7 Ways to Tell Your House Needs New Pipes | Plumbing in Garden City, SC

7 Ways to Tell Your House Needs New Pipes | Plumbing in Garden City, SC

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Garden City offers picturesque views of the beaches. Yet the sand and hot weather takes a toll on properties. Older houses are susceptible to the problems of aging as much as humans are.

From peeling paint, and unhinged wooden structures to irritating pests, these are multiple problems that can develop over time. In fact, these are exacerbated with poor plumbing in Garden City, SC. Sandy and corrosive weather can quickly deteriorate the external structure while wreaking havoc on the plumbing.

Houses which have not benefited from remodeling in decades face the greatest risk and may require professional replacement of plumbing in Garden City, SC.

The poor conditions of pipes can be obvious or hidden away under layers of the foundation. Here are signs which indicate you need to hire seasoned service that is skilled in plumbing in Garden City, SC to replace your pipes:

1.  Murky Water

Water looks unappetizing to consume if it is anything other than clear and spotless. Murky and cloudy looking water is usually a symptom of poor plumbing in Garden City, SC.

When the water becomes discolored, it is usually a sign that the pipes are nearing their shelf life. Corrosion can cause the material of the pipes to crumble, which then gets released into the water that you drink. Rusty water is not dangerous to consume; however, it is likely to welcome bacterial growth.

Mold and fungus can quickly grow in rusty water, making it dangerous to consume. If the water coming out from your pipes is discolored, perhaps it is time to replace your pipes.

2.  Reappearing Leaks

Old and brittle pipes can become rusty, develop holes, break, and in worst cases, cause flooding. Over time, they become too weak to hold their own weight and fall off. In most cases, leaks can reappear time and again in different places.

If the leaks interact with organic material, it can cause staining and fungus growth, which is a concern for the elderly as it may cause lung infections. If your house is falling prey to these recurrent leaks, then call the best in plumbing in Garden City, SC for an immediate replacement. Otherwise, delays in getting replacements may lead to severe collapses in your plumbing, and dents in your maintenance budget.

3.  Mold Growth

Mold requires humid, warm, and wet places to spawn in. Pipes which are older are susceptible to corrosion and leaks. The water can quickly penetrate into the organic building material such as insulation, padding, or planks and spread mold growth.

Mold spreads like a network and can consume your house from the inside. The spores can cause breathing problems and can become especially detrimental to the health of the elderly, children, and newborn babies.

If you have visible mold in your house, then it is a sign that your pipes require a service that provides plumbing in Garden City, SC. In fact, replacing leaky pipes on time can halt the mold growth before its damage becomes irreversible.

4.  Disturbing Sounds

If your house has started to sound like the house from a horror movie plagued by ghosts, then it is perhaps time to replace your pipes by hiring the best in plumbing in Garden City, SC.

Noisy plumbing is a sign that your pipes may be unhinging, becoming loose or broken. All these are signs of poor preventive maintenance or aging pipes. Over time, this will interrupt the water pressure, which can cause weird and horrifying sounds to emanate from your plumbing.

If your pipes are becoming incredibly loud, an inspection by professional plumbers can identify whether they need an overhaul. Timely detection can save you from overly costly replacements as well.

5.  Fluctuating Water Temperature

When the water starts to lose its heating, we usually think the water heater is faulty.However, poor maintenance of plumbing in Garden City, SC can cause the water flowing in the pipes to develop inconsistencies in temperature.

Hot water lines can quickly develop a crumbling problem, where pipes can corrode. The debris gets lodged in the pipes, poorly impacting the water temperature. It is best to replace the hot water line if fluctuations in temperature become a problem for you.

6.  Aging Pipes

There are certain limits to how long pipes can remain functional; after which, a replacement is deemed necessary. Brass and copper pipes can be functional for well up to 100 years while galvanized steel has a cut-off limit till 80 years. In contrast, PVC only lasts up to 25 or 40 years. If your pipes have exceeded these limits or are nearing them, then it is best to opt for a replacement.

7.  Poor Water Pressure

The treated water in the United States which makes its way to your pipes can be laden with minerals and chemicals. Although these make the water ingestible and free from harmful pathogens, over time, the pipes may see a buildup of limescale and more.

Preventive maintenance and plumbing in Garden City, SC can keep your pipes in good condition. However, the problems may grow if ignored. This can cause water pressure problems as the buildup limits the flow of water.

Additionally, leaky pipes with holes can result in a reduced volume of water to flow through the pipes, making daily tasks such as bathing and doing the laundry a nuisance.

If the water pressure has been a problem for you for a while, it is time to have a professional inspect your pipes and see whether they need to be replaced.

Professional Replacements: A Relief from Aging Pipe Related Problems

Aging pipes can be a problem for your maintenance budget, requiring occasional plumbing in Garden City, SC. Hence it is best to opt for a one-time replacement to ease yourself from occasional costly repairs.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing,we offer excellent solutions for repiping and replacement, bound to leave homeowners content and stress-free.

If your pipes have been unusually noisy or you have noticed symptoms as listed above, call us for emergency replacements today at 843-213-6611.


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