC, home into the sewer. The wastes comprise a toxic concoction of decaying food products, stagnant water, chemical cleaners, human wastes, and much more. This is why routine drain cleaning services from a reliable, professional plumber. Whenever the drainage system and pipes are functioning efficiently, they ensure that you and your family are protected from the effects and smell of the aforementioned horrid mixture. Unfortunately, when the drainage system is clogged, toxic gasses and wastes may find their way into your home.

Unfortunately, some homeowners rush out to purchase some Drano whenever faced with drain clogs. However, using chemical drain cleaners is not only not recommended but harmful y to your plumbing system ecosystem. This means these chemical drain cleaning products cause more damage than they purport to resolve. These cleaners clear the blockage through chemical action, producing gas and heat. The harmful glasses might flow back into your home, while the heat might accelerate corrosion or weaken your plastic pipes.

To increase their efficiency, some homeowners mix two chemical drain cleaners. However, this is like strangling your drains, especially if they run on plastic pipes. A mixture of two chemical drain cleaning products will likely produce harmful and toxic gasses. At worst, some mixtures might reach exothermically to a point where they explode. Bottomline, do not use chemical drain cleaners, and never mix two or more chemical drain cleaners. Rather, have a drain cleaning service done by a reliable and professional plumber. It not only works best but also is eco-friendly.

Structural Damage

If there is a large clog inside your drains, it may cost you a fortune down the line. Besides blocking the wastewater from flowing into the sewer lines, clogs also result in backups, and at worse, they might even make the drain pipes burst. Hence, call a plumber for a drain cleaning service whenever you suspect the drainage system is clogged or notice signs such as slowly flowing drains, pungent smells when passing near a sink, or even gurgling sounds. The burst pipes might flood the surface, leaving your yard a sight for the sore eye.

Leaks and flooding from clogged drainage systems are not always detected immediately. By the time you notice the signs of clogging, the damage might already have happened. That might have started as a small clog within your drains might result in leaks and then structural damage. This depends on how quickly you catch the problem or even how you often have a drain cleaning service.

Pest Infestations

If your drainage system is clogged, it not only gets infested by microbes and bacteria but also becomes a harbinger of nasty pests. Drains and pipes are normally clogged with objects such as grease, food waste, hair, and other debris. Combining the dark ambiance and enough water, you may as well be setting yourself up for a pest buffet. This is among the reasons why regular drain cleaning is critical.

The drain pests are not just nasty critters but may also cause serious health complications since they are vectors of various germs and diseases. It is said that the best pest control is prevention, which drains pests. The best way of averting pests that develop due to a clog is to keep the drainage system clean and maintain your pipes. Hence, enlist the help of a plumber and have a drain cleaning service to ensure these creepy crawlies are kept at bay.

Microbes and Bacteria

Clogs aren’t only bad for plumbing and have a direct bearing on your health. They create favorable conditions for various microbes, such as fungi and bacteria. Since the wastewater is blocked without a place to go, it starts flowing backward into your home, carrying these microbes. The bacteria and fungi will find their way into your Conway, SC, home. Within no time, your home will be infested by these disease-causing bacteria, and your family might contract diseases.

Cross-contamination is one of the main ways these bacteria are transferred from one person to another. Since the last thing you want at home is for your family to fall sick because of bacterial infection caused by clogged drains, having a regular drain cleaning service is the only prevention. The following bacteria thrive under such conditions; E. Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, salmonella, and legionella Pneumoniae.


Among the clearest damages, a blockage might occur when your pipes burst, or wastewater backflow causes flooding. The water within your drainage needs to flow somewhere and might flow back into your home. Flooding can damage your home’s tiles, walls, and other structural elements, not forgetting that it will leave your home looking dirty and filthy. This is something you can address by having a routine drain cleaning service.

Don’t Let Your Drains Fail

The drainage system plays a filthy but necessary role in carrying the wastewater from your Conway, SC, home to the sewer lines. However, they all face one critical problem, clogging. Fortunately, you can deal with the issue of clogs though having a routine drain cleaning service. Contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for a professional drain cleaning from reliable plumbers.

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