5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Try in Summer | Plumbing in Garden City, SC

5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Try in Summer | Plumbing in Garden City, SC

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Remodeling a kitchen can be as easy as upgrading a few fixtures with affordable options and professional plumbing in Garden City, SC. Gone are the days when remodeling required complex upgrades by tearing down whole sections of the room only to be re-built again.

Modern kitchen fixtures come with interchangeable designs which work well with the existing setup of plumbing in Garden City, SC. Sprucing up your kitchen is as simple assticking a new splash over the cooking unit to installing a new sink and faucets.

Here are 5 kitchen remodeling ideas to try this summer. These work well to add charm and resale value points to your home:

1.  Moroccan Style Splashes and Fixtures

The color palette for kitchen remodels has become bold and stylistic this year. Gone are the bland and simple color choices of the past. Say goodbye to playing safe with white, beige and taupe.

This summer, welcome intricate prints, bright colors, and daring accents to your kitchen, which inspire to create something new. Interior designers are directing homeowners towards a Moroccan inspired aesthetic for kitchens. Peelable sticker like splashes are an affordable option if installing new tiling is out of the question.

From flooring to walls, layers of striking and exotic prints can be seen throughout this communal space. From azure blues to deep burgundies, the color choices are equally inspiring as they are vast. Opt for gold accented faucets and sinks, or earthy looking surfaces emphasized with granite stone.

Whether you wish to introduce this visual appeal by upgrading kitchen accessories or updating your fixtures,  hiring the best in plumbing in Garden City, SC should guarantee you best results.

2.  Farm House Sinks

A style that still reigns even after a decade, farmhouse sinks brings an extra layer of convenience to your kitchen space. These are built to be sturdy, are long-lasting and protrude slightly outside the cabinetry for additional space. This quality lets this sink be used for far more than just washing dirty dishes.

Their use is versatile and beyond the basic kitchen needs. They are becoming affordable and add to the resale value of the house, too. An important factor for their popularity is that they work well with an existing plumbing setup.

Interestingly, new designs are available with a removable apron so you can interchange them to bring a new look to the kitchen, without any need for major remodeling.

If you wish to add this interesting and functional feature into your kitchen, then hire professional plumbing in Garden City, SC. It will ensure that your new addition lasts for decades.

3.  Granite Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are ideal in kitchens which entertain a larger number of people yet struggle with sufficient space. These work ideally as additional storing space for condiments and utensils, too.

The newer versions of this traditional design element are created to provide additional seating as well as sufficient storage. In fact, you may even add a sink or build a cozy space for your dishwasher in these.

If you wish to fast forward this aesthetic choice to the current decade, then opt for a granite stone surface. Granite stone is a popular choice due to its remarkable appeal and thick density.  It is a sturdy material that stands strong in the face of hard-wearing use.

It is also a soothing choice that works well with most décor choices, whether it is vintage, Victorians or Moroccan. Professional plumbing in Garden City, SC can guarantee spectacular results to ensure your plumbing setup works optimally with your kitchen islands.

4.  Appliance Workstation

The modern kitchen philosophy is about blending exceptional functionality in every element. What better way to make your kitchen look tidy and functional than by building a workstation specifically for all your appliances?

Similar to a kitchen island, the appliance workstation houses all the most often used appliances in a comfortable island.  This will allow you room for experimentation where you carry out all your chopping, cutting, cooking and even dishwashing.

The appliance workstation works optimally with your home’s existing setup of plumbing in Garden City, SC. It even reduces any need to make frequent trips back and forth between different points in the kitchen.

However, if you wish to incorporate this idea, ensure that you get hold of the best in plumbing in Garden City, SC to make the most of your appliance workstation.

5.  Be Bold, Go Gold

Nothing makes a statement quite like gold does. Bright, metallic, and a highly stylistic choice, gold is the color of choice for modern kitchens.  It adds an edge to your décor and stands out as a point of conversation with guests.

Incorporating gold in the kitchen is easy and does not need to be harsh. For a smooth addition, you can opt for gold finish cabinet handles or perhaps a section of the splash over the cooking unit.

Adding faucets and sinks in gold or with gold accents will delicately add a bold color choice without looking out of place.

Professional Plumbing: An Easy Way to Remodel Kitchens

Kitchen remodels can be heavy on the wallet, yet with a few smart decisions, they can fit well within budgets. Changing the fixtures and fittings is an ideal way to bring up the aesthetic of your home without any drastic changes that can put a dent in your savings.

Employing professional plumbing in Garden City, SC should give your home the results it deserves. Older homes are likely to have issues with plumbing and can dampen the enjoyment of adding a new feature into your kitchens.

Hence, the services of a professional in plumbing in Garden City, SC should ensure that your plumbing setup is fully functional. If you have been excited about incorporating a new style into your home, then hire the best that keeps the excitement maintained.

With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you will be left beyond pleased; in fact, our services will leave you wondering why you didn’t come to us in the first place. We train our staff in the latest state of the art technology and practices. Whether you want a quick inspection or even advice on the best kitchen setup, our staff is eager to offer assistance.

Your home deserves the finest labor. When our technicians are hired, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best.

Call us right now at 843-213-6611 and experience a marked difference with our services for plumbing in Garden City, SC.


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