6 Plumbing Issues in Your House That Are Screaming For a Plumber | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

6 Plumbing Issues in Your House That Are Screaming For a Plumber | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

Picture yourself waking up to a strange noise coming from your bathroom.  This noise is familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. It smells too!

Trust us when we say that the sight awaiting you in your bathroom would not be a pretty one. A burst pipe, an overflowing drain, and a flooded house are not the signs you can ignore. You know you have to search for a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, to take control of the situation.

We bet this has happened with you several times, and every time you must have called a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, to deal with the situation. However, have you ever wondered why it happened in the first place? And why does it keep happening? And most importantly, is there anything you could have done to stop it before the dirty water spread all around the house, making the bathroom unusable?

Yes, you could have avoided it if you had called your plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, on time. All you needed to do was to pay attention to the signs that were screaming for a repair.

In the future, you can keep an eye out for these signs and call in the experts before it’s too late:

1.   The Basement Is Damp

There could be many reasons behind a damp basement. However one particular reason could be urging you to call a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC.

In addition to poor insulation and leaking roof, leaky pipes also cause damp basements. If you begin to notice collected water somewhere in your basement but couldn’t really figure out where it is coming from, it is most likely to be leaking pipes.

If you end up missing this sign, it could lead to another set of problems. Mold and mildew are one of the side effects of stagnant water; health is another side effect. It would also reduce the resale value of your house and cost you a fortune to fix the mold. It is far easier and convenient to get the water lines fixed by your plumber in Carolina Forest, SC.

2.   Low Water Pressure

Have you gotten so used to low water pressure that you have forgotten what a full pressure bath feels like?

When you turn on your tap and shower, the water should blast through. If it’s any other way, then you know you need to drop a call to your plumber in Carolina Forest, SC. Low water pressure in the lines is usually a result of gunk in the aerator of the faucets.

Don’t try fixing it yourself, because attempting it at home can lead to leaks.

3.   Backflow

Backflow is easy to spot. When all the dirty, gooey water that you wished stayed in the drain system comes out, it’s a backflow.

The extent of damage that can be caused by a backflow is bad. In the best case scenario, it will spread a nasty smell in your house, and you won’t be able to use the bathroom until it gets fixed. In the worst case scenario, all your precious carpets, furniture, shoes, foot mats, and entire flooring of your house could become wet; this neither looks appealing nor smells amazing.

You can even avoid this from happening by calling a plumber every now and then and getting your drainage lines cleaned. With nothing to block the water from draining, you won’t ever have to see it.

4.   Gurgling Water

When the water in your drain system is gurgling, it is trying to communicate with you. If you listen closely, you’ll hear it telling you to call a plumber.

Don’t ignore this cry for help, and contact your plumber as soon as possible. If you don’t you’ll have a very bad backflow— the one we just discussed about.

5.   The Bathtub Takes a Lifetime to Drain

Other than a slight huff of annoyance, we really don’t give any second thought to our bathtubs draining super slowly. That’s where we make the mistake. Sometimes the issue is only a clogged drain, which can be dealt with the help of DIY methods.

However, sometimes the problem goes deeper. When the dirt in the drain has accumulated for years, there’s no way to get it cleaned other than professionally. Only a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, can help you with that.

6.   Water is Not Colorless

If every time you turn on your taps and colored water makes an appearance, then you need to call your plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, as fast as you can. Cloudy and white water is trying to tell you of the bubbles in your pipes.

Green water means that the copper plumbing in the system has corroded. Yellow, red and brown water is an indication of the rust that might be covering your water pipeline. Blue water means the corrosion has taken over your pipes and there’s no other choice than to get it replaced. In short, any color in your water is harmful and telling you to get your plumbing system checked.

Do any of these plumbing issues sound ominously familiar to you? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you need to call a reputable plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, pronto. If the issue is so far gone that you don’t even have enough time to look for a plumber, then reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Myrtle BeachLeaving plumbing issues unattended for a long period of time is not only costly but also dangerous to health.

To avoid further catastrophes like these in the future, make sure you keep your water lines in top notch condition. You can ask your plumber in Carolina Forest, SC, for regular visitsto keep an eye on the system. Visiting once every three months is more than enough for you to never have a plumbing issue ever again.



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