7 Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

7 Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The problems in your plumbing system can build up slowly over time. You may notice a slower draining in your sinks or bathtub and not think much about it. But the longer it remains untended, the more likely you are to develop a total blockage in your pipes.

With help from a professional drain cleaning service you can keep many plumbing problems from happening. Here are seven of the main benefits to choosing professional drain cleaning for your home or business.

Eliminates Foul Odors

Your drain pipes have a lot to deal with, from soap and dirt to food and waste materials. As these particles go through your drains, they can get stuck inside the pipes. While they might not cause a total clog, they do remain in your pipes. Bacteria begin to feed on the organic waste products, leaving a nasty smell in your plumbing system. Soon, these odors will fill up your bathroom, kitchen, and eventually your whole house.

Having professional drain cleaning service will flush out the waste materials and the bacteria, getting rid of those foul smells. You and your family can enjoy a relaxing shower or wash their hands without having to endure the stench.

Protects Your Home and Belongings from Water Damage

When you let even minor obstructions build up in your pipes, you risk more than damage to your plumbing system. If water begins to back up in your sink, shower, or toilet, that water is going to end up on your floor. And it’s going to bring with it all the nasty bacteria and waste products. As the foul water gathers, it will also begin to soak your walls and furniture, ruining them if they set in the water too long.

When you have regular professional drain cleaning service, these clogs in your plumbing system don’t have the chance to build into a major blockage. This saves your hardwood and carpet, along with your subfloor, and keeps your treasured belongings safe from harm.

Reduces Your Risk of Blockages

Your plumbing system is filled with twists and turns. Along these many curves, clogs can form. When the water can’t flow through the drain as usual, it will back up into your home. As discussed earlier, this can become much more than a plumbing problem. You may even have to do some remodeling, if the damage is bad enough.

Over-the-counter drain cleaners won’t take care of your plumbing system, and could cause even more harm. Your Myrtle Beach, SC drain cleaning service can take this worry off your mind. When you schedule routine drain cleaning service, your plumbing will be thoroughly flushed, getting rid of whatever might be gathering to form a clog.

Safeguards Your Family’s Health

Remember that bacteria that is feeding on organic materials in your pipes? Well, it not only creates a horrible smell. The inside of your pipes is a perfect place for mold and bacteria to flourish. Since they can’t be flushed further down your pipes, they will continue to thrive.

There are many illnesses connected to an abundance of mold and bacteria. They can cause severe respiratory problems, especially for those with respiratory issues like asthma. Some types of mold are even deadly to those exposed to it.

When you invest in professional drain cleaning, these problems and many others will be simply washed away. This will greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home or business, and keep everyone inside safe from the damaging mold and bacteria in your pipes.

Protects Your Plumbing System

Some of the things washed down the drain can cause major trouble. The chemicals, grease, and other products that go into the drain can build up quickly. This can lead to corrosion of the pipes, which can lead to leaks. A minor leak can turn into a major water leak fast, which could create havoc in your home.

One of the great benefits of having professional drain cleaning service is that it can help keep your pipes from corroding as quickly. When the water can flow easily through your plumbing system, nothing has time to cause corrosion and leaking. This can lead to a much longer life for your pipes.

Keeps Your Drains Flowing Freely

What could be more irritating than taking a shower in five or six inches of water? When your plumbing is draining slowly, it creates an unpleasant experience for everyone. Plus, it makes it much easier to ruin the floor and walls when the water spills out.

Regularly scheduled drain cleaning service can keep all your drains running freely. This means no more showers in a tub full of water, which is much safer from falling for you and your family. And no more worries about clogs building up with routine plumbing maintenance.

Saves You Money

Many people think that hiring a professional for drain cleaning service is just too expensive. They rely on harsh chemical drain cleaners, which not only don’t really work, to get rid of a clog. If you really want to clear your drains completely, you are going to need a professional on the job.

When you compare the cost of regular drain cleaning to the cost of plumbing repairs for your home or business, the real money saver becomes very clear. Professional drain cleaning is an investment in the health and lifespan of your plumbing system. It saves your pipes from decaying more quickly due to corrosive materials. It removes any potential clogs before they can damage your plumbing system components. It also saves you the cost of medical attention due to breathing harmful mold spores. And it protects your home from costly repairs and replacement of the floors, walls, and furniture.

Think of professional drain cleaning like insurance. It is a very wise investment in your plumbing that will save you much more money in the long term.

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