5 Common Plumbing Mistakes You Need to Be Aware Of | Plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC

5 Common Plumbing Mistakes You Need to Be Aware Of | Plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC

Many homeowners don’t hold plumbing problems in high regard. When it’s a toss-up between buying that new LCD screen on sale or repairing the drain pipe, they always go for the former thinking the repair can wait for another paycheck. This is a huge plumbing mistake, one that homeowners should NEVER make.

Let’s assume that you were stuck in this kind of situation and you went with option number 1. Here’s what the consequences will be:

The blockage, wherever it may be in the house, will start reaching other plumbing pipes.

First, the bathroom will get affected and then the laundry room.

Overflow Problems: You may face difficulty draining the water down the toilet bowl and sink.

Water will drain quite slowly, and sometimes it will just sit in the sink.

Lastly, the blockage will put too much pressure on the pipes and this will cause a leak.

By the time you will call a plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC, the damage will have reached its high point. Be prepared to get hit by a hefty repair bill because you will need a complete water line repair in Briarcliffe Acres, SC. Professional plumbers recommend that you refrain from doing any plumbing work on your own unless you have complete knowledge about it. This is how mistakes occur and you are left with a burst pipe.

Let’s talk about how this plumbing repair can be minimized. Following are five common plumbing mistakes that you need to be aware of.

Mistake #1

Hasty Fix Ups

You have a party next week, but the kitchen sink and garbage disposal are not working properly. You call a local plumber who operates a shop two blocks away from your house and doesn’t have a license. He does a poor job on the plumbing line and calls it a day. This rushed work will create a huge problem for you when the party will be over and you are left with all the cleanup work. How sure are you that the plumber installed the right pipes and cleared the blockage? This is why it is important to call for professional plumbing in Briarcliffe Acres, SC. Otherwise, be prepared for that dirty stream of water while you are washing the dishes.

Mistake #2

Uneven Installation

Changing the flush handle on your own is pretty easy, but when it comes to changing the entire toilet, this is a job that should be best left to a plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC. One of the most common oversights while installing a toilet is not being able to level the bottom with the ground. This can impact the plumbing connection and lead to expensive future repairs.

Mistake #3

Forgetting to Remove the Hose in Winter

Why is that we hear so many stories of floods in winter? It all comes down to a small connection: the hose! There are two things you can do here: either sever the hose connection or turn off the water from the main valve that connects the flow to the outdoor spigots.

The reason why plumbers in Briarcliffe Acres, SC recommend disconnecting the hose is because in winter, water expands and the pipes are not able to keep up with this swelling. This causes the pipes to burst, which floods the basement. You know how it proceeds from here: water damages the floors, ceilings, walls, and appliances.

It takes only 5 seconds to disconnect the hose. Connecting the hose again and again can be a little annoying, but better this than spending thousands of dollars on your house for a complete renovation.

Mistake #4

Installing Pipes that Do Not Match

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when doing DIY plumbing is using any size pipe or fitting to make a connection. The wrong shape, size, and material of the pipe will not ensure a proper seal, which can result in a leak. Let’s assume that your pipe has copper fittings and the fittings you bought are made of steel. The point of contact between the fitting and the pipe will corrode at a high speed. This will weaken the connection and water will start leaking in small amounts. Before you know it, you’ll be dealing with a flooded basement. So abandon the thought of doing DIY plumbing and call a professional plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

Mistake #5

Overusing Drain Cleaners

There is so much confusing information regarding drain cleaners that people are now afraid to pour a cup down the drain. So here’s the truth: drain cleaners are not harmful! Yes, there’s a catch: you need to be careful while using it or you will be looking at an expensive drain cleaning in Briarcliffe Acres, SC.

Always read the instructions listed at the back of the bottle and if the first try does not clear the blockage, then don’t go for a second one. Drain cleaners have harmful chemicals, and their excessive use can cause perforations in the pipes. Whether your pipe is made of PVC or metal, instead of using DIY maintenance tactics, call a plumber for drain cleaning in Briarcliffe Acres, SC. A clog in the kitchen might also be due to the clog in the main drain line pipe, which is blocked by tree roots. On your own, you won’t be able to find the root cause.

These are the top five mistakes that every homeowner makes. In hopes of saving a few hundred dollars on plumbing repairs by doing DIY work, you are setting yourself up for expensive plumbing in Briarcliffe Acres, SC that will be worth thousands of dollars. If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy plumber, then visit Benjamin Franklin. The company offers all kinds of plumbing services from leak detection to water heater repair, drain cleaning, line repair installation, sink tub replacement, and more. To get in touch with a plumber in Briarcliffe Acres, SC area, call 843-213-6611.



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