5 Ways to Identify an Unskilled Plumber | Plumber in Little River, SC

5 Ways to Identify an Unskilled Plumber | Plumber in Little River, SC

Hiring a plumber can be a challenging task. When choosing the right plumber, you should be wary of the costof hiring one. We mention the word costbecause folks tend to only consider the expense of hiring a plumber and ignore the other factors that are attached to it. 

When a plumber repairs your fixtures and fittings, they are responsible for taking care of something on which you have spent a lot of money. An error here or there can increase the problem exponentially; this is why a careless or an unskilled plumber in Little River, SC can end up costing more than just the price they charge. 

A question that arises here is how you ensure that the plumber fixing your house’s pipes is skilled enough to do it. We all know that plumbers have the habit of making tall claims and promises. Although almost all of them can provide a temporary fix, only the most skilled and professional have the ability to identify and solve a problem.  

The easiest way to stay away from an unskilled plumber in Little River, SC is to have prior knowledge about the piping installed in our house. Information about the fixtures installed in your house can go a long way in preventing you from falling prey to a plumber looking to scam you. 

Once you are fully aware of the problem at hand, it will be easier to assess whether the plumber is skilled enough to tackle the issue. A common error that unskilled plumbers make is that they do not identify the source of the problem. Inability to identify the right source of problems renders their effort fruitless, causing you to pay them for incomplete work. 

Therefore, to save both money and time, it is crucial to be cautious of all the devices that an unskilled, scamming plumber in Little River, SC can use to trap their next pay. 

We have compiled a list of possible ways that you can use to identify an unskilled/scamming plumber. Therefore, the next time you hire a plumber, you can follow this checklist to find out if they are legit.

Unlicensed & Uninsured

An unlicensed and uninsured plumber in Little River, SC usually charges less than the normal amount. Hiring plumbers who quote cheap rates is a risky move. Once an unlicensed craftsman gets a job done, there is no turning back. 

 Most cities have made it compulsory for homeowners to hire licensed and insured contractors only. 

Therefore, when hiring a plumber in Little River, SC, don’t forget to ask for a state license and proof of current insurance. To confirm that the details are not fake, call the state’s licensing department and get the stated license credentials checked. 

Unskilled plumbers are usually uninsured, whereas plumbers out there to scam the general public will not have a state license.

An Unseen Estimate

Unskilled and fraudulent plumbers may present themselves as well-kept and professional. However, they end up giving hints of their nefarious designs here and there. If a plumber states the cost of repairing a pipe without even giving a single look at the affected site, then we recommend staying away from them. 

No matter how skilled a plumber in Little River, SC is, it is impossible to quote the price of fixing a piping leak without taking a look at it. A professional, skilled plumber will look at the problem, suggest the solution, and quote the breakdown of the cost.

A professional plumber in Little River, SC is well-aware of the cost of repairing a leak. However, the plumber will quote their final charge for the service after taking into account the prices of all the required materials and their hourly service rate.

Therefore, the next time you hire a plumber, try staying clear from one that quotes a final service charge before looking at the problem.   

A New Plumber Everyday

A common strategy used by plumbers looking to scam their clients is to bring in a new plumber to look at a problem almost every day.  Let’s suppose you hired a plumber to fix an issue but a different person shows up with the same license midweek. 

Sometimes experienced plumbers who are unlicensed delegate their day’s work to a relative or an apprentice. Calling in sick and sending an unattended young apprentice or a relative to look at an issue is one of the ways unskilled plumbers take advantage of their customers

Too many cooks spoil the broth and this holds true for plumbers too. The main reason why plumbers refer a problem to another is so that they can charge for the service of more than one plumber. To avoid being manipulated by a plumber it is necessary to ensure that the plumber has the required license and is insured.

It is important to be alert when a plumber is at work, regardless of how credible and trustworthy they may seem. You may also get a random knock on the door by a person pretending to be a plumber asking to take a look at your place. A professional plumber does not show up without telling in advance, this is a scam and the person could be a burglar waiting for an opportunity to rob you off your possessions.

The signs we have discussed are enough of an indicator to spot an unskilled plumber in Little River, SC. However, in this age of technology, it is very easy to fake legitimacy and credibility. To ensure you don’t fall victim to some of the scams mentioned above, we recommend calling 843-213-6611 and availing the professional service of the highly skilled professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing


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