A Guide To Faucet Repair And Replacement From Your Trusted Plumbing Company | Myrtle Beach, SC

A Guide To Faucet Repair And Replacement From Your Trusted Plumbing Company | Myrtle Beach, SC

Although faucets are essential in any home, few homeowners think about them since, in most cases, they usually work. The faucets you see in your kitchen and bathroom can last for over 10 years, but factors such as hard water and how frequently you use them affect their lifespan.

When these plumbing fixtures start malfunctioning, you may have to repair or replace them. In such cases, it’s wise to immediately call a plumbing company in Myrtle Beach, SC, to avoid wasting water and structural damage.

A plumber may repair it if it’s a dripping or loud faucet. But a replacement would be the best option if the tap is old or you just moved into a new house, and the faucets clash with your aesthetic. But in many cases, it’s not straightforward as it seems, and knowing what to do can be tricky. Don’t worry; this blog offers helpful guidance on what to do.

The Extent of the Damage

If the issue with your faucet is simple, you do not necessarily need to replace the faucet. Some of these minor problems may require a plumbing company technician to clean the faucet’s interior.

However, in some cases, the damage may be extensive. For instance, it would make financial sense to replace the faucet with a new one if it’s internal corrosion. Sometimes even replacing part of the faucet may not even fix the problem.

Also, if the faucet is leaky and experiencing low water pressure, you might require a plumbing company technician to replace the faucet and fix the water pressure.

How Many Times Have You Had It Fixed?

Imagine hiring a plumbing company to fix your faucet now and then! If, over the years, you have had your faucet repaired multiple times over a relatively short period, then the most cost-effective decision would be to replace it no matter how painful it is.

Suppose you’re experiencing a problem with your faucet for the first time. In that case, it is wise to consider hiring a plumbing company professional in Myrtle Beach, SC, to repair the fixture rather than buying a whole new unit.

Worthy Investment

Sometimes you may have an item in your home that is very special to you and don’t want to throw it away. For instance, if you may have a unique vintage or antique faucet or relatively expensive ones, a repair would be the better choice in such a case.

If you feel the money you pay your technician to fix your valuable faucets is worth it compared to replacing the faucet, then repairing the unit is worth it. Most folks go for repairs if they are assured that the faucet will give them more decades or years of service.

Cost Effective

In some cases, the cost associated with hiring a plumbing company to repair your faucets may be less than the cost of buying a new one; in such an instance, you may decide to fix it as you put your finances in order. However, if the case is the other way around and the repair costs are more expensive, consider replacing the faucet.

In the long run, you’ll discover repairs will cost you more compared to the amount you would have spent replacing the faucet. This is true since, in most cases, there will always be a brand of higher quality that you could afford, which would even provide a warranty or replacement parts at no cost.

Old Faucets

Once your faucet has hit 15-plus years, it would be wise to have a competent plumbing company help you install another new system. Old faucets are not only frustrating with low-water problems but also become discolored or scratched; thus, they cannot meet your home standards.

If the Thread of the Faucet Is Worn-out

Some of the common signs of worn-out threads include:

  • Leaks at spout seat or handle bases
  • Squeaky faucet handles
  • Spray instead of flow from the faucet
  • Loose washers, O-rings, and fittings.

Metal threads are commonly worn out by pitting and mineral deposits. The plastic threads of aerators may refuse to fit in the deformed threads of faucet handles and sprouts; hence they become clogged and cannot fully screw in place.

As much as a worn-out faucet can be fixed, it is wise to hire a local plumbing company in Myrtle Beach, SC, to help you replace it with a silent, efficient faucet that’s easier to maintain.

To Elevate the Room While on a Budget

In some cases, you might want to avoid the costs associated with a complete kitchen upgrade or a full bathroom remodel, but you still want to give it an elegant and stylish makeover in your home.

For example, if you have a porcelain lever-handle faucet in your bathroom but the chrome effect is peeling off and making your bathroom look cheap and unattractive, you can replace the faucets with something classy such as a black brass square faucet. This will improve the appearance of the space, avoid all the construction mess and extra expenses, and save you a lot of time.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for Top-Notch Plumbing Services

Thousands of gallons of water in your home are caused by leaking faucets. If left for a long time, you’ll end up not only with high water bills but also property damage. Don’t let leaking faucets stress you out; at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we have experienced plumbers available to help you repair kitchen and bathroom faucets.

We’ll also assist you in deciding whether to repair or replace a new bathroom or kitchen faucet. Our plumbing company also handles commercial plumbing, water heater repairs, repiping, and remodeling. Contact us to receive professional help with your faucet or other plumbing headaches.

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