Appliance Installation Done Expertly By Our Plumbing Company Team | Myrtle Beach, SC

Appliance Installation Done Expertly By Our Plumbing Company Team | Myrtle Beach, SC

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When you’re getting an appliance installed for the first time, or relocated to a new place such as moving a dishwasher or washing machine, you know you need a plumber. There are water supply and drain lines to be installed, and support devices that are needed such as water hammer arrestors or an air gap for the dishwasher. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, our plumbing company can do all that for you, and much more, following the standards of quality plumbing.

When you’re simply replacing a dishwasher or garbage disposal, the process may seem straightforward, but that’s assuming that the original installation was perfect and the new and old devices match and have the same requirements. That’s a lot of if’s, and using our plumbing company’s expert service there too can make a big difference. One more big reason to have us do your appliance installations as well as repairs and maintenance: accountability. We’re your local plumber, and we have a vested interest in your satisfaction and doing the job right.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Upgrades

If your home still has the standard garbage disposal installed by a volume builder, chances are you are interested in upgrading to a model with a bit more power and durability. Our plumbing company can recommend and install models from basic units that perform routine grinding to higher-end models with the horsepower to process tougher materials that jam lesser units including potato and cucumber peels. Some models will take nearly anything you throw at them, even some bones and corn husks. There are different types of garbage disposal motors such as induction or magnet types and varying speeds as well as horsepower variations.

Cool Features and Garbage Disposal Power!

Many garbage disposal models now include motion sensor-controlled LED lights to illuminate your cabinet space where the unit is located. Our plumbing company expert can help you make sure you get the right unit for your needs and avoid frequent plumbing company calls for jams and other issues. We’ll also make sure it’s properly installed, the wiring is correct, and the drain plumbing is the right diameter for good flow, solidly connected and clear of existing clogs. There’s also the matter of the dishwasher connection to your garbage disposal, which generally requires an intervening device such as an air gap to avoid having material from the disposal line back up into the dishwasher, creating an unsanitary mess. Our plumbing company can provide maintenance and periodically inspect your disposal as well, making sure that there are no leaks or jammed material inside. If your unit isn’t sufficient for your kitchen needs, you may also encounter drain problems which we can address.

Dishwashers That Save Energy and Run Quietly as Well as Cleaning Thoroughly

Is your dishwasher the type that, once it’s loaded and running, is so loud that everyone leaves the kitchen to continue their conversations? There are plenty of new models that run very quietly, with plenty of sound insulation that takes care of noise when the unit is properly installed. Modern units also offer a greater selection of operating modes, designed to apply the washing, rinsing, dispensing, and drying effects that are right for the type of dishes you are cleaning.

Reducing Your Hand Washing with Clever Features

Some dishwashers have improved spray jets and specific ones for cleaning certain items such as baby’s bottles, special rack elements for wine stems, additional layers of racks and another spray feature: casserole jets that get the corners of the dish. You can get ones with doors that open automatically, and even internet-connected dishwashers that use online ordering to keep you stocked with detergent and other supplies.

Things Our Plumbing Company Installation Usually Covers

On the practical plumbing side, our plumbing company installers check the power to make sure it’s to code, which may require a separate circuit. We review the plumbing to make sure it’s sufficient for the new unit you’ve chosen and avoids any chance of backflow, and if you have a garbage disposal, we make sure that the connection from the dishwasher into the drain line is right for the job. It’s also important to make sure the water supply valve is in good condition, and the supply hose is braided metal to avoid sudden bursts or leaks in the future. If your home has water issues, you’ve probably experienced issues with dish washing, showers, and clothes washing, and there are things our plumbing company can do to help with that, although Myrtle Beach, SC typically has fairly soft water.

Washing Machine Installation

If your existing washing machine supply and drain lines weren’t installed properly but adapted from existing taps, it’s important to correct that and provide durable connections that can easily accommodate the supply hoses, made of stainless steel braid to avoid leaks and floods since they’re always under pressure in most homes. Washing machines, and dishwashers as well, should have water hammer arrestors to avoid spikes in water pressure as their automatic valves operate, which can damage plumbing and even other appliances and faucets in the home. The drain system should be properly sized, installed carefully to avoid potential leaks, and plumbed correctly to connect right with your home’s wastewater system.

Tankless Water Heaters for Appliances

Smaller tankless water heaters can be great for supplying hot water at the temperature you want for a specific appliance such as a dishwasher or washing machine, while the rest of the home is supplied with standard 120 degree F water. Our experts can help you optimize the installation of your appliances for best energy use and cleaning ability with options like a local hot water source.

Your Appliance Installation and Maintenance Experts

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is your best choice for appliance installation and care, ensuring that the installation is customized for you and your home. Call us for help selecting the right appliance and efficient, careful installation.


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